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ditch discord!

person backing up his car exploitable with the following four panels:

  1. person looking ahead. the text below him says, "wow a cool software. let's check out the community"
  2. screenshot with the text

    The main place where the community gathers is our Discord server. Feel free to join there to ask questions, help out others, share cool things you created with Typst, or just to chat.

  3. hand on gear shift zoomed in, switching to reverse
  4. person looking behind with the text "nevermind".

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  • It would be nice if more people used Matrix. From my experience though it seems like not a lot of people check in on it regularly because the niche communities they follow are on Discord and even though bridges between Matrix and Discord do exist they are often neglected and fall of out sync.

    • It would be better if they used a web forum. It's so easy to search in threads.

      • Like an independent forum or something like XDA Developers?

        I feel like it really depends on the topic and level of engagement. I find traditional forums a bit hard to follow at times because of people branching off and bouncing around discussions. I might run into the same issue I do with Matrix channels where I'm not regularly checking in. Logging in is also another thing.

        • The issue with login ?

          You just unlock your password vault and let it autofill.

          • I meant for people who use external password managers. Creating a new account and remembering to delete it if you ever stop using it is another issue though.

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