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Deus Ex Director Says Future Of Immersive Sims Is Multiplayer
  • Multiplayer is antithetical to immersion for me. Im not an RP guy and some wacko yelling slurs over the mic isnt going to help me forget im playing a video game

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    stoked to finally learn this
  • There are not millions of the creature on the left, they are just a common ancestor that long ago diverted in to humans and OTHER apes... You fucking idiot.

  • I find that i can spot AI Images fairly easily these days, especially the sort of fantastical tableaus that get posted to the various AI communities around lemmy. I'm tired of seeing them; it all looks the same to me. Was wondering if im being too sensitive, or if other people are similarly bored of the constant unimaginative AI spam...

    For the record, I block any explicit AI Art communities that pop up in the feed, but there are more every day...


    Whole Maryland office is being "consolidated" with Austin. They offered to move us to Austin if we want. How fucking generous.

    Assholes at the top are the reason they're losing money, production as far as I can tell was quite lean and putting out lots of product. They're just gonna lop an arm off and hope it works out, and fuck the rest of us now out of a job cause they can't balance overhead.


    My friends a hater, but I guess so am I.