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(Easy) ways to help struggling open source projects

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> - step in and help review a few PRs > > - help the project triage/reproduce bugs > > - if code in the PR looks complicated or is hard to understand, ask for an explanation > > - express your gratitude to the maintainers > > - make your company sponsor projects they depend on > > > > Daniel is the creator of cURL :


Gamedev is Easy

Transcript ``` var game = new Game() .EnableMultiplayer() .EnableSpatialAudio() .SetPerformance(Game.Performance.HIGH) .ForEachBug(Bug::AutoFix) .GetWishlists(7000);

game.Release(); ```

The Perfect Solution
  • Original creator of the meme disabled the key before posting so it theoretically would give you an incorrect API key provided error. Double checked with a basic app before I posted it here lol

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    Sharing funny things

    If I post it assume it's not OC

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