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224 Injured After Glitchy Diabetes App Drains Insulin Pump Batteries
  • I can see the utility, but there should be at least some critical operability in case the phone or app doesn't work for whatever reason, to help avoid injuries like these

  • pick your side
  • Nah red represents the fury of dropping a negative, and blue is the sorrow of having to write with awful handwriting that stopped improving after 3rd grade

  • Astounding absurdity
  • Mad respect, this is the exact same outlook I have

    This is also a reason I use Open Source software, because I know that if it's not the developer, then someone else can pick up the project and live on in perpetuity, as long as it's useful to even only one, the software will always be there

  • Redditors Vent and Complain When People Mock Their "AI Art"
  • IMO I'd call "AI Artists" a type of Art Director, since they themselves don't make the art but instead direct and dictate what exactly they want, and if the result is different they tweak their wording to direct the art into a different direction

    Art Directing, whether for a human or a machine or otherwise, is still a skill itself and still has to be learned to get good results, but it's distinctly different from making the art yourself so I wouldn't call them "Artists" outright

  • why waste time sleeping when you could waste it paying for your CEO's lambo
  • Yoooo you have no clue how many times I whip out my phone in a dream to record and photograph the weird happenings, and then realize "oh wait there's no way to get the data off this thing" and just look down at my phone with sadness, and eventually wake up with that very same sadness

  • HHHmmm.
  • Was the lever track supposed to be a supertask? Cuz 1/(2^-n ) is just 2^n , so each instruction takes exponentially longer to execute, so unless the complex turning machine halts in like a single instruction, lever guy is gonna die 100%

    But non-lever guy has the potential to either die after a very decent while, or never at all, and lever guy is safe too if i don't pull the lever

  • There was beauty in the simplicity
  • Valve: "We helped develop the open-source technologies that lets you run ancient abandonware from defunct studios for an obsolete version of a completely different operating system, on a handheld, for free."

    Facebook: "You know that game you bought that you were playing just fine like 10 hours ago? Yeah it isn't compatible anymore despite the completely static hardware and software. Only solution I see is buying a shiny new expensive device from us and making a Facebook account, there just isn't any other way."

  • Are there any active forks of Eternity/Infinity, or should we keep waiting for an update?

    Eternity hasn't been updated in 4 months, in that time Lemmy itself got some really nice features like scaled sorting and instance blocking, but that's not something that we can do yet since there haven't been any updates

    If the current developer simply doesn't have the time to put out updates, that's alright, I want to know if there are any actively updated forks because Eternity is otherwise an absolutely killer app, I adore the customization especially!

    Unless there's a big update on the horizon, and afterwards updates become more regular and implement new technologies officially supported by Lemmy, in which case it'd be nice to have regular betas released publicly (I'm actually part of the apps beta program on google play, but that hasn't been updated either) or otherwise posted about on the main sublemmy

    I've met a couple other Eternity users in the wild recently, and our consensus is the same: We like the app, alot, but wish it was updated every now and then

    If there aren't any updates soon, and development will stay at this silent pace, then I'll probably just try out and use the other foss apps out there

    Whatever the case, I still thank the eternity devs for what they do!

  • Yeah I'm on Eternity, too

    Really living up to the name

    Probably gonna switch cuz I really want the new features that the Lemmy devs add, like scaled sorting and instance blocking, and honestly I don't have confidence that the current dev has any free time to keep up with the updates

    It's a shame, tbh

  • VTuber rule
  • Left column also has "Agency telling talents to simply have sex with the staff if they can't pay" and "Drive top talent to suicide twice", no actual deaths so far tho

  • [Request] Resize the vote button hitboxes to match the other buttons

    They should fill vertically, atleast

    And tapping the number does nothing atm, so I think the hitbox should cover the arrow and number or something

    EDIT: yeah just made a sanity check and Infinity has the vote buttons sized properly


    I knew it felt weirdly precise compared to old Infinity

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