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What's our stance on sex work?
  • Well, technically this is correct

  • Classic Rule
  • It was this, I think:

  • What's our stance on sex work?
  • It's no more degrading than other work. I wouldn't tell a cashier they're degrading themself by having to work to live, and I wouldn't say that to a sex worker either.

  • Classic Rule
  • This one?

  • Jokerule
  • "Why so nice?" -the 196er

  • Fourth wish rule
  • Hmmm good question. I was going to say "no qualifiers," but even terms like "strongest" and "on earth" are qualifiers.

    If there were no qualifiers allowed, you would only be able to say "I want to be the creature"

  • Boots rule
  • I like it too! I can't say I use it regularly or anything, but I've seen some good stuff come from there.

    I agree with you about r/TikTokCringe. I enjoyed that sub, and I think I watched more good short videos there than I did on Tik Tok itself.

  • French Tiktok ban makes VPN usage soar in New Caledonia
  • I predict similar results in the US. Proton is gonna be happy.

  • Indiana judge rules tacos and burritos are, in fact, sandwiches
  • You just know there are some people out there who feel like they've just won a decades-long debate with their friends

  • Democracy Rule
  • The real trolley problem

  • steam rule
  • One of the many dangers of validating zero files

  • Nice Guy
  • The illusion of choice, the lie of hope

  • We should be over this, yo.
  • Yes, he said the both competition and cooperation are found in nature, but that cooperation/mutual aid lends itself more to survival, and he cites examples from both animals and humans:

  • Nice Guy
  • Fascism is when you don't support a genocidal leader

  • A cool guide to learn about package theft among states
  • This is a terrible guide with unclear and questionable statistics. If you check the source (, you will be even more confused.

  • Genocide Joe is beginning to stink like Lyndon B. Johnson
  • You're from ... Canada lmao


    Lecturing me about being privileged for criticizing my nation's leaders for committing genocide and fascism


    I swear to the gods, the satire writes itself

    Well played. I thought you were being serious at first.

  • Genocide Joe is beginning to stink like Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Biden is the current US president.

    And you're from which country again?

  • CUTE shredder rule

    Fuck this guy, but that shredder is so tiny and silly. That shredder did not deserve to be brought into this situation.

    LinkOpensChest_wav LinkOpensChest.wav





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