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Growing food bank lines are a sign that society has lost its way, a Groceries and Essentials Benefit would help the most vulnerable citizens
  • I guarantee there’s more people who might like to travel than planes and fuel to move them. Expanding the sector requires a variety of inputs, which themselves are in shortage.

    There will always be some things that will be scarce, yes, like say space travel, that will have to be dealt with by other means. The point is that there are more than enough other things that can be provided in abundance to give everyone a high standard of living. And once the inefficiencies of the current system are removed, even many scarce things (like air travel) will be far more available than they are now.

    Please do. I did read through that page and a few other places on the website. It explains that it’s a new economic system, but not how it works.

    There are a couple pages that go over the basics (e.g. The Energy Certificate), but if you want more details I just need a way to get a couple of pdfs to you.

  • Would you fight Alberta's wildfires for $22/hour? And no benefits?
  • Maybe they should make a reality tv show about it, entertainment is way more lucrative than saving lives. I mean, if they can make crab fishing a show... 😞

  • [Solved] Tumbleweed update killed my gaming
  • Yup, that was it. I rebooted using 6.8.8 and everything works fine now. I guess I have to do that until the next kernel update. Thanks!

  • Growing food bank lines are a sign that society has lost its way, a Groceries and Essentials Benefit would help the most vulnerable citizens
  • Well, if you’re talking about just food, shelter, and some very basic kind of transportation (no planes!), sure, there’s no scarcity. That’s a very low bar, though, and most people don’t want to live at the subsistence level.

    No, I mean a high standard of living, according to what is possible at the time. Good homes, plenty of good food, easy transportation wherever you want to go in the country, etc.

    Can you link to the original proposal, so I know what we’re talking about?

    I can get you the older stuff sure, but it was written for a different audience. You'll most likely do better with a starting point like this.

  • The World of Darkness gets fun
  • Yup, that's totally how I played him. Just like Ryu from Street Fighter, committed to his art. Except with better manners and fashion sense.

  • The World of Darkness gets fun
  • They aren’t really incompatible in game. For Vampires, a Lupine should be an OH FUCK OH SHIT OH FUCK tier enemy to most parties, either a run (smart) or fight as a team (good luck) encounter.

    Yeah. One time in tt, our malk and a setite met one on the Santa Monica pier. Malk got a miraculous 8 successes on Athletics to get away (took a picture of it), while the setite did the smart thing and dove into the water.

    Did your Toreador solo a lupine by themselves? Were they a powerful Elder, or the world’s luckiest roller?

    Not an elder, but a martial artist with max Celerity. Still lost though, because at the time I sucked at challenges.

  • The World of Darkness gets fun
  • For a long time I never understood the prevailing opinion about the inherent incompatibility of the game lines in WoD because I mixed them up all the time. But now thinking back on it I realize that I never really needed to use the rules, like for combat, between the types. I don't know if it was the stories I ran, or the people I gamed with, but interactions were either cautious curiosity, or abject avoidance ("Oh shit, werewolf! Run!!!")

    Well there was that one time in live when my Toreador fought a lupine, and that went fine. Idk, maybe the live rules were designed better for that?

  • Growing food bank lines are a sign that society has lost its way, a Groceries and Essentials Benefit would help the most vulnerable citizens
  • How does that work? There almost wasn’t enough food to go around in the great depression,

    Oh there was plenty of food to go around, the problem was that the system couldn't make it "go around". Either people were too poor to be able to afford it (all the unemployment back then) or companies couldn't sell it for enough to stay in business. That was the problem: we were suddenly able to produce so much that the prices fell too low (in conjunction with decreased demand due to lower purchasing power) to sell it. This was precisely the problem Technocracy was developed to address. An economic system based on scarcity cannot distribute an abundance of goods and services, so either you use a system designed to actually do that (Technocracy), or you get rid of the abundance and keep the old system. Guess which we did. So crops were burned, livestock slaughtered, even weird stuff like pouring oil on oranges so no one could eat them. Get rid of the abundance, and prices go back up. Then we pumped money into the system so that people could afford to buy that scarcity again with the New Deal, subsidies to farmers, and good ol' WWII helped a lot too.

    and plastic was an advanced new material hard to come by from the 40’s through the 60’s. Electronics took a long time to be produced in any significant quantity too. And what about land?

    I'm not talking about an abundance of every little thing, but rather what essentially gives a high standard of living: food, shelter, transportation, etc. We could have given everyone on the continent a much better life than was typical for the day. We have enough natural resources and technology to do that (although that won't remain true forever).

    Plato said everything would be great if we had the smartest people in charge. He called it the philosopher king, others call it technocracy.

    Ah I see. Yeah, the term "technocracy" does get used to describe different things. What I'm talking about is a very specific proposal developed in the 1920s to address the problems of high production in a scarcity economy.

  • [Solved] Tumbleweed update killed my gaming
  • I do, although I've never had to deal with that before (just started a month or two ago) so I'll have to look it up. Does it work on the whole drive, or can I do it by partition/logical volume?

  • [Solved] Tumbleweed update killed my gaming

    Has anyone else had this problem? I updated my openSuse Tumbleweed today (restart required), and now none of my games work. Most are through Steam, so at first I thought it was that. But I have Cyberpunk through GOG launched with Heroic. And even more, Alien Arena has the same problem, so it's not even a proton issue (I did try changing proton versions before the other games too).

    What happens is that either they freeze entirely, crash to desktop (after a short time), or freeze then crash. It seems like the bigger the game, the more quickly it crashes, which makes me think memory issue. This seemed moreso since ARK didn't even get to the launch menu screen, just played some music while my desktop froze, and I could see my memory widget maxed out. Then the music fizzled and then CTD.

    I've never run into a problem like this and have no idea where even to look.

    Edit: Another update today and now half of my games work. Even weirder.

    Edit: Solved: Was a bug in kernel 6.8.9. Rebooted into 6.8.8 and all is well. Guess We'll see how the next one goes.

    Has anyone ever seen the TV show "Scorpion"?

    It's a bit of an older show (2014-2018), and while it doesn't mention autism specifically, it does center around several people who are clearly neurodiverse, using their unique strengths to solve a wide range of complex and difficult problems while also trying to navigate their individual challenges when interacting with the rest of society.

    When I watched this, it was well before I knew any of this stuff, and indeed research was undoubtedly less informed as well. So I wanted to see if anyone here that knows more than me has seen it and can give any opinions on it through the lens of our modern understanding of autism and neurodiversity. Was the show an excellent demonstration of ND people, their strengths and challenges? Or was is completely off the mark? Perhaps somewhere in the middle? Or perhaps even negative and perpetuating outdated stereotypes? Or is the show just too old and I'm talking to a field of crickets?


    I'm somewhat new to learning about autism and neurodiversity, but even before that I was of the opinion that some of what is called "mental illness" wasn't really, but just seemed that way because of how society is optimized for certain personality types. Now I'm trying to figure out if autism and any other ND types fit this idea.

    So I wanted to gauge the community and find out how popular/accepted this idea is. Do you see these as inherent handicaps, like being blind, or just circumstantial, like say being 8 feet tall (side effects of gigantism notwithstanding)? Or, now that I think of it, perhaps like being 8 feet tall with the side effects: are they not inherent handicaps themselves, but often or always come with inherent side effects?

    [Solved] Should new distro for dual boot be changing my ssd id numbers?

    Ok, so I had 1 ssd with Kubuntu and windows on it. I got a second ssd and I want to put opensuse on it, dual booting (well, triple). The problem is, when I went to install it, it showed the id of my two ssds as opposite of what the partition manager in Kubuntu says. I.e., Kubuntu calls the first one nvme0n1 and my new ssd nvme1n1, while the opensuse installer is calling the old ssd nvme1n1 and the new one nvme0n1. I know because it shows the existing partition sizes on them that way, and recognizes that windows and kubuntu are on the old ssd.

    So is this normal? Is this ok? Is it ok to just install it with the ssd names this way? Would that confuse kubuntu at all, or are the two OSes ok with calling them different things? I just don't want the installer to overwrite anything on my existing partitions.

    Mental condition monsters

    Artist's page with monsters for different conditions. Really spoke to the Malkav in me, this artistic view of them. Should be obvious why I picked this one as an example. 😉

    [Solved] Can dual distros share /home?

    Briefly: I'm running Kubuntu right now, just installed a second ssd. If I install another distro (say opensuse) on it, can I tell it to use the same /home that kubuntu is using (which is on a separate partition and drive)? Actually looking to switch distros, but I want to keep all my data where it is on the bigger hdd, while moving games to the ssd.

    If you want/need more details:

    • ssd1: windows, kubuntu /
    • hdd1: kubuntu (opensuse) /home
    • ssd2: (goal) opensuse /, second partition for games
    Seeking advice for new ssd and distro

    Not choosing them, I’ve done that. I just want to make sure that I install them right and am not missing anything. What I’m doing is installing a second ssd on my desktop, and then I want to install a new distro (opensuse) on it, to use instead of my current one.

    What I have now is 1 ssd, with partitions for linux (kubuntu), windows (10), and swap, and an hdd with my home dir on it. What I want is to install opensuse on my new ssd, have a second partition on there for games, keep my hdd home dir, and then be able to use the first ssd for more space, probably games too (and finally ditch windows!).

    Things I’m not sure about include:

    1. can I keep my current home and use it with the new distro?
    2. What do I do with the second partition on the new ssd I want for games? I.e. How do I configure it, the same as home, just call it something different? Same goes for the new space on the first ssd obviously.
    3. Is there anything special I need to do to install an ssd since I haven’t done that before? Is it basically the same as installing a hdd?
    4. New ssd (Firecuda 530 1TB) has encryption; how will that work? Is it all automatic, or do I need to do anything special with it?


    Advice wanted for a newbie on project

    So to start, I know pretty little about 3d printing, which is why I came here. I have seen the machines work, know that you need a file, there's different materials, not much else. I'm not really looking to get into this as a hobby as I don't really have the time, and certainly don't have the money (maybe later if things change). I just have this one thing (at the moment anyway) that I would like printed, but I have a couple of questions to see if I even want to proceed or not. I just plan on getting some local company to make it for me.

    So here is what I'd like to make:

    It comes in an obj file which unless I'm mistaken should be enough for me to have. If not, I know about online file converters to make it slt.

    This is intended to be a hand-held prop, not just a display model. So my first question is, is that even feasible? I don't know how strong things like this are. I'm not going to be hitting anything with it, but a little bit of waving around I think would be in order.

    Assuming that's ok, what material should I use? Not entirely sure I even get a choice but I think so?

    Another question I have is about painting. I've seen painting guides online, but one question I have I didn't find an answer to is again, about it being hand-held. I don't want to use a paint that will come off or smudge with sweaty palms. Are any kinds better for that than others? Are any?

    And how close could I likely make it look like in the link? It doesn't have to be exact, but there's metallic parts, glassy parts, kinda gives a glowy impression... or is this going to be too hard for someone with no experience? (I've painted a couple of model kits when I was a kid.)

    I realize that this may not all be feasible, but I thought I'd ask here first before asking people who will want my money. :p

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