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Pope tells Italians they need to have more babies
  • Tacitus explicitly refers to a "Christus" crucified by Pilate and the cult followers he gave his name to, "Chrestianos," distinct but related to Judaism. If there is a problem with citing him as proof of Jesus's historical reality it's that he doesn't tell us where he heard about "Christus," and might just be reporting the claims of the cult without having bothered to see if Prefect Pilate actually executed a random Hebrew cult leader for treason.

    Of course, by the time Tacitus wrote he might just not have bothered, rebelling against Rome and getting executed for it is just kind of what Hebrews did at the time.

  • Pope tells Italians they need to have more babies
  • Jesus almost certainly existed, Tacitus refers to his cult and execution and he was not a fan of the weirdo Jewish cannibal cult or their growing popularity in Rome.

    Everything else is a bit more in question.

  • House Always Wins
  • The "liberty" offered by anarcho capitalists extends only as far as it allows them to make more money. When he gets his robot army, what, exactly, do you think he will do with it?

    Also, just an FYI: if House wasn't a member of the Enclave, and that's a big if, it's only because he wasn't a team player or got betrayed on the launch date.

    His endgoal was exactly the same and his business interests were closely tied with the other mega corps.

  • Crusader Kings III gets a Free Weekend plus a big Paradox sale on Steam
  • Depends on how much you like reading event dialogue.

    The fun in Stellaris, at least for me, came from the bajillions of sci-fi references and events. The downside is that a lot of those come from DLC. The base is good by itself though, and you can always "acquire" the add-ons through other means.

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