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Canonical and Qualcomm Collaborate to Bring Ubuntu to Qualcomm Devices
  • I don’t necessarily think it’s too late. There will be a niche that someone/some entity will settle into for us privacy minded folk. Hopefully that niche gets beefy processors and extra ram fr fr

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    Microsoft starts testing ads in the Windows 11 Start menu
  • So Microsoft is one of the most valuable companies in the entire world. They have a stranglehold on corporate America, power a huge the cloud infrastructure, hold one of the largest sources of telemetry/user data, and are the defacto standard of PC environments worldwide.

    Why in the fuck do they need to pivot to ads? I’m genuinely curious. Even if they lost 50% of their entire business they would still be one of the most profitable companies in the world.

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    Anon is embarrassed by their steam library
  • There are furry games on steam. No! No this is terrible. I can’t believe this. Where? Where exactly are the furry games so I can avoid them. Like where specifically?

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    Using gaming controllers for anything other than gaming ?
  • Several modular synth modules use joysticks for control over parameters, but one of the coolest I’ve seen is one from Delptronics that uses a wii nunchuck controller to send out control voltage. Hagiwo I believe also has a similar DIY design.

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    Proton picks up Standard Notes to deepen its pro-privacy portfolio
  • Not surprising. Proton seems to be exploiting the niche of “privacy” . I haven’t seen anything to the contrary other than turning over metadata due to court order.

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    What do you use networks/platforms like Lemmy for?
  • I like the federation for interacting with people in a way that’s similar to previous social media sites, but without the bloat and advertising.

    It’s also nice to not have to deal with the extreme political rhetoric unless I specifically look for it, such as HexBear or .ML instances.

    My mastodon is mostly queer/alternative folk and I share my music and exploits online diary style.

    Lemmy is mostly how I used Reddit, but I’m less of a lurker here.

    Maker tube (Peertube) is cool because I can watch, make, or share videos like YouTube used to be before the commercialization.

    TanukiTunes (FunkWhale) is awesome because I can upload my own music or listen to music without having to fork over data, and I can donate/purchase music directly through the profile’s preferred method instead of Spotify hellscape.

    I’ll eventually get a Pixelfed for my photography exploits. I occasionally use Mastodon to share cool pics I find.

    All in all, Federation is my net home. Love it

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    US to award Samsung up to $6.6 billion chip subsidy for Texas expansion, sources say
  • A lot of it has to do with Texas having the Gulf of Mexico ports all along the coast. It’s a big reason petrochemical refining is so big in Texas. Another plus for Texas is it’s abundance of land they can either buy or imminent domain. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a Texas supporter, but it’s just one of those location based decisions I’m sure.

    Not to mention if your a business in Texas you usually only get slaps on the wrist when you poison the environment. Worker safety? Mostly dependent on company policy with the main focus just barely making OSHA compliance. If the fine is cheaper than compliance, a lot of companies just pay the fine if it happens.

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    Need some advice about which modules to get for my first rack
  • How could I forget. VCAs!!!!

    They aren’t just for audio. You can send an envelope to activate an LFO periodically. Or an LFO to make an envelope have choppy behavior. You can send audio into your audio and do Amplitude Modulation. You can use logic gates to create small pockets of sequence bursts. Intellijel Quad VCA is great. Doepfer octa vca is even better for CV. VCA is required for any generative patching

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    Need some advice about which modules to get for my first rack
  • Old thread revival, you’ve probably already came up for a solution so this is for future people most likely.

    1. Most systems benefit from a function generator. Make Noise Maths is the obvious choice, followed by Befaco Rampage. Both are based on the Serge Dual Slope Generator with some extra utilities. Even if you don’t use it for envelopes, you can make complex LFOs with ease.

    2. Attenuverters are dope! Intellijel Triplatt gives you three plus cv mixing capability. Even if your modules have built in attenuators or attenuversion, it’s just nice to have. Especially if the can generate an offset voltage.

    3. Switches are nice to send the same modulation to many sources, or many modulations to one source. I’m partial to ALM Boss Bow Two

    4. Distortion is a tough one. I liked the Saevitus tube distortion modules but Noise Engineering and Schlappi both make great distortions that are solid state. It’s tough to dial in usable distortion, the cleaner the source the better it will sound.

    5. Random modulation is pretty spicy, the Make Noise Wogglebug is the patricians choice. The Buchla Source of Uncertainty is the classic though, fucking amazing module. I’m just partial to Wiard, hence my affinity to the Wogglebug.

    6. A ton of your needs can be fixed with Pam’s Pro Workout, or even a used Pam’s New Workout. Triggers, LFOs, Envelopes, Random/Slewed Random, Logic, euclidian rhythms, humanizing, quantizing. It’s probably the best digital module ever made, atleast the best clock period. A decent choice for a dedicated clock is the make noise tempi. In a pinch, squarewave LFO and a clock divider. Doepfer makes both and they kick ass.

    7. A filter would do well with your set up. QPAS or SSD Stereo Dipole are incredible, but even a simple State Variable Filter or two will help tame some harsh frequencies at worst and sound shape at best.

    Anyways, this is my take.

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    Former Prytania CEO issues statement on Crop Circle closure, says project was "uninvestable"
  • Holy smokes that’s fucking wild. Reading that article sucked. I’m really happy for the indie passion projects that aren’t affected by this industry downturn as much.

    AA games needs to come back, all these AAA and “AAAA” games are just ballooning costs and now the bubble has bursted.

  • Figured I'd start a discussion on favorite effects on synths. It's a ton of fun to run SQ-80 through the Hologram Microcosm using its granular function. The built in reverb really smears the grain clouds creating a dope ambience.

    How are y'all using your effects? Good combo's?


    EndeavorOS for audio production and gaming?

    Hello everyone! Right now I use Apple mainly but I do have experience with Ubuntu Studio. I’m migrating back and forth but I feel the hard switch is coming. I’ve just found that Ubuntu Studio throws problems left and right with audio production, but I have great luck with gaming.

    So I kinda want to start over and Endeavor seems cool. Would I be able to use Endeavor/Arch for both making music AND gaming?

    For what it’s worth, I use live recording and plugins for my music.