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Linux is now an option for safety-minded software-defined vehicle developers
  • And so what?

    Many things are based on Linux that does not mean anything for the customer, because those end up being heavly modified version being able to run just on this specific chip and only support vendor provided software on top.

    My TV runs Android, so Linux kernel, but can I reinstall it and run some Debian with Kodi bypassing all the spyware Android crap? Heck no.

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    Thunderbird's New Rust Integration: The Future of Email Clients?
    • offline access and archival
    • use with multiple providers
    • seamless integration with contacts and calendar of any provider
    • better keyboard shortcuts
    • multiple windows
    • end2end encryption via PGP keys, can use same keys as the rest of the system
    • more lightweight on system resources
    • themes, I guess?
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    Which communication protocol or open standard in software do you wish was more common or used more?
  • There are no IPv4 addresses left. So you eather go IPv6-only, which would make many services not work. Or wait in a long queue to repurpose address spaces marked as depracated which would soon run out too. And then you put clients behind double or triple NAT doing having shitty service.

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    Which communication protocol or open standard in software do you wish was more common or used more?
  • About Tox, I am not a fan of mixing up universal delivering of packets and applications. Piping files or using as VPS feels like something that would be better done with proper full network and not be mixed with chat.

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    Which communication protocol or open standard in software do you wish was more common or used more?
    • IPv6, needed for modern Internet not to collapse, would make many other important things easier. Easier to become an ISP, to selfhost, to build P2P networks, etc.
    • GNU Taler, a payment protocol just look at it go:, or just imagine building a payment terminal of a Raspberry Pi
    • Matrix, to unify chat, conference and calling apps
    • some self-arranging darknet protocol becoming a norm like I2P, GNUNet or Yggdrasil, so we could have a backup when mass Internet blockage happen
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    What's your fave movie of all time that you love to recommend to people?
  • If you like Christopher Nolan and playing with time, you must watch Memento.
    This awesome movie is played backwards, so like the main character who lost short-term memory we don't know what just happened.

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    What distro should I use on my potato?
  • Wrong question, distro doesn't matter ;). Just go with Debian or Arch or something else that don't preinstall crap.

    What matters is what programs you use, including the graphical environment.

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    GitHub Is Not Open Source, A Rant
  • What a nice language for constructive discussion...

    And yes. Because it's not just a simple HTML+CSS website, your browser must pull full-featured, Turing complete compiled to JavaScript code and execute it in order for GitHub website to work.
    There is no much philosophical difference between running JavaScript on V8 engine in Chrome and running Kotlin code on ART in Android.

    Just becasue you don't see app icon being added to homescreen doesn't mean there isn't downloading and running an app.

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    MineClone 2 will switch to a new name, VoxeLibre
  • Personal opinion. VoxeLibre should be the name of MineTest, because MineTest seems like it was a temporary name for experimental 'learn a programming language' project. And MineClone is exaclly what this is so maybe not best for advertisement but it fits.

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    GitHub Is Not Open Source, A Rant
  • Don't know where this idea come from. You need to run GitHub's proprietary app in order to create an account and do nessesary things. Meanwhile services like Codeberg have both server and client side open source and there are hosts like SourceHut that does not require running any additional code at all.

  • When I install some Linux app from, let's say GitHub, I can feel how long without updates means the project is not maintained.\ For example last commit being 5 years ago for GTK app is a long time and this is considered an abandoned repo. For super simple things like cowsay it's not that simple but still I can feel it.

    How is that with crates with Rust? I see a lot of parsers or web libraries that are not updated for a year, two years, three years... How old is too old?\ Also, many of them have a version 0.x.x, so can I even consider them stable?

    5 Banana Pi's $31 BPI-WiFi 6 router runs a fork of OpenWrt - Liliputing

    Banana Pi's $31 BPI-WiFi 6 router runs a fork of OpenWrt

    New router with OpenWrt compatibility out of the box! It's a fork, but of what I am reading it's similar approach to GL.iNet routers with little work to flash a vanilla version.

    29 The HDMI Forum rejected AMD's open source HDMI 2.1 implementation

    If you were hoping at some point to see HDMI 2.1+ on Linux with AMD + Mesa, you're out of luck right now as it's simply not going to be happening.


    When athletic height jumping was considered done and perfected, there was the Fosbury flop which opened new possibilities. Do you think there was such a moment in the music history? When someone showed how things can be done and from there everyone is using his/her technique?


    Like in title. Modern Android permission system is really annoying. It assumes I do not trust installed apps and I believe was made to promote loose installing of whatever crap like loyalty cards apps, while I only install a couple of trusted apps all from F-Droid. Such module would enable faster installation of the systems and less irritation when I have to give app a permission third time this month (Android now can decide for myself and revoke permission when it thinks it's no longer needed...). GNU Taler

    Taxable Anonymous Libre Electronic Reserves

    GNU Taler (Taxable Anonymous Libre Electronic Resources) is a new secure electronic payment system based on open standards, free software, and advanced cryptography. GNU Taler provides privacy guarantees to the buyer while offering the possibility to audit merchants, making sale incomes transparent and fraud difficult. To online merchants and retailers, GNU Taler offers instant transaction clearance without risks of fake payment methods. Computations needed to clear the payments are efficient and scalable so that banks can pass on lower transaction costs to consumers and merchants.


    Like in the title. Some way of sync to Android would be nice.


    Hi. Is there some fully FOSS version of Intellij IDEA CE? Because the official download includes some proprietary bits.


    As I have no gaming console I have an idea to sometimes plug my daily-drive laptop to a TV and run some parties playing games like Overcooked or Move or Die. My laptop runs Linux with KDE Plasma and has a Thunderbolt 4 port.

    Any recommendations for a dock and bluetooth/dongle gamepads models? I want to focus on more budget options, the cheaper the better as long as playable.


    Open source translators for Android and CLI are mostly using proxy for Google Translate or barely working LibreTranslate.

    Firefox new translations are pretty good. What are they using? Why not create an offline translator with it?


    I am starting IT studies. As someone always interested in computers I have paths in my head how to get needed information. There is also a luxury of testing anything learn in practice by for ex. contributing to open source or creating a server.

    Math was always interesting for me too, but I haven't spend time on learning it much, I have many lacks from middle school and there are topics I know about but can't use them in practice or have no intuition or forgot how to formally write them.

    So I started to try to learn, as a self-learner most time I spend on Wikipedia and forums, but those turned out to be death end when it comes to understanding whole topic and not just reminding one thing.

    So question to you that are learning math: how do you do so? And I also never learned anything in a typical "school" way, I always need to feel interest or have a goal in something.


    I gone through a lot of hosting service providers and unfortunetly cannot find a single one that can be used without running nonfree programs, all of them require loading bulky obfuscated JavaScript apps.

    I know of Codeberg Pages for static sites for example, but it is not suitable for any business or professional use.


    I gone through a lot of hosting service providers and unfortunetly cannot find a single one that can be used without running nonfree programs, all of them require loading bulky JavaScript apps.

    I know of Codeberg Pages for example, but it is not suitable for business use.

    https:// /unixstickers

    Many may already know this offer from Sticker Mule, but you can get basic Unix swag really cheaply to stick on a laptop or water bottle.

    I bought myself a couple and can confirm it's legit and good quality.


    It's because Google created Android in a way device owner cannot change system partitions themselfs. It's because Google Play Services require special system access. It's because Huawei won't let you unlock bootloader and install system apps.


    Subjective warning.

    Only transparent protective polish is ok, all colors looks disguising.

    Especially with some images or pattern on them. But even solid color is weird, the spacing between them... How with hand movements I see 5 sticking out moving bright dots in the air... Toes even worse, with one big color spot moving differently than other 4.