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  • It's an American problem.

    We are right next door and Canada has had less murders in 25 years than America has in one.

    You all hate each other so much you have zero empathy and hair trigger tempers. Add a plethora of guns to the mix and you have a powder keg that never stops going off.

    You have a constant stream of media telling you to be angry all the time, I get it, we get a lot of that crap crossing the border and being online with Americans makes me fucking angry but you have to just walk away from the constant noise. I know because I have to do the same. The internet isn't an escape anymore, it's a war zone and I'm so tired of fighting.

    I'm just so fucking tired.

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    average reddit user
  • I had been on reddit for well over a decade. Joined because I miss message boards that died when Facebook became a thing. I spent almost 15 years on different message boards for different interests and just wanted that feeling of community back.

    And it was fine, until americans decided to go full blown nazi. Now there is nothing but americans shitting on every minority they can get away with and reddit mods do fuck all about it.

    Not everyone online is american and the rest of us are fucking done with their bullshit. The internet is a global community not a recruiting platform for nazis.

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    Go outside or go to jail: Top NC Republican targets trans restroom rights
  • "We are going to protect women in this state...

    Except if they're pregnant, except if they're rape victims, except if they're pregnant rape victims."

    Yeah it's never been about protecting women, women are just chattle to christofascists.

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    Choices and Consequences
  • I was so disappointed as a Canadian to see Gore lose. That stolen election was stolen from all of us not just America.

    Imagine how different the entire world would be now if Bush/Chaney had never happened.

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    They opened a Haitian food truck. Then they were told, 'Go back to your own country,' lawsuit says
  • Racists make us all look bad. How are we supposed to expect people of other ethnic backgrounds or colour to be comfortable around us if the majority of white people they come in contact with are assholes to them?

    Racists are embarrassing as fuck.

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    Why do we even have to have this conversation in the first place
  • My family fought in both world wars. My grampa was part of the North African campaign, a cousin went down on the HMS Hood after being sunk by the Bismarck during the Battle of the Denmark Strait...

    Living in Canada and watching our neighbours to the south gleefully embrace the fascism we ALL fought against is both disgusting and terrifying.

    How the hell did this happen?

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    We all make mistakes
  • Two of my best friends growing up were Scottish and their parents spoke with super thick Scottish accents. Made understanding Trainspotting and reading Irvine Welsh so much easier.

    Some of my fondest memories were in my early 20s, their dad would make me a drink and after a few my Irish/English ass would start talking with a Scottish accent. They'd all get a huge kick out of it. To this day even though I grew up with a dad with a heavy Irish accent I still can't do a proper accent unless I've had a few, then I can't stop it. 😅

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    Yemen will publicly stone & crucify 10 gay men in “gruesome public spectacles”
  • Barbarians.

    If you want to know why I'm an atheist.

    What kind of entity has 3 different sects of people who all believe this is what it wants?

    Religion is a cancer.

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    U.S. Rejects Putin’s Latest Call for Ukraine Negotiations
  • This whole shit storm has been about one thing. Putins legacy as the czar that reformed the USSR. That's it. He wants to lift the iron curtain high once more. It's all dick stroking by a madman.