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  • Nothing in Hawaii? I thought there was an entire island that only allows tribals

    Edit: Wikipedia article had a lot more recent history than I remember noticing - Bill Clinton signed an apology for overthrowing the Kingdom. It looks like they needed self-governance to be a tribe but that was blocked by Supreme Court as racist - I may be misunderstanding

  • Astronomers are on the Hunt for Dyson Spheres
  • Agree this sounds ridiculous, but isn’t this the basic point of science? Propose something is possible, then make predictions and see if you can prove or disprove. The Dyson Sphere idea itself is ridiculous, but to the extent you can detect large scale technology around a star, that would be fantastic. Even better, this is simply a query on existing data. Imagine if they detected intelligent life this way!

    Kind of reminds me of the search for Dark Matter. That whole idea sounds so preposterous yet is the best fit for our current knowledge. But we can make predictions based on this. What could all this matter be to fit the theory while remaining undetected so far? Then you can build particle detectors to find them and particle accelerators to explore conditions for causing them. Eventually we should be able to either detect that matter or to rule out enough possibilities for another theory to better fit our knowledge

  • Less than 25% of the EU’s electricity came from fossil fuels in April
  • That’s outstanding! I wonder if regular comparisons could help us laggards on the other side of the Atlantic. There’s got to be some competitive drive that can help us get off our butts.

    I think we’re doing well at getting off coal (except West Virginia and Wyoming), but that just means natural gas dominates in most places

  • Hazy skies with the Sox

    A few years back at Fenway Park watching the Boston Red Sox

    I think this was the game where I was carded and didn’t have my license to prove I’m old enough to drink. Lol, found one of the guys literally half my age to buy beer for me. I guess thanks for the entertainment at stupid adherence to paperwork despite greyed haired reality staring in disbelief


    Blueberry lemon and the Dropkick Murphies

    Finally able to turn off the heat, sitting out on the deck.’c “Shipping off to Boston” with the dog, listening to the Dropkick Murphies with an adult “lemonade”. SUMMMERTIME!!!!

    Ok, not so scenic, especially since I didn’t include the dog, but let’s see you do better. Please. Let’s see beer in the Alps and places more scenic than my deck

    Apple apologizes for iPad “Crush” ad that “missed the mark”
  • It was cool. There’s a reason the hydraulic process Chanel was wildly possible, it’s just cool to watch. And this ad idea was perfect for getting across the point that the new iPad is thinner, so it seems well thought out.

    What are these people even complaining about anyway, CGI instruments getting crushed? wtf? I imagine that’s even part of the the ad: look at the CGI we can create, all in a much thinner package

  • Nearly half of cancer patients have more than $5,000 in medical debt, even though most are insured
  • They really only seem worth it when paired with an HSA. I have really expensive coverage now, because: kids. If I instead had my company’s high deductible plan plus funded an HSA to cover the deductible, both my premiums and coverage would be about the same. However for years when I didn’t use the entire HSA, it rolls over for the future. If you can afford this combination and not always sick, you have good coverage and premiums going down over time. With kids, there’s always something, so not worth it for me

  • Streaming is cable now | Seventeen years after Netflix and Hulu kicked off a streaming revolution, it’s looking more like cable than ever.
  • The music industry figured it out: I listen to way more music than ever before and I willingly pay more than ever before

    Video streaming keeps trying to make my experience more frustrating, less value to me. They’re scrounging for dollars is driving me away. I’ve considered my options for making video entertainment enjoyable again, and I’m just tired of the whole thing. I’m spending more time in projects, more time online, more time reading ebooks from my library. I’m watching less video than before, enjoying it less, getting less value for my money and it’s just all not worth it. Their efforts to profit more from my attention are getting them less of it and losing my willingness to pay

  • Streaming is cable now | Seventeen years after Netflix and Hulu kicked off a streaming revolution, it’s looking more like cable than ever.
  • It may have been more difficult and expensive than you’d expect. My understanding was distribution contracts tend to be per country. Netflix can’t just stream all the stuff from north of the border, but have to start over with buying rights to everything in a new country

    This made more sense when distributors were all per country but not so much for streamers

  • CNN's Burnett asks Biden how he is going to turn the economy around. He said he already has.
  • This is all about the disconnect between feelings and actual data. The question is how to get them back in sync. Some of that is time, but people will feel negatively as long as their media keeps telling them they are worse off.

    For me it’s time. I know that be all objective measures I’m better off. It’s not just the overall stats but I got decent raises two years in a row. I still get hit with how bad inflation is. But a big part is that I stopped buying stuff for a couple of years. I cut back to really only make necessary purchases. Now that I have a little more available resources, and can make a few discretionary purchases, I’m hit by the last 4-5 years of inflation since I even looked. My comparison point is pre-COVID

  • World’s top climate scientists expect global heating to blast past 1.5C target
  • But even if the pollution is all yours, the corporations do share responsibility.

    The entire point of capitalism is to decide in your best financial interest, but your cheapest option is the most polluting and the corps biggest profit is what they can mass produce the most of. The whole system is resistant to change unless government looks out for the interests of its constituents and shapes the market for the constituents best interest.

    I recently had reason to buy a car. I chose an EV for my investment into one little corner of our future, but it was not the best choice financially. I’m a bad capitalist. Government incentives did help a lot though. I know transitioning to EVs is important, but $11k incentives made it affordable. It’s not looking for a handout, it’s government looking out for our future by helping the transition along.

    But there also needs to be EVs to buy and chargers to charge at. All of which are an up front investment that is good in the long term but poor financial decision in the short term. Yes the corps need to be pushed. They been pushed for years, over a decade and just keep resisting change. Given all the backpedaling this past year, legacy car manufacturers need to be pushed harder, maybe to the point where their existence is threatened if they still don’t do the right thing. But it’s not just pushing, incentives are important to growing the market and creating a profit incentive

  • Study reveals "widespread, bipartisan aversion" to neighbors owning AR-15 rifles
  • The worst part is we’ve been heading backwards in the last few years, with the conservative Supreme Court invalidating state level restrictions

    The second amendments does not say there can be no restrictions. For example we used to restrict concealed carry to those who do the appropriate paperwork and demonstrate sufficient need. Now anyone can. Why the fuck are you carrying a concealed weapon in a city? There’s no place you can use it without endangering innocent people there’s just no excuse. Your rights to look edgy and feel in control should not trump my right to not be killed

    Or this guy in Florida is a textbook example of irrationality and not responsible enough to own a weapon. There should have been no bail, no release, and no more right to bear arms. I hope the Uber guy sues him out of his home and life savings, because that seems to be the only justice

  • Grocery stores promoting gas discounts are not helping the transition away from gas vehicles
  • Yeah, that seems like more than enough activity to scale up to something that can handle more.

    Unfortunately trams can have similar shortcomings all too easily, but I guess it’s the next step

    Around here, they’re trying the approach of dedicated bus lanes. The claim is that a lot of the time it only takes one bus stuck in traffic to get behind and stuck in that problem. With a dedicated lane, the bus scales a little better, goes a little faster, is a little more likely to be on time.

  • Grocery stores promoting gas discounts are not helping the transition away from gas vehicles
  • Why Tram? While I prefer them as well and my area has some, this is the same scenario a bus can handle, and a bus is arguably better since it can go more places and be more flexible without infrastructure costs. For most places, we need to electrify buses and figure out how to make them a more appealing choice

    Trains and trains are better at scaling for more populated areas but buses need to be part of that continuum

  • Grocery stores promoting gas discounts are not helping the transition away from gas vehicles
  • Not sure how to react with this one. On the one hand, we need a bigger and better used EV market, but on the other hand, this shouldn’t have been a surprise. It’s sort of like buying a 20 yr old Corolla, then complaining it can’t haul gravel

  • Grocery stores promoting gas discounts are not helping the transition away from gas vehicles
  • More importantly, people should give more priority to more common needs. I plug my car in when I get home, like my phone, and just always have a charge. It is so much more convenient to never have to go to a local gas station again. Much better than older cars where it seemed like I had to go every couple of weeks.

    Yes, recharging my EV is less convenient on road trips, but it’s more convenient 95+% of the time

  • Grocery stores promoting gas discounts are not helping the transition away from gas vehicles
  • Freedom of choice is certainly important but we do all have to work together for the sake of our future and our children’s future. It is certainly a good idea to set efficiency and emissions standards, including up to a controlled transition to zero emissions.

    It’s not even close to a situation of forcing any customers: we’re at a stage of forcing manufacturers to improve their products and work toward a transition in 11 years, and help encourage a growing market for them to profit by it.

    This is back to old arguments like:

    • free speech but you can’t yell “FIRE” in a coowded theater
    • freedom to swing your arms, that stops before you hit my face

    And connected to Tragedy of the Commons.

    • breathable air and livable environments are something we all need in common. You have no right to take that from the rest of us
  • Unfortunate ad placement

    I don’t know if this fits the community, but the way ads placement works can lead to some unfortunate results

    Just looking for some cooking ideas, and I wish I could forget what I saw


    Where to get paint touchups?

    Yesterday at the grocery store, someone keyed my new car. It’s not like I could have done anything to annoy someone, since there wasn’t anyone parking in the next spot when I pulled in, and I was almost perfectly centered in my spot

    I just got the car in November, and it’s that really nice new navy blue. Looks fantastic. And now it’s keyed. I hope it was at least an acciden somehow, because I’ve read too many articles online about people just wanting to see the world burn

    For anyone else who had to have the paint touched up, can I take it to a normal body shop? Or does it need something special? Where would I look?

    Lens flair for the win

    Insufficient tinting, but lens flair got the image at 95%

    Seafood feast!

    I hope this is ok to post: cast iron adjacent and has not better home on Lemmy ….

    Seafood feast I made for the kids last night. That fried rice started as 2c dry rice and would have been tough to make without the space of this griddle top! Or maybe it’s just me, I can’t seem to make it without spreading out and making a mess

    It’s all an experiment

    • only the second time cooking tuna steak
    • only a few times trying to sear shrimp
    • fried rice - ok, hot sesame oil was new, gave it a nice kick without being hot

    Probably use it for a massive number of pancakes tomorrow

    So this is also a cry for help: what can I replace this with?

    • I’m getting an induction glass top, which doesn’t support griddles of any kind
    • I don’t want to go back to Teflon, that all stand-alone electric griddles seem to be
    • I don’t know how big to consider: during the week it’s just me and a skillet is sufficient, but kids do come home from college
    • I considered getting a Blackstone or similar, but the weather here is not friendly to outdoor cooking half the year

    Anyone have ideas what to look for in a stand-alone griddle that’s not Teflon, and is cast iron or cast iron adjacent?

    Dinner around the world

    Can I just say, I’m really happy how successfully my kids appreciate a huge variety of foods, and I’ll pat myself on the back for part of it.

    We had a bit of a rough start with one kid allergic to everything and the other just not eating. Now they’re teenagers and not only know how to eat healthily, but enjoy a huge variety from many cuisines (and are almost at my level for hot sauce)

    Today one kid was home and he thoroughly enjoyed:

    • breakfast: cilbir
    • lunch: pupusas with avocado mash (and when I offered my hot sauce selection, he picked ghost pepper sauce!!!!)
    • dinner: tuna steak and halloumi over salad in a sesame dressing with nori

    At my house: dinner around the world!

    Edit: or maybe I need to rephrase …. As Americans with no other cultural heritage and whose families eat “American” food, my kid in one day had food inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, Central American, and Asian. Polished his plate and asked for more!

    [QUESTION] What to look for in an Olive Oil?

    I use extra virgin olive oil for some cooking - where taste matters, but never knew what to look for.

    Several years back, we did a taste test of brands and styles found in my grocery, and settled on one that was good, but they no longer stock it. Now I need to look for a new one but still have no idea what to look for, so what do you look for?

    I used “Philipo Berio” brand robusto. I don’t know if that’s considered good but it tastes good to me and has a reasonable price. My grocery still carries the brand but not robusto and the other styles don’t have as much flavor.

    Apparently robusto is not a thing, since no other brand uses that nomenclature, so what can I look for to find one with a strong flavor? How can I find a “good” brand without spending a lot? Is there a price sweet spot, like with wine?

    [discussion] …. But can you walk the walk

    I can talk the talk, but this is really going to test that ……

    I live in a fairly walkable town outside one of the most walking and transit oriented cities in the US. I’ve always been a transit and walkable communities advocate.

    My town is centered on a train station/bus/taxi/scooter/bicycle hub and we have a traditional walkable “Main Street” with shops and restaurants that we pedestrianize for the summer. We have a new rail trail that will eventually connect to a statewide network, a riverwalk and even kayak rentals in the middle of downtown

    Higher density housing is centered on the downtown, dominated by 4-6 story apartment/condos, including residential over commercial. Works great. Surrounding that is a belt of 2-3 story multifamily houses, townhouses, and small apartments. I’m the first street zoned for single family, but I can still walk to the town center, and take the train into the nearby major city.

    I even spoke up in favor of new statewide zoning, requiring “as of right” zoning for large apartment buildings near transit …… maybe you see where this is going …..

    When I was out walking my dog this morning, I saw construction …. apparently there are a couple huge 6 story apartment buildings going in just a couple blocks away. It all seemed like a great idea until it was my neighborhood. It was a great idea when things were grouped by size. But now it’s a behemoth towering over three deckers and the like, and even looming near single family housing.

    I’ve “talked the talk” but really don’t know if I can “walk the walk”. This really seems excessive for the neighborhood.

    What do you think? Could you still support higher density housing when it means something twice the height going into your neighborhood, hundreds of tenants where now it’s 3-10 per building? What would you do when you get what you were asking for but it’s in your neighborhood and way out of scale?

    iPhone AA5B
    Is it worthwhile capturing personal photos as spatial?

    I currently have no use for spatial photos, can’t justify the price of the Vision Pro headset, and really don’t have a reason to have strong motivation.

    Looking back at old family photos, I see sepia from my parents, faded from when I was a kid, and low rez/faded even from when my kids were little, looking across that timeline, the march of technology is clear. Older photos are noticeably older (even when not printed).

    However I have a phone that can take spatial pictures and has extra storage, and I just had to raise my iCloud storage. Assuming spatial photos and videos becomes commonplace, it will be another noticeable jump in photo technology. Reviewers of the Vision Pro rave about them

    Do you think

    • spatial photos will become common/normal, or are just a fad like 3D tv?
    • is there a standard format or is it Apple specific?
    • it’s worth getting a jump on the technology for personal photos, even without a use yet? Presumably I will have a use at such time as I look back on personal photos
    How to get “green bubbles” texting to an iPhone user?

    After all this online drama over something as silly as green bubbles, I just discovered their power. I had a brief power outage and apparently my cell provider had degraded service, so I had no data and text messages didn’t go through. Then I tried a green bubble conversation and it worked.

    SMS worked, when data and iMessage did not. So how can I do that on purpose? I don’t know if this is a normal occurrence but the next time I have degraded service with no data, does anyone know if there is a way to SMS to fellow iPhone users?

    Is it normal for right pillar camera to warn about obstruction at night?

    So I’m enjoying exploring my new Model Y!!!

    However I noticed that driving at night on dark country roads, I invariably see a warning that my right pillar camera may be obstructed. This doesn’t happen in daytime, and granted the right pillar may not be able to see much in the dark. However I don’t see any obstructions and cleaning it doesn’t make a difference.

    So is this normal or a problem I need to have Tesla look at?

    How stable is multi-protocol support on SkyConnect?

    The SkyConnect dongle was sold as Zigbee but with the promise of also supporting Thread. This is available in HA as experimental. Does anyone have experience with how stable it is? Is it close to ready?

    Any choices in schedule delivery?

    I’m going through the process to buy a new vehicle, and see pluses and minuses with Tesla’s online process. Yes it’s very simple and fast but it also gives very little info about what to expect and when.

    So, coming down to the exciting part ….. I just got notified to schedule delivery. However “delivery” is apparently pickup, in a town 20 miles away, just like legacy car sales. However they only give me a choice of two days, weekdays only, and only during the day. That makes it tough to get someone to drive my old car back

    Schedule pickup is not giving me any other choices. Does anyone know a way to do that on a weekend or evening or a closer showroom?

    Edit: worked it out. While I loved the smoother, abbreviated purchasing process, I was frustrated at never knowing what was going on or what would happen next. I really wish they provided more info on how it all worked for those of us who worry when we don’t understand the details

    Will BEV adoptions lead to more ICE pickups?

    In the US a decade or two ago, we enacted regulations to increase the efficiency of passenger vehicles. However larger vehicles typically needed for commercial and farming uses were exempt. Now we see the results of that as reverse incentive, where trucks became more common, even for simple commuting

    Will the same happen with BEVs, a reverse incentive that increases the use of trucks?

    I just read an opinion piece (lost just as quickly, sorry) that discussed issues with sales of EV pickups at GM and Ford. They made a compelling argument that EVs still have weaknesses as work trucks and point to the success of Rivian as a recreational truck. Certainly arguments against EV pickups do center on those weaknesses, even for scenarios where it wouldn’t apply (how many truck owners actually tow regularly?). So, as BEVs rapidly take over the car and crossover markets, and the holdouts have fewer choices of ICE cars, will they increasingly turn to trucks?

    [discussion] transit oriented development vs 15 minute city

    Is there a difference, and what?

    I’ve been reading about the “15 minute city” idea, and it is both fascinating and brings back good memories. I’ve lived in a few neighborhoods of Boston, where my biggest use of a car is finding some place to stash one long term. I had all my daily needs in a short walk, as was a subway station. Combine that with a monthly pass and the freedom to go anywhere was fantastic. I know people in NYC with similar experiences, including several who never had a reason to learn to drive. My oldest is at college and on experiencing campus life, commented similarly. I hope y’all get to experience this some day

    However the Boston area has focussed on” transit oriented development “ for the last few decades. They use zoning and other development tools to encourage mixed neighborhoods with more housing, more retail, and even more office space focussed on transit hubs. It’s not just a train station but each is a “hub”, centering other options including bus routes, taxis, trails, cycling, and other personal transportation. This is a lot of what makes a “15 minute city” possible. Now we’re extending it to Eastern Massachusetts, where any town convenient to transit needs to have similar zoning actively supporting transit oriented development.

    These two concepts seem very similar, except for the special case of college campuses. What’s the difference, or is it just evolving terminology? Which is better? Are there strengths of one approach that need more attention in the other?

    iPhone 15 incompatible with portable charger?

    Has anyone else seen problems using a portable charger (USB-A) with their new phone?

    I plugged the phone into my portable charger and saw all four status LEDs, indicating the charger saw the phone and had a full charge available. However my phone never started charging, and the status lights on the charger eventually went off as it gave up.

    At first I thought it was the new cables, but I used the same cable with an old Apple charger, no problem. Unfortunately I don’t have another usb-c device I can try with that cable and portable charger.

    The portable charger charges older (Lightning) phones, so that is not the problem.

    So all three of my new iPhone, portable charger, and new cable work in other scenarios but not this specific combination.

    Edit to add: rebooting worked. Thanks

    First impressions of USB-C on iPhone 15

    Now that we see the iPhone 15 with the new usb-c port, what’s your first impression?


    For me it’s not too big a deal, functionally identical. I have the pro, so could use high speed data, but I never have used the charging cable for data and am not likely to start now. I appreciate faster charging but realistically charge overnight, so no change

    I understand and support the goal of one set of chargers and cables for everything, but in the immediate term, it does mean buying new cables and chargers, and it means all the existing ones going to waste.

    -- so far, I’ve had to buy two cables, a charger, and two new power strips with USB-C, and there will be more to come

    -- My teens still have Lightning iPhones and they’re hard on cables, so my old cables won’t go to waste.

    -- admittedly, I’m trying to jump past the next transition by moving to usb-c chargers somewhat rather than buy new usb-a to usb-c cables for old chargers

    -- I bought a usb-c watch cable but am not counting that because it was a replace t for a damaged usb-a Watch cable

    -- I’ll still need charging cables for my car, and my laptop bag, and I’m sure additional charging block or two

    A community for Waltham, MA AA5B
    Anyone have internet through Astound, formerly RCN?

    There’s a guy in my neighborhood going door to door trying to sell Astound internet service. It seems like a pretty good deal: $45/month guaranteed 2 years, no contract, plus they include the router. He said it’s “hybrid fiber” and the basic package is 1,000/200 mbps

    I generally don’t respond to solicitors, and am very happy with FiOS 1gbps symmetrical so am probably not interested, but that’s less expensive than I’m paying so does anyone have experience with them, good or bad?

    Home Improvement AA5B
    How to build fire protective battery charger enclosure?

    In the last couple of years, I replaced all my lawn care equipment with battery powered and it has worked fantastically. I’m sure there will soon be other large batteries that need to be charged.

    However I also note headlines about fires from cheap or damaged batteries. I don’t buy cheap and I do take care of my stuff so I’m not too worried but wonder if it would be worth building some sort of battery charging enclosure. Does anyone have any links, ideas or references?

    My first thought is I have an unfinished basement with concrete walls and floor so that should be fire resistant: could it be as simple as stacking cinder blocks or pavers? My second thought is that would make a great oven, so no. So is there something I can do for my chargers to protect my house from any chance of fire?

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