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What thing do you love that you can never get anyone else to check out?
  • Karaoke. Found out nearly two years ago that I actually quite enjoy going to a pub, getting on the mic and singing to an audience.

    Very few of the people I know are into it

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    Ghost in the Shell comes to mind
  • Dragonball Evolution was a horrible Hollywood adaptation of Dragon Ball's original plot.

    Imagine that instead of making it the action-packed goofy parody of Return to the West that Akira Toriyama originally envisioned, you instead make Goku and Chi Chi US high-schoolers and Bulma some kind of secret agent.

    It's more like the movie was so utterly dogshit that Toriyama felt he had to personally step in and ensure the franchise wasn't going to die on that negative note.

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    MAGA freaks out after Fox News reports Obama in top 10 presidents — and Trump in dead last
  • This is absolutely unprecedented for Fox News to publish. Normally they're praising the Republican Party so hard that you could see their political bias from space. Has Hell frozen over or is this some kind of editorial fuck-up that's going to make heads roll?

    Imagine admitting that Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States, was the sixth-best president in US history.

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    Ghost in the Shell comes to mind
  • Dragonball Evolution was so shit that it drove Akira Toriyama out of retirement, which led to Battle of Gods, Resurrection F, Broly, Super Hero and an entirely new anime/manga series titled Dragon Ball Super.

    It even technically is leading to Dragon Ball Daima, which looks like a serious effort to try and do the whole 'Goku is a kid again' concept that Dragon Ball GT fucked up 25 years ago.

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    X-Men '97's Take on Morph Is Already Making Bigots Mad
    1. When I may miffed, it's more like minorly inconvenienced,

    2. Wasn't aware that the show was produced specifically for Fox Kids, probably because Fox Kids/Jetix in the UK was known moreso for hours of Power Rangers reruns and the occasional good show. That changes things slightly.

    3. Wasn't the reboot commissioned specifically with fans of the original 1992-97 show in mind? It feels weird to do this when the core demographic that has nostalgia for the original animated series is likely in their thirties now.

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    why are incels frowned/hated upon?
  • The claims that Andrew Tate is a huge misogynist aren't even overblown either.

    There are legitimately video clips around where Tate is visibly giddy over the thought of women being stoned for adultery. If someone is laughing and cracking jokes over a woman being pelted to death with rocks, they should not be trusted with dating advice.

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    What's the furthest you have ever walked in a single day? Why'd you walk that far?
  • About 30km.

    Me and my (then) partner went to London for Winter Wonderland and decided to make a day trip out of it. The distance was from us walking everywhere around West London and her not wanting to take any public transport, whether it was a bus or the tube. Thing is, we both had Oyster cards and our fares would have been capped for the day.

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    What fediverse community do you wish existed?
  • I wish there was a League of Legends community that wasn't run by the main /r/leagueoflegends moderators and didn't have official Riot Games endorsement.

    The subreddit feels heavily censored and sanitized to make Riot look good.

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    why are incels frowned/hated upon?
  • I think it's important that we define what an incel is first and foremost, because the word has lost a lot of its meaning over the past decade.

    Incel is short for 'involuntary celibate', or somebody who hasn't had sexual relations not out of a voluntary vow of abstinence, but rather because mental and/or physical factors have made them into an undesirable partner and have left them feeling shunned by society. This could be things like autism, personality disorders, physical disfigurement or major injury as examples.

    Many people in that situation refuse to identify as an incel, because the incel community which several mass shooters like Elliot Rodger came from is deeply misogynistic and talks about women as if they're subhuman. They also idolize mass shooters as heroes. So maybe incel refers to that deeply misogynistic sect of the manosphere.

    But more recently, incel has become something of a catch-all insult towards low value misogynistic men. Andrew Tate for example has been branded the 'Incel King' for the views that he preaches, even though 1. unlike an actual incel this guy fucks, and 2. a real incel wouldn't have the charisma to run a MLM scheme, cam girl business and an alleged sex trafficking operation.

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    X-Men '97's Take on Morph Is Already Making Bigots Mad
  • I'm more miffed that they nerfed Rogue's butt and made it almost pancake-flat for the sake of trying to keep everything E-rated. Original vs reboot for comparison.

    If you're rebooting a 90's Marvel animated series and trying to make it as authentic as possible to the original art style and source material, maybe sanitising female body proportions to appear more modest whilst keeping every guy jacked isn't the way you go about things? But then again, maybe the House of Mouse should've realized that the core demographic who read comic books are vastly different to those who consume non-acquisition Disney media and that if you put the two audiences on a Venn diagram, you'd damn near get two perfect circles.

    At least the Morph changes make thematic sense and people getting upset over them being non-binary are the same kind of snowflakes who flipped out because Starfield asked them to select their character's pronouns - a choice that took all of about zero to three button presses to select on the character creation menu and also makes thematic sense for a game set hundreds of years in humanity's future.

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    response to recent trends rule
  • I mean it's hilarious that we pilloried Elon Musk for trying to sue someone for tracking his private jet with publicly available records and posting this online, but the same people are defending Taylor Swift for doing the same.

    I don't think it's a gender bias so much as it's a bias towards people we don't like.

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    I am an Indian and I hate to admit this.
  • America has been full of New Thought/LoA grifters like these too: Neville Goddard, Napoleon Hill, Joseph Murphy, to name a few.

  • Thanks, I hate Kingdom shipping


    Die Lampe ist fantastisch!