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What's the dumbest blockbuster movie you have seen that somehow received high praise?
  • It was a big hit when it came out, I remember that (I'm not sure why it made such a big splash). I also remember walking out and feeling underwhelmed because it was so hyped up (I was also 10 years younger). I've since become more familiar with Paul Thomas Anderson's work and have a better understanding now. I can tell you, There Will Be Blood is a masterclass in production and storytelling. But I also understand it's not very appealing narrative and may turn many off.

  • Israel says Hamas weaponised rape. Does the evidence add up?
  • Well, when I say team sports I mean it as an aesthetic. There are plenty of noble and lofty revolutionary causes to attach onto these days and honestly it's really laudable that young people are becoming more invested politically.

    But there is a contingent that in my opinion is only tagging along the ride for the perceived social capital that is gained by joining a team. Right now, Palestinians are victims and targets of atrocities being perpetuated by the IDF. Right now the in-group is committing a sort of map and territory switch where the aesthetic of the cause supersedes the goals it is trying to achieve.

    A good example to ground this is political streamer Hassan Piker: He lives in a multimillion dollar mansion, drives a Porsche, and touts himself as a socialist/communist. He has a sickle and hammer backdrop in a lot of his merchandise but he wouldn't be the product of what he is without milking capitalism to its full extent.

    That's why when I call out Linkerbaan for larping, I mean it's just an aesthetic or as a performative production. The map has become the territory.

  • Israel says Hamas weaponised rape. Does the evidence add up?
  • Yeah that's a good assessment. It's the aggressive and highly energetic and/or frenetic level to it that is particularly odd.

    I've had lots of discussions or disagreements on this platform with various people, but the vitriolic nature of their comments indicates either a) very young person b) aesthetic / team sports argumentation for the sake of argumentation. Like arguing for the sake of arguing. Can be fun for some people I guess.

  • Israel says Hamas weaponised rape. Does the evidence add up?
  • I had this moment of realization when they came out the gate and accused me of Zionism or defending Israel-none of which I care for. In fact I find the actions of Israel despicable in this conflict. It was then that it became clear is more here for the team sports aspect of it rather than having a factual discussion to determine the truth of the matter. Right now the conversation is so diluted not much on the conflict can be discussed here because the team sports value has taken precedence over anything else, and personally I'm tired of playing team sports.

    Best of luck.

  • Israel says Hamas weaponised rape. Does the evidence add up?
  • Dude, when an article or comment disagrees with they are suddenly Nancy Drew tearing apart every word in the most detailed class in forensic analysis; however, if something agrees with their narrative opinion blog posts are just fine.

    I've stopped engaging with their arguments because it's clear this is only a team sports type of online game. The truth is not particularly relevant to this person.

  • 274 killed, 698 injured...
  • Me personally, I like to use the least critical discernment when I post blog opinion articles and when someone gives a rebuttal with sourced news I make sure to scrutinize every word. We can't apply the same standard when it doesn't agree with us, right? These middle east conflicts are like team sports, after all. You have to pick a side. If you don't pick Hamas then you are automatically on team Israel. There are no other possible options. That's why we must stay vigilant and defend Hamas's actions at all costs. Stay strong brother! Together we will make sure Hamas is clear!

    Kony 2012

  • Has community engagement dropped off suddenly?

    I don't know if others are experiencing a similar situation. My all feed is very sparse with engagement. If I sort top six hours or by top 12 most posts have between 5-10 comments. I feel like there was more in the past? Is engagement dropping off? I'm on as my instance.


    Some work related grabs.

    I use blender + some addons for work (I work as a landscape architect).


    Is anyone else getting downvotes for benign disagreements here?

    At least on Reddit there was some leveling of downvotes built into the algorithm. This site is making it seem like any slight disagreement leads to downvotes thus encouraging more echo chambers. Maybe it's the communities I'm commenting on?

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