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Members of GOP violating Trumps gag order on his behalf.

Linus Torvalds now favors Ampere Arm chip over Apple Silicon MacBook for building Linux kernels — says he's now doing more Arm64 Linux testing than ever
  • The apple silicon architecture is really interesting, but its wasted on the company managing and producing the products built on it.

    The biggest issue facing all silicon right now is CUDA. If you can't do ML acceleration, in a meaningful way that connects with existing architectures, its a nonstarter. I'm not sure what the solution is, but it isn't metal. We need a FOSS drop in replacement for CUDA similar to x86

  • Transportation mode, World vs USA
  • I love the concept of this figure, and I like how the right panel is built to present, but the actual results mapped onto the triangle are hard to figure out. Like this is the actual experiment they ran , but its not clear what represents what. Seems like maybe a density map might be more appropriate.

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    Update to presidential polling as of 5/08/2024

    So the big news at this time would be that both DJT and Biden are declining with the most recent months polling.

    Biden has effectively lost any gains he made with his strong performance with the State of the Union. It looks like he'll be sub 40 going again, where he was dipping into the high 30's around December. Keep in mind that Biden's quarterly current polling places him in as the lowest polling president ever with regards to economic performance.

    >President Joe Biden averaged 38.7% job approval during his recently completed 13th quarter in office, which began on Jan. 20 and ended April 19. None of the other nine presidents elected to their first term since Dwight Eisenhower had a lower 13th-quarter average than Biden.

    Interestingly, Trump has not been able to make any real gains from Bidens record under-performance for an incumbent. Trump is also slipping in the polling from a stable 44% that has been fairly consistent post Presidency, to now nudging into the high 30s. This decline began around the time of the start of the ongoing hush money trial and with betting markets putting it at a ~70% probability of a guilty verdict. So the gamblers are for once not putting their money on Teflon Don, but its extremely unclear how this will effect Trumps polls nationally.

    In other news, Robert "the brain worms made me do it" Kennedy has failed to catapult into relevancy since his surge in late March. Kennedy's overall polling numbers have declined with both Biden and Trumps. Its still disagreed upon whom Kennedy is drawing voters from more significantly, but its becoming clear that he'll need something big to be able to capitalize the moment into something larger. Anecdotally, Kennedy's campaign has been compared to Ross Perot's infamous 1992 run that is often attributed to the reason why George Bush Sr. lost that election.

    In summary, it looks like we're in a race to the bottom among voters this election cycle. Obvious causes for this on the Biden side are his position on Israel/ Gaza, student protests, and the refusal to hold Israel accountable in any meaningful way. On the Trump side we have an ongoing criminal trial, as well as renowned puppy-killer Kristi Noem taking much of the headlines. Is there a chance that the worms in RFK Jr's brain might give him a clever idea that can catapult him into the 20-30 point range where he can represent a competitive alternative to either major party?

    I'll be posting another update in around 30 days, and as polling increases frequency as we get closer to election day, I may increase this posting to around 15 days depending on the availability of data.

    Cheers and happy polling!


    Israeli missiles hit site in Iran, explosions heard in Isfahan Iran says air defence systems shot down 3 drones amid Israel tensions

    US media reported Israel launched missile attack on target in Iran, but there has been no official comment from Israel.

    Iran says air defence systems shot down 3 drones amid Israel tensions
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    Update to presidential polling as of 4/12/2024

    Also made one including RFK jr. since I think at this point his polling is starting to warrant his inclusion. The vertical lines are for the last two major political events (October 7th, and the state of the Union). Let me know what you think or if there are any changes you would like to see. I've been making this figure monthly for the previous 4 months. I'm planning on continue to make it and post it till we get to the big game.


    a day gecko

    cross-posted from:

    > Day gecko

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    Day gecko
    Fruity game - drop fruit

    Drop fruit. Do not go too high or game over. Try to get as many points as you can! !

    Wallstreet Bets TropicalDingdong
    Wallstreet Bets TropicalDingdong
    DD Update: Turns out you *CAN* take a canoe to the moon.

    Canoo’s Oklahoma City Manufacturing Facility Approved as Foreign Trade Zone

    So if you gambled on my last DD you might have picked up some Canoo shares as a legit moon shot play. The 23-1 stock split was a big punch to the ribs, but today, GOEV is up ~70%-ish on news that their manufacturing facility in OK has gotten approval to be a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). This effectively make GOEV the largest FTZ in Oklahoma, which isn't saying much because hey, its Oklahoma.

    That all being said, shit was getting dicey last week and after the reverse stock split, things were looking bad for GOEV, since it dropped almost 50% on that news. Today however, it pretty much made all that back up, which sets up an interesting earnings play.

    On earnings, turns out ToS was lying to me. The real earnings date is April 1. With this big price move and news, that brings more focus onto the earnings call, but it still wont really mean shit because this is a brand new company still building out manufacturing. I don't expect break even until maybe 2026. That all being said, its getting in on a US based EV manufacturer, most of whom have shown many many to one rate of return for early investors, even those whose cars are only powered by gravity. I don't think we're still in that world, and GOEVs vehicles do actually move under their own power, so that's a big plus.

    I think this news really mitigates most of the downside risk and I might hope for a price between 5-6$ post earnings. Earnings at this point in their lifecycle is kinda bullshit so grain of salt and all that. But its a calendar event with a specific timeline, so it should move things.

    Position is still shares (<1k shares). I'm not betting the farm on these guys, but I think the upside potential is still very strong and that we'll eventually see one of the major manufacturers take a large stake (that's when we'll see a 10x day).

    So that's my GOEV DD update. Depending on your timing from my last one, you either are break even or doubled up. But today is a very good day for those holding GOEV.

    The Council Will Decide Your Fate

    Machine is a HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15-eu1xxx with the touch screen. Ryzen 7 5825U, touch screen 16gb RAM.

    Top recommendation of within one hour of me posting this decides what distro I install. Please not Hannah Montana linux or even worse, Arch.

    I leave the decision up to you.


    The winner was linux mint. I've downloaded the ISO and am installing now. I hope my boss doesn't get pissed.

    Place holder answer behavior

    Earlier this week I discussed an example of ChatGPT giving 'placeholder' answers in lieu of real answers. Below is an example of what that looks like. I could swear this didn't used to happen, but it basically just 'doesn't' answer your question. I'm interested how often other people see this behavior.


    Wallstreet Bets TropicalDingdong
    Can you take a canoo to the moon? or, Does anything good come from Michigan? (DD-ish)

    Seeing as there is pretty much no WSB style content being posted, why not a bit of a DD? Well, a half assed DD. I'm just playing in a funny money account, so this is just for moonshot plays, but I think GOEV might just be one of those.

    Canoo (ticker: GOEV) is a company based out of Michigan/ Oklahoma/ Texas, who is a US, home grown, battery EV cargo and van production company. They've been taking their time, but between last earning and this one, they shipped their first vehicles. They're just now begining to ship vehicles, so unsurprisingly, haven't posted a profit yet.

    I've been holding GOEV since I saw some trailers for their Canoo vehicle, and the stock has been in a tailspin for quite a while now. The short position seems to be covering in about 1.5 days, so surprisingly not terrible. My thinking here is to be positioned for some good news. Earnings is on March 5th. My main thesis for this play is that they've just had a bunch of great press this quarter. They got vehicles into the hands of the Oklahoma state government, US Postal service, and some other federal agencies. This company seems to be focusing more on fleet, which to me, last mile delivery at low speeds is like a no-brainer for battery EV. I think the vans might be just dorky enough for the Federal government to consider them.

    My play is just holding shares, because the price is so low (I nailed it on a similar play with Sundial when it was a penny stock). I'll probably double my current position (just a couple thousand shares) and hope for a pop next week. If it doesn't pop, I'll probably either fold or hold for another quarter depending on the numbers.

    More 'placeholder' behavior?

    Have any other regular users noticed that 4 seems to more and more only offer 'placeholder' logic in lieu of where the actually useful bit of code or important step would be?

    Its frustrating to not know what is going on under the hood that might be influencing the behavior, but I've noticed that over the past several weeks, more and more often just putting in 'placeholder' logic or code where the actually relevant code or logic would go.

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