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  • Goddammit, Leroy!

  • Investing strategy
  • Thanks for being cool <3

  • Investing strategy
  • Thanks. This just happens sometimes on here though, so I usually just leave it be and keep posting. It doesn't get to me.

    I've noticed that a significant portion of Lemmy is very literal, so occasionally jokes that rely too much on satire, sarcasm, absurdism, or meta/anti-jokes tend to fall flat.

    I thought the idea of someone going to a rich area and shorting the stock of companies whose employees who are sunbathing was a funny bit, but I suppose it's not if you think the guy is trying to give literal financial advice.

  • Investing strategy
  • Me? I just thought it was an obvious joke. The person who posted it is clearly not making a serious claim of more that 700% profit in a year. It's just some light teasing.

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    Diet goals
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    Trying to predict human ingenuity is hard
    Radical acceptance
  • It's something the youths are saying these days to describe someone who's smooth and has cha-"rizz"-ma.

  • Swedish is a beautiful language
  • These are great!

    The one I think is really going to stick with me is:

    "Smaken är som baken: delad" - Taste is like the bum: split.

  • Swedish is a beautiful language
  • This cannot be a real language.

  • "Thought-Terminating Cliches"
  • That's not a Thought-Terminator, that is life!

  • "Thought-Terminating Cliches"
  • I think they didn't express it very clearly. Seems like they mean "short-circuiting" your reasoning when cognitive dissonance is present.

    For example, maybe you have a couple of incompatible thoughts::

    "I want to do X. That seems like a great idea!" "X is very risky and probably not healthy for me."

    ...which creates mental conflict, so you just turn off your brain with a "YOLO" or "What happens, happens" and act on the most immediate impulse.

  • Better than this new reboot bullshit
  • They rebooted fairly oddparents?

  • Dad is full of surprises
  • Yeah, it just seems like small town shenanigans to me.

  • I'm finally getting the hang of Sekiro
  • Best of luck! It's my favorite of them all. Maybe my favorite game of all time.

  • I'm finally getting the hang of Sekiro
  • Sekiro is the true "git gud" FromSoft game in my opinion, and I love it for that.

    The feeling of finally overcoming that difficult boss that you've been struggling against for hours is unmatched.

  • Someone has a sense of humor
  • This is your time!

  • Addiction is a scary thing
  • They say Sloth has already started on the largest tunnel in secret.

  • Innovation
  • Nobody would buy it for that much, surely!

  • An easy mistake to make
  • I've just embraced it and will shamelessly look it up like the old person I've become.

  • An easy mistake to make
  • I just checked Urban Dictionary, and here's what it has to say:

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