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Which Android mobile phone brand brings less pre-loaded 3rd-party apps?

Please write the 3 phone brands (in order please) which you think they bring the least number of third-party apps.


  • 1- PrivacyGuides recommends Google Pixel. But it is not selling on my country. I can not bring it from other countries because it will not have warrant.

  • 2- We also don't have fair-phone and nothing-phone (i can not bring it from another country).

  • 3- we only have: general-mobile, huawei, samsung, asus, tcl, htc, xiaomi, vivo, infinix, oneplus.

  • 4- please dont recomend custom ROM. Its technically difficult for me. Also I will recommend the device to my friend (they don't have even an idead what is custom-rom)


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