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  • Out of curiosity, are you British/European?

    In the UK at least (and by extension other European countries which tend to prefer UK nomenclature when using English) jelly has a different connotation than it does in the US.

    British jelly is gelatin, set in a mold. In the US, that dish is more commonly known as Jell-O, a name brand of gelatin that has entered common use.

    American jelly is what the British would call seedless jam, a fruit spread made like jam but with the more solid parts of the fruit like seeds filtered out until it is a single consistency. It traditionally comes in jars, but its viscosity makes it easy to put in a squeeze bottle like ketchup.

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  • And there's thankfully usually a popular indie darling of the season to do that. Valheim, Vampire Survivors, Lethal Company, Among Us, Dave the Diver, etc. etc.

    Something unique that can be easily streamed in most cases.

  • Fixed(?): Black screen when swiping post closed bug resolved after Samsung's One UI 6.1 update

    When Samsung last updated One UI several months ago, myself and many other Samsung users (and Pixel users on Android 14 as well, judging by the replies) encountered a bug where swiping posts closed showed only a black background until fully closed, after which the content one would expect to see would appear.

    Last night, One UI updated to 6.1 on my device, and when I used Sync this morning, I noticed that the black background bug is no longer happening.

    >!Unfortunately I now need to re-learn my navigation gestures because Samsung apparently thinks it's fine to force people to completely re-learn how they navigate their phone overnight...!<

    Device information

    Sync version: v24.03.26-14:56 Sync flavor: googlePlay

    Ultra user: true View type: List

    Device: p3q Model: samsung SM-G998U Android: 14

  • That is a good point, but I would consider resources needed to maintain stability versus resources needed to achieve stability. Metaphorically, it's easy to stand on top of a mountain, but it's a lot harder to climb it from the bottom. And the mountain gets taller the longer you wait.

    Once you're at the top, you can lend a hand to the people still making the climb without worrying about being pulled back down.

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  • Out of risk of doxxing myself, I don't want to give too much information, but specifically we work to help set up immigrants and refugees with housing, healthcare, education, and other resources, so I am not sure if it necessarily applies to your circumstances. Though my particular role is not that glamorous, I just maintain the infrastructure.

    If you're in the US, you can often dial 211 (depending on your city) to get connected with various resources depending on need, or crisis lifelines in an emergency. Local and state governments will also often host sites or portals with access to various social services they offer. Sometimes even a 211 website for both at once.

    In emergencies, hospitals will also always be able to help, but keep in mind a lot of their services are not free. Ask up front if various consults/appointments come with a charge before you end up with a bill. But even if they're unable to provide anything directly without charge, they can often still put you in contact with services they contract with, such as social workers or community wellness representatives, who may be able to provide free help depending on your circumstances.

    I've heard even just popping over to public institutions like town hall or the local library (but not schools, avoid schools if you look homeless) can be a helpful place to start to get familiar with resources in the community.

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  • I wouldn't dismiss the concerns of overpopulation entirely. Simple math tells us that, unless we are able to create a society with infinite resources (i.e. post-scarcity), it will always be necessary to make sure our rate of consumption is less than the rate of replacement.

    So far, we are losing that battle, given the significant amount of non-renewable resources we consume at a global scale. On top of that, unchecked development which is needed to ensure that the needs of massively overpopulated regions are met endangers what few natural/renewable resources remain, which carries the threat of food scarcity, loss of drinking water, and permanent environmental damage on ecosystems that we depend on.

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  • The more self-sufficient you can be, the fewer societal resources you will take up, which could then go to someone else in greater need. That's my perspective at least.

    The organization I work for is all about helping people get back on their feet, and while I would never want to tell someone they should be more self-sufficient and rely less on us, there's no denying that our resources are already stretched thin. At times, it forces us to prioritize those with the greatest need, even when others still need help.

  • Caption this.
  • IIRC mantis eyes are a series of small holes/tubes angled in different directions. You can see into the ones that are faced directly towards you down to (I assume) some photoreceptor like our pupils, but the other holes are occluded.

    So basically, yeah, kinda. I think.

  • Steam is now refunding Ghost of Tsushima for people in affected countries.
  • It would have still been an issue because the root of the problem is that there are a lot of regions where PSN is not supported and you can't make an account even if you wanted to. The game was being sold on Steam in those regions, and so in practice it would have been like saying:

    Please note that in a future update we will take away your ability to play with no recourse unless Valve is willing to refund your purchase. Take it up with them.

  • Steam is now refunding Ghost of Tsushima for people in affected countries.
  • The difference is that Helldivers 2 was already a released game; people had paid for a product which was going to be taken away from them. After all the controversy, Sony decided not to follow through with that plan and let people keep what they already had.

    This is still scummy, but with Ghost of Tsushima, no one has received anything yet. People put in an order, the order was canceled, and money refunded, so in practical terms there is no loss...other than not being able to buy the game.

    It may be possible to set your account to a different region and purchase anyways, but in my opinion, piracy is absolutely justified in this case when the vendor literally refuses to make a product available to you. If there's no legal option for obtaining it, then there's no harm in pirating it.

  • If Reddit had a soul/conscience, I think it was us, and we're all on Lemmy now...
  • I don't know, the idea that users on Lemmy were the best part of Reddit is a bit egotistical, bordering on narcissism.

    I think what you're looking at is simply differences in scale and variety of communities. The user migration to Lemmy was negligible, and I don't really think content quality here is inherently better than it is there. Rather, I think Reddit has just become too big and mainstream.

    1. More Boomers are now using Reddit, which for me seems like the same downward spiral that ended up hitting Facebook.
    2. Corporations see people using Reddit for advice and so they spam it up to try to influence shopping habits and land on Google search results.

    If Lemmy ever becomes as popular as Reddit, the same thing will happen.

  • Seven out of 10 Europeans believe their country takes in too many immigrants
  • But Europeans are better than Americans. There are so many more white people, and they're really sorry for all the colonialism (but thank you to not ask for all the stolen artifacts back).

    That's the global measure of success, isn't it?

  • Transgender activists flood Utah tip line with hoax reports to block bathroom law enforcement
  • FWIW I'd just use a random name generator. They could just filter out common/obviously fake submissions of legislators. The goal should be obfuscation, make it hard to tell what is a genuine report and what is a report for someone who doesn't even exist—reports that they can't just toss until they investigate and realize it was just a waste of time.

  • Moogle Treasure Trove the Second Hunt for Genesis Starts 14th May
    1. Moogle event starts on the 14th.
    2. Make it Rain starts on the 15th.

    The Moogle event will be giving Moogle Tomes for Gold Saucer GATEs, and Gold Saucer MGP rewards will be increased during the Make it Rain event.

    It's gonna be a good time to just camp in the Gold Saucer and do GATEs to kill two birds with one stone.

  • Microsoft Closes Redfall Developer Arkane Austin, Hi-Fi Rush Developer Tango Gameworks, and More in Devastating Cuts at Bethesda
  • If anything, Nintendo is likely the company about to make lightning strike twice with the Switch successor due to be announced this year. Will be interesting to see what it's like, but no matter the case, it is going to sell like hotcakes.

  • Username written with right-to-left characters splits points label and value.

    Seen on a comment today, this user with an Arabic username, written right to left, is rendered in between the points value and label text in Sync, rather than to the left of the value as expected.

    Device information

    Sync version: v24.03.26-14:56 Sync flavor: googlePlay

    View type: List

    Device: p3q Model: samsung SM-G998U Android: 14

    Edit: Attached screenshot with upvote coloration to highlight the two fields.

    How to Participate in the Xbox Series X|S Open Beta Test

    As one of the (probably few) FFXIV players who actually has access to an Xbox Series X, it is a bit disappointing that there is no way to participate in the beta.

    Hope the people who have an Xbox and are interested in FFXIV but didn't pick it up yet for any other platform enjoy the beta. All 10 of them.

    Patch 6.55 Releases on January 16!

    From the Fanfest keynote, the 6.55 update will come with a full 24-hour downtime while they work on replacing the JP server infrastructure.

    [Bug] Black screen in place of feed when swiping posts closed.

    Noticed a minor bug this morning when swiping a post closed where there is only a black screen in the background in place of the feed.

    The feed loads immediately as expected when the post is fully closed, making this only a minor issue.

    Notably, my phone updated to Android 14 just last night, so I was not sure if there was something weird with the OS update impacting the app, but it persists through a force close and clearing cache.

    Device information

    Sync version: v23.11.29-22:27 Sync flavor: googlePlay

    View type: List

    Device: p3q Model: samsung SM-G998U Android: 14

    Tankbuster (EW Spoiler!)
    When you walk into the wrong house in Empyreum

    ...or maybe this IS the right house after all...?

    Source is Freiren.

    Just a reminder that the 6.5 maintenance has a 24-hour downtime!

    In just under 6 hours after the submission of this post, the servers will be going down for maintenance. This maintenance is scheduled for a full 24 hours.

    Good luck to anyone getting in your last-minute Moogle Tome or PvP Series grinding, and see you all in 6.5 on Tuesday!

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