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Joe Biden Is Shipping Weapons to Israel Every 36 Hours
  • You watch a LOT of fox "news" don't ya? You can save the reply that you don't and that you're a democrat and blah blah blah, we all know you're a bot/troll. The algorithm needs work, too easy to spot now.

  • Platforms wonder why piracy is spiking
  • There's not enough of us, but I still don't care. I refuse to pay to watch ads. Also, I had Prime and they wouldn't let me watch high def with firefox on Linux, so even though I paid for it, I had to hit the high seas to watch content in high def.

  • bOth sIDeS aRe ThE SaME!!1!
  • Yes, record profits after inflation. Don't simp for the corporations, they don't give a fuck about you. They'd rather see you die than give you a penny.

  • bOth sIDeS aRe ThE SaME!!1!
  • That's just greed. They're doing that already. Prices right now are crazy high, BUT guess what else is? PROFITS. Record profits everywhere. That shit should be illegal.

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