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8% of developers in a GDC survey say they’re working on Nintendo’s next console | VGC
  • That's the writer's poor phrasing. The actual survey question was: "Which platform(s) are you developing your current project for? (Choose all that apply)" It's shown in the screenshot in the article.

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    Microsoft Finally Realizes Nobody Wants Its Windows 11 Preinstalled Bloatware
  • Let's cut the crap: it's not that they "realized" nobody wants it -- it's that they've come to accept the blowback against their reputation has gotten too big to outweigh the potential pros of preinstalled bloatware supporting their strategy.

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    Vladimir Putin’s ruble is now worth less than a penny, infuriating his inner circle
  • I don't think that's fair. Yes, some are supportive of the invasion, some are passively complicit, but those against it are likely afraid to speak up. They have to think about their future and their loved ones. People were being arrested for literally standing and holding a blank sheet of paper in protest, and in Russia I don't think the legal system is quiiiiite as accountable and human-rights-ish as in the US. It's easy (and a bit shitty) for us to judge those not willing to put their life on the line for Truth when we're behind a keyboard and not the ones taking the risk.

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    The US Is Openly Stockpiling Dirt on All Its Citizens
  • I'm guessing virtually every government in the world is surveilling and collecting data on as many people as they can. I don't think that's tinfoil at all but actually a part of the job of modern intelligence. The only (sorta) counterbalance citizens have is the concept of citizen's rights (including privacy), which may legally barely exist (if at all) in other countries.