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Caitlin Clark's reward for a record-smashing NCAA career: A $76,000 WNBA salary
  • While you do make a fair point...

    I imagine the rules would be somewhat similar to my co-ed soccer rec league team. At least every third pass has to be to a girl etc etc.

    There's ways to keep it competitive and fun for a co-ed non-contact sport. Not sure how that translates to any kind of professional setting though.

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    People get upset at me for saying sorry all the time
  • This kind of thinking is self-defeatist.

    Try to take the very good advice somebody else gave you. Or don't.

    Waffling between whether it's tactical advice or a strategy is fucking bullshit

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    This methane-sniffing satellite will leave climate polluters nowhere to hide
  • You make a lot of good points I'm in agreement pretty much all of it.

    I also know we're on a doomed planet. Better put, we're on a planet that's heading for difficult conditions for humans for the next several hundred years at least.

    I'm 30 years rn. I still plan on having kids. We're all going to die one day and honestly just the thought of blinking out of existence including me and my family and everybody in existence ever ( slowly, over the passage of time ofc ) scares me but we all know it's coming....

    Where am I going with this? I think it's important to retain some sense of positivity as much as possible.

    We're all going to die so I guess I'll just live well until I'm dead. Part of that for me at least includes believing that somehow someway were going to fix this problem.

    It's a lot of copium tbh

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    This methane-sniffing satellite will leave climate polluters nowhere to hide
  • You make a fair point.

    But there's that old saying about what you know and what you can prove.

    Being able to prove it might not change anything but calling attention to methane hot spots is a step in the right direction I guess?

    Idk, I'm not trying to decry your cynicism if that's what it is

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    Man in Air Force uniform set himself on fire in front of Israeli embassy
  • So he was put out with fire extinguishers and transported to the nearest hospital.

    Apparently a gun was also drawn and aimed at him while he was set himself on conflagarion.

    I did have to look up conflagarian to make sure that I was using it correctly. I still don't think I am.

    But if anybody else is curious about what happened to him, I think he's alive and in a hospital. Saved you the click.

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    Solo Leveling - Episode 7 discussion
  • Kids getting cocky.

    Standard power fantasy stuff but I'm enjoying it.

    Until this episode, I disliked that term for this show. Idunno, I like it when the protagonist actually fails now and then.

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    I pay for all monthly subscriptions using money from third world countries and im glad of it
  • You really have a stick super far up your ass huh?

    Being a cunt online to internet strangers doesn't give you any special privileges in life...

    It also doesn't make you any smarter to call somebody else dumb. Congrats on having nothing worthy of adding to the discussion.

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    Choices and Consequences
  • It is befuddling reading the sentiment for the majority of the comments on this post.

    Having a chief executive in office in 2000 who was super concerned about climate change would have made a big difference.

    But hey that's just like my opinion man

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    Terraform without "prop drilling"
  • This is not going to be helpful for your post.

    I just remember having to do prop drilling for react.

    It's like drilling a a hole into my skull.

    I prefer coating with Svelte. No need to do anything crazy like prop drill.

    Anyway that's my two cents.