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TUXEDO on ARM is coming - TUXEDO Computers
  • Probably any of the ThinkPads I had. They were sturdy and just ran everything I put on them. Second place would be the Dell XPS 13, I like it because it is very small and light, but in the one I have now they already had to replace the motherboard after a month and when holding it with one hand it bends and sometimes does a click on the trackpad, but I don't want to send it in a second time because I normally don't use it like that.

  • Upgraded to 0.19.4
  • Another problem seems to be that it's even slower than the previous version which was already much slower than one of the first ones. I wonder if this will ever improve or if I will need to find a different software.

  • Upgraded to 0.19.4
  • I was looking at the logs and saw that kbinbot has been hitting the server from 3 IP addresses like 10 times a second. I'm convinced this is a bug and not normal, so for now I have blocked those 3 IP addresses via nginx:

  • Upgraded to 0.19.4
  • Ok first weird behaviour is that every time I reload the home page it downloads a file master.m3u8 which has a comment at the top that it is

    Generated with

  • Upgraded to 0.19.4

    My database backup was 5.4 GB and I had to upgrade from Postgresql 15 to 16. It took about 1.5 hours to do that.

    But now I hope everything works.

    TUXEDO on ARM is coming - TUXEDO Computers
  • It's like 8 years ago or so, I had the InfinityBook with a skylake processor.

    Bluetooth stopped working, send it in then it worked and stopped again, then send it in and it worked and stopped again.

    The microphone had broken noises, tested it even under windows to be sure it's a hardware problem.

    Discoloration where the hands are left and right of the trackpad.

    Plastic bezel around the screen fell off, the tape was bad quality.

    Ah I wrote it down last year here:;threadId=14965

  • [FR] Macron löst das Parlament auf
  • Putin hat doch mit mehr als 90℅ lupenreinen gewonnen. /s

  • What to do when a giant company refuses to honor a GPL claim?
  • The thing is that they only need to release the source code to a user of their installer. Also, perhaps they got a special exception from the original author like dynamically linked Linux drivers.

  • TUXEDO on ARM is coming - TUXEDO Computers
  • I really wonder if they got any better, I had such a bad time with my tuxodo computer, had to send it for repair twice and replaced it with a used ThinkPad after less than a year.

  • Ente encrypted open source alternativ to Google Photos. Can be self hosted and supports S3 backend
  • I also really wonder, they say face recognition and ML categorization happen on the edge. I guess this would drain the battery quite a lot doing it for the 800 GB and it will take forever.

  • Ente encrypted open source alternativ to Google Photos. Can be self hosted and supports S3 backend
  • I have around 800 GB of photos from me, my dad and my fiance. That would be $ 20 a month. Ok, still not bad, I don't think I could get it much cheaper on a VPS.

    For now what I'm doing is running on my laptop at home with a connected external USB drive. It's not e2e encrypted, just with ssl on https. But other than that it seems to have similar functionality.

  • Chinese breakfast; Doughy and savoury
  • I edited the post and added what our doughter wrote about her experience too. She gad a very different view on it compared to me.

  • Chinese breakfast; Doughy and savoury

    We went to china town to eat some chinese breakfast. It was very doughy and savoury. The Koreans -where we live now - don't have any specific breakfast dishes, they just eat the same dishes as for lunch and dinner.

    How to buy music?
  • Hi, yeah I did yesterday and asked them to put their other Albums on Bandcamp too.

  • Japanese hospitality wears thin as overtourism takes toll
  • We started to visit the other parts like Hokaido or Kumamoto and it's wonderful there, I can only recommend instead over full Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka.

  • What's something you want to stop doing but can't actually stop?
  • Pro tip: delete the app on your phone. Needing to put in the website into the browser breaks the misscle memory and you can then easier replace it with something else.

  • How to buy music?
  • There are several reasons why I don't want a physical CD:

    I have no space for it

    I don't want to carry it when I move

    It's a lot of work to sell it

    I need to pay shipment around the world to Korea

    The production and shipment creates unnecessary CO2, so it's even bad for the environment

  • How to buy music?
  • I'm having a backup in a external hard USB hard drive, off site on a Synology at my parent's house, and then I sync the music to my two phones, two laptops and to my server. I guess this is enough ^^

  • How to buy music?
  • There are several reasons why I don't want a physical CD:

    1. I have no space for it
    2. I don't want to carry it when I move
    3. It's a lot of work to sell it
    4. I need to pay shipment around the world to Korea
    5. The production and shipment creates unnecessary CO2, so it's even bad for the environment
  • How to buy music?
  • That's actually a great idea!

  • How to buy music?
  • Yeah exactly, Jeff Bezos really doesn't need more of my money. I wish bands would sell their music on their website somehow, like with stripe or something like that.

  • How to buy music?
  • Thanks everyone for offering the albums to me. I looked around and I seem to be able to download them from YouTube too.

    I was genuenly trying to find something like Bandcamp which would have more bands, because the next one is Paramore which I'd like to get their latest album. I at least hope that some of the money would go to the artists to make more music in the future.

  • How to buy music?

    It's frustrating to live in a world where streaming is the main way to consume music. I found this German band from Berlin called "Von Wegen Lisbeth" because of their son "Wenn du tantzt" which has great music and great text:

    So I was thinking, it would be cool to buy the Album so I can listen to it. I normally buy and listen to albums not singles. But where do you buy it digitally? I don't want a CD or Vinyl because I live in Korea and I will need to move and don't want to deal with physical media.

    I thought, in the past I found music on Bandcamp, so I went there and found but there they only sell their first album which doesn't have the song on it.

    On their website they link to a shop where you can seemingly buy all their albums: butonly on Vinyl and CD, not for download.

    Then I thought perhaps I could just pirate it, but the band seems to be too small, they don't show up on The Pirate bay.

    I checked Spotify and all their albums are there, but I don't want to pay a subscription every month.

    Isn't it weird that you can't buy a digital copy of a bands music? Where do people buy music digital copies nowadays?

    한국 Lemmy 커뮤니티 / Korea Lemmy community Jeena YouTubers unveil alleged identities of Miryang gang rape assailants

    The alleged identities of some perpetrators of the 2004 Miryang gang rape were exposed online over the last week, reigniting outrage over the incident 20 years ago that saw a group of high school students repeatedly sexually assault a teenage girl

    YouTubers unveil alleged identities of Miryang gang rape assailants

    Street in Pangyo, Korea

    If you go straight from here through the tunnel for about 1 km you arrive at my home.

    한국 Lemmy 커뮤니티 / Korea Lemmy community Jeena

    Weather this year

    With climate change and the 52 degree Celsius in Deli in India I expected June in Korea to be devastating this year. But to my surprise I still didn't turn on the AC. It's still less than 30 degrees and especially the humidity is very low when I compare it to the last years I was here, it's not raining yet either.

    And the air pollution is not so bad either this year. All in all I'm not suffering this year yet, even though the summer is already here.

    한국 Lemmy 커뮤니티 / Korea Lemmy community Jeena

    We have to pay half a million out of our pocket even though his mom is Korean, but the baby is not, because his mom wasn't Korean when he was born.

    Another fun thing is that foreign families in the area where we live get 100k KRW for the daycare, but our family can't because his mom is Korean. So we get nothing ^^. Great system :p

    But anyway, I hope he will like it there, it's a Montessori daycare, I'm not sure if this is something good or something bad in the long run, I hope he can play and doesn't have to sit and learn anything from some curriculum. There will be enough time for that once he is at school.


    Erster Tag in der Kindertagesstätte

    Heute bin ich melancholisch gestimmt. Vor wenigen Minuten habe ich unseren kleinen Engel, der erst 15 Monate alt ist, zum ersten Mal in seiner Kindertagesstätte abgegeben.

    Seine Mutter musste sich schon ein paar Mal von ihm trennen. Das offensichtlichste Mal war bei der Geburt, als sie zum ersten Mal getrennt waren. Aber dann musste sie für ein paar Tage auf eine Geschäftsreise nach China. Ein anderes Mal war, als wir nach Weihnachten länger in Deutschland blieben, aber sie zurück zur Arbeit musste, usw.

    Aber ich war jeden einzelnen Tag und jede Nacht seit seiner Geburt bei ihm. Ich musste mich nie von ihm trennen, bis jetzt, weil ich das ganze letzte Jahr zu Hause bei ihm war; ich habe Elternzeit genommen.

    Ich weiß, es ist heute und morgen nur für eine Stunde, aber danach müssen wir die Zeit verlängern, weil meine Elternzeit vorbei ist und ich nur noch einen Monat Jahresurlaub habe, dann muss ich wieder Vollzeit arbeiten, 8 Stunden am Tag (+ Mittagspause).

    Und ja, ich weiß, wir werden im Laufe der Zeit immer mehr getrennt sein, und das macht mich sowohl traurig als auch glücklich. Natürlich möchte ich, dass er ein großartiges, unabhängiges Leben hat.

    Aber dieses Mal, zum ersten Mal, bleibt er nicht bei seiner Mama, Oma oder Opa, sondern bei Leuten, die wir nicht einmal kennen, und wir müssen darauf vertrauen, dass alles gut geht.

    Als wir ankamen, hat er sich nicht um mich gekümmert und fing an, alleine zu spielen und zu schauen, was die anderen Kinder machten.

    Ich blieb ein paar Minuten und sprach mit der Leiterin. Er hat gesipelt, ohne überhaupt zu gucken, wo ich war. Aber dann sagte ich auf Wiedersehen, und er weiß was das bedeutet, weil wir es jeden Morgen zu Mama und Schwester sagen. Da fing er an zu weinen und wollte mit mir gehen.

    Sie sagten mir, sie würden mich anrufen, wenn er länger als 5 Minuten weint. Jetzt sind schon 20 Minuten vergangen und sie haben noch nicht angerufen, also scheint er in Ordnung zu sein, aber ich vermisse ihn schon sehr!


    Nach einer halben Stunde holte ich ihn ab, und er spielte mit der Lehrerin und einem dieser Babywalker. Aus irgendeinem Grund mag er diese sehr, obwohl er keinen eigenen hat. Jedenfalls, als er mich sah, fing er ein bisschen an zu weinen und rannte zu mir, und wir umarmten uns und er klopfte mir auf den Rücken, wie er es manchmal tut, weil ich es oft tue, wenn er traurig ist.

    Er war ein bisschen skeptisch gegenüber der ganzen Sache, aber alles in allem schien es ihm dort zu gefallen.


    Lonliest time on Lemmy ...

    It's when the Americans already went to bed but the Europeans didn't wake up yet. I'm in South Korea and around lunch even sorting by "New" doesn't give me any new posts, sometimes up to one hour.

    한국 Lemmy 커뮤니티 / Korea Lemmy community Jeena

    Wartime alarm on the phone

    I just got some wartime alarm on the phone. Did you guys get it to in Korea?

    2 Valve confirms your Steam account cannot be transferred to anyone after you die

    The confirmation came from the Steam support staff earlier this month when Resetera forum user delete12345 asked Steam support if he can put his Steam library in...

    Valve confirms your Steam account cannot be transferred to anyone after you die

    If you cannot pass on your ownership rights to your purchased games to your children, then you cannot pass on your copyright either, I guess?


    “The Spark” - Kabin Crew & Lisdoonvarna Crew

    Primary school kids from Ireland make a banger.



    Germany + Japan = Dance-Metal


    Das Baby kan laufen, und klettern ...

    Jetzt, wo der Kleine laufen kann wird es ziemlich anstrengend den ganzen Tag - fünf Tage die Woche - alleine mit ihm zu sein. Er stellt den ganzen Tag so viel Unfug an, er:

    • Steckt seine Hand in die Toilette
    • Wirft das Futter der Katze überall herum
    • Kippt das Wasser der Katze um
    • Klettert auf den Küchentisch
    • Klettert auf den Computertisch
    • Versucht, in meinen Computer einzubrechen
    • Schaltet den Trockner aus
    • Untersucht den Inhalt des Windeleimers
    • Schaltet die Waschmaschine an
    • Isst Katzenfutter
    • Leert alle Mülleimer für das Recycling auf den Boden
    • Räumt den Kleiderschrank aus und wirft alles auf den Boden
    • Peitscht die Katze
    • Jagt die Katze durch das Haus
    • Schimpft mit der Katze
    • Wirft Essen auf den Boden
    • Kaut an seinen Außenschuhen
    • Und so weiter und so fort ...

    Und er macht jede Sache immer und immer wieder den ganzen Tag lang, unermüdlich, wie ein Terminator.


    Why don't people care about human rights anymore?

    I feel when Bucha happened in Ukraine still a lot of people were shocked and outraged. But somehow this extreame achievement of the human race to formulate human rights and at least try to defend them is withering away.

    • Genocide in Gaza, meh.
    • Genocide in Nagorno-Karabakh whatever.
    • Genocide in some African country again? They always have some genocide going on there
    • Genocide in Xinjang? Look they are dancing in the propaganda videos, how bad can it be?
    • UK sending refugies from all over the world to Rwanda? They categorized it as a save country so what's the Problem?
    • Guantanamo is still open? We haven't heard much about it for years, probably everything is ok there

    I could go on and on. So is it just the times now that nobody wants WWIII so we are just looking the other way? Even worse, if you want to protest for human rights, you get into trouble, not just in dictatorship countries, but in Germany, US, etc.

    jeena Jeena


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