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English translation with Google translate:


Hopefully the Spanish did not bother you too much. I was too lazy to do a proper translation, and could not make a post with a map featuring the country "Theory" as the main image.


Legal status of cannabis possession for recreational use
  • Who the fuck made this inforgraphic?

    It's from Wikipedia. Admittedly, I didn't do much fact-checking and just trusted it. But of course you can always contribute by improving the map.

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    More info about principal lunar semi-diurnal constituent. Basically it is the tide that the Moon causes twice everyday. The tide can be larger or smaller due to other factors, e.g. varying distance between Moon and Earth, or when the Sun creates spring or neap tide.

    10 Eruption north of Grindavík - RÚ

    An eruption began north of Grindavík just before 8am after an intense series of small earthquakes started overnight at SundhnúksgígaGrindavík was evacuated last nightA second fissure opened above the town around middayLava has reached the town from the second fissure and houses are burningThe erupti

    Kunyu Wanguo Quantu, 1602 Chinese World Map
  • Cool map! I spent quite some time looking at the many details. Also interesting to see that the Chinese were so aware of world geography at the time, even if it was thanks to exchanges with Europeans.

  • Overall, Germany has a quite low rate of children born outside marriage, compared to many other European countries. Here is a comparison with other countries with higher rates:



    Vegetable consumption per capita in Europe (North America inside post)
  • You think so? My impression of the Netherlands is that the staple food is fries with mayonnaise, maybe with some broodje kroket in between. In general the diet consists of a lot of butter, white bread and sugar. To me it does not seemt surprising at all that they eat least vegetables in Europe.

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    2023 Polish parliamentary election result
  • It has often been noticed that differences along the historical borders exist in Poland. See for example this article.

    Here's another article discussing the differences, and interestingly claims that the difference between the election result in former Prussian and Russian parts of Poland is likely due to other factors.

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    Purchasing power in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Thanks for pointing that out. You're right. I messed up with the title. What i intended to say was that the scale was relative. But the title is corrected now.