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https:// /news/politics/poilievre-trudeau-carbon-protest-alex-jones-diagolon-1.7183430

The Conservative leader is facing questions after stopping to cheer on an anti-carbon tax convoy camp near the border between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, where he bluntly accused the prime minister of lying about "everything."

In video filmed by the protesters, who have been living at the site for three weeks, Poilievre tells the group to "keep it up" and calls their protest "a good, old-fashioned Canadian tax revolt."

"Everyone hates the tax because everyone's been screwed over," Poilievre is heard saying in the video, which shows protesters with "Axe the tax" and "F--k Trudeau " signs and flags. A car with 'Make Canada Great Again' scrawled on the rear window is seen parked at the site.

"People believed his lies. Everything he said was bullshit, from top to bottom."

https:// /news/canada/ottawa/paid-to-stay-home-one-third-officers-accused-gender-based-violence-1.7181385

WARNING: This article contains graphic content and may affect those who have experienced​ ​​​sexual violence or know someone affected by it.

She was a sergeant and he was a constable. They met at work and became a power couple, sporting matching police badges.

But their love story would end in violence. It didn't matter that she outranked him — what happened flipped their power balance.

"It was just a slow burn downhill into what became a serious situation of coercive control, which I didn't see that clearly at the time," she said.

It began with verbal insults, but the woman said her ex-husband became increasingly controlling. He even used a listening device to spy on her, according to court files.

RCMP called him a sex-trafficking 'ringleader.' He wants an apology and $100M
  • As always, ACAB.

    And fuck the Quebec Crown prosecutors involved in this BS.

  • https:// /news/canada/montreal/daegun-chun-sues-rcmp-project-confidence-sex-trafficking-case-1.7182541

    Daegun Chun, accused by Quebec RCMP of being the mastermind of a Canada-wide human-smuggling network, is now suing the force and Quebec's attorney general for $100 million after all charges against him were stayed.

    Chun was arrested in Toronto in 2015, then flown to Montreal and paraded in front of TV cameras before a press conference alleging he was the head of a trafficking ring that forced as many as 500 women into prostitution in various Canadian cities.

    The Quebec Crown prosecutor who brought the charges said at the time there was "overwhelming evidence" in the case.

    After all the fanfare over Chun's arrest, Crown prosecutors quietly stayed all charges against him in 2018.

    Chun originally filed his lawsuit in 2019, but it has been delayed several times as both the RCMP and the Quebec attorney general have tried to have it tossed on procedural grounds.

    Just bought a used car? There's a chance it's stolen, as thieves exploit weakness in vehicle registrations
  • TIL provinces don't share information. I'm shocked! /s

    Provincial centres that administer vehicle registration, such as ServiceOntario, do not have a system that checks if VINs already exist in other jurisdictions.

  • https:// /news/canada/toronto/auto-theft-revin-loopholes-canada-1.7181257

    The fight against Canada's worst-ever auto theft epidemic has largely focused on ramping up inspections at shipping ports, where organized crime groups have exported the overwhelming majority of stolen vehicles.

    But criminals are adapting, police say, by increasingly selling hot vehicles in Canada to unsuspecting buyers with little protection, exploiting a weakness in provincial registration systems that veteran investigators argue needs to be fixed.

    But criminals are replacing the VIN plate, often with one from a comparable vehicle that has been totalled, legally exported or one registered in another province or U.S. state. They may go through junkyards, export records or simply walk through a mall parking lot to find a VIN to clone.

    https:// /news/canada/british-columbia/merritt-watering-restrictions-1.7182444

    Extreme drought conditions and the likelihood of another challenging fire season have prompted a community in one of the driest parts of the province to start managing its water supply early — and turning off the taps for people who don't follow the rules.

    The City of Merritt has announced water restrictions — that the mayor says wouldn't usually be considered until mid-July — in an effort to conserve water ahead of wildfire season and get people in the habit of using less.

    Level 3 watering restrictions are in effect, limiting lawn and garden watering to two times per week, on designated days depending on numbered addresses. Hand watering and washing is allowed any time.

    Mayor Michael Goetz said he's anxious about the months ahead, knowing the snowpack is the lowest ever recorded at this time of year.

    Young Canadians think retiring at 65 is an outdated concept
  • Probably because they know no one will read it anyway, so why bother.

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    GoFundMe for Zameer family debts raises nearly $150K since acquittal
  • Seems the racists are out hard today downvoting the news a Brown man didn't kill a cop on purpose.

  • Deforestation pushes animals in Uganda forest to eat virus-laden bat poo

    The creatures shed light on how new viruses might spread from animals to humans, researchers say.

    Animals in a Ugandan forest have been eating bat poo laden with viruses after tobacco farming wiped out their usual food source, a study has found.

    A virus linked to Covid-19 was among the 27 identified in the poo eaten by chimpanzees, antelopes and monkeys.

    Researchers say this finding sheds light on how new viruses might spread from wildlife to humans.

    The animals were monitored in a study by the University of Stirling and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

    The six-year project was prompted when Dr Pawel Fedurek from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Scotland's University of Stirling observed wild chimpanzees in Budongo forest eating accumulated bat excrement, known as guano, from the hollow of a tree.

    0 Bruises and broken ribs – Palestinian deaths in Israeli prisons

    The prison service did not directly address reports 13 prisoners had died since last October.

    "Pray for me mum," Abdulrahman Mari said. "Things are getting harder here. They might not let me speak to you again".

    It would be the last time she heard his voice.

    Conditions deteriorated for Palestinian prisoners in Israel after 7 October last year, when Hamas mounted its deadly assault on Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip, according to the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority's (PA) Commission of Detainees Affairs.

    Thirteen Palestinian prisoners have since died in Israeli prisons, "the majority of them as a result of beating or denial of medication", the commission's head, Qadoura Fares, told the BBC.

    Abdulrahman was one of the first to die.

    0 The Latest | Tent compound rises in southern Gaza as Israel prepares for Rafah offensive

    Satellite photos analyzed by The Associated Press appear to show a new compound of tents being built near Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip.

    The tent construction is near Khan Younis, which has been targeted by repeated Israeli military operations over recent weeks. Israel has said it plans to evacuate civilians from Rafah during an anticipated offensive on the southern city, where hundreds of thousands of people have taken refuge during the war, now in its seventh month.

    On Monday, a failed rocket strike was launched at a base housing U.S.-led coalition forces at Rumalyn, Syria, marking the first time since Feb. 4 that Iranian-backed militias have attacked a U.S. facility in Iraq or Syria, a U.S. defense official said. No personnel were injured in the attack, and no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

    The conflict has sparked regional unrest pitting Israel and the U.S. against Iran and allied militant groups across the Middle East. Israel and Iran traded fire directly this month, raising fears of all-out war.

    https:// /world/europe/report-staffer-germanys-afd-arrested-over-china-espionage-suspicions-2024-04-23/

    German police have arrested an employee of an Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician in the eastern German city of Dresden on suspicion of espionage for China, broadcasters ARD, RBB and SWR reported on Tuesday.

    The employee, Jian G, worked as an assistant for the AfD's top candidate in the European Parliament elections, Maximilian Krah, and lived in Brussels as well as Dresden, according to the broadcasters.

    Investigators suspect that he passed on information on parliamentary operations to China's Ministry of State Security (MSS), with a particular focus on Chinese opposition members, said the report.

    The AfD was not immediately available for comment.

    The suspect was arrested on Monday night, hours after three German nationals were arrested on suspicion of working with MSS to hand over technology that could be used for military purposes.

    https:// /world/asia-pacific/taiwan-rattled-by-dozens-quakes-no-major-damage-2024-04-23/

    Taiwan's quake-hit eastern county of Hualien was rattled by more than 200 aftershocks late on Monday and early on Tuesday, but only minor damage was reported and no casualties and major chipmaker TSMC said it saw no impact on operations.

    Largely rural and sparsely populated Hualien was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on April 3 that killed at least 17 people, and there have been more than 1,000 aftershocks since.

    Buildings across large parts of northern, eastern and western Taiwan, including in the capital, Taipei, swayed throughout the night, with the largest quake measuring a 6.3 magnitude. All were very shallow.

    "Especially at 2 a.m., it shook very strongly. In fact, for a moment even I thought about rushing downstairs, but as we live on the sixth floor, I felt it a bit troublesome to go down," said Taipei resident Aden Peng, 44, a medical researcher.

    https:// /world/china/china-acquired-recently-banned-nvidia-chips-super-micro-dell-servers-tenders-2024-04-23/

    Chinese universities and research institutes recently obtained high-end Nvidia artificial intelligence chips through resellers, despite the U.S. widening a ban last year on the sale of such technology to China.

    A Reuters review of hundreds of tender documents shows 10 Chinese entities acquired advanced Nvidia chips embedded in server products made by Super Micro Computer Inc., Dell Technologies Inc. and Taiwan's Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd after the U.S. on Nov. 17 expanded the embargo to subject more chips and countries to licensing rules.

    Specifically, the servers contained some of Nvidia's most advanced chips, according to the previously unreported tenders fulfilled between Nov. 20 and Feb. 28. While the U.S. bars Nvidia and its partners from selling advanced chips to China, including via third parties, the sale and purchase of the chips are not illegal in China.

    The 11 sellers of the chips were little-known Chinese retailers. Reuters could not determine whether, in fulfilling the orders, they used stockpiles acquired before the U.S. tightened chip-export restrictions in November.

    Spike in international student asylum claims an abuse of study permits, experts warn
  • I'm not walking inbetween you two. I simply added info.

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    This teen was poisoned by carbon monoxide on the job. His parents say the employer got off easy
  • What's needed, says Tucker, are Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs) — severe fines that fill the gap between written orders to fix problems and court prosecution.

    The (Saskatchewan) labour ministry told Go Public it has no plans to implement AMPs.

    Just Scott Moe taking care of his constituents. /s

  • https:// /news/canada/saskatchewan/carbon-monoxide-poisoning-co-op-grocery-teen-worker-1.7178855

    (Wil Krotenko), who lives in Canora, Sask., about 235 kilometres northeast of Regina, says he started feeling sick soon after starting his shift on Oct. 23 when his manager tasked him with cleaning enclosed areas of the meat department with a gas-powered pressure washer.

    "I started feeling lightheaded and dizzy," Wil told Go Public. He says he staggered to the front of the store. "And I guess that's when I collapsed."

    His condition was so serious that Wil had to be airlifted to Misericordia Community Hospital in Edmonton with severe carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Just the day before Wil was poisoned, another teen employee went home sick after using the gas pressure washer.

    Edmonton condo at risk of collapse to be sold as corporate law clouds hope for court fight
  • Just look at this shit! Who the hell uses scrap lumber pieces in structure????

    New rule -- every company involved in planning and construction must purchase AND retain replacement cost insurance for ALL structures they build.

    Edit to add -- If said companies close down for any reason post-construction, all owners and/or investors of each company are liable for the insurance payments.

  • https:// /news/canada/edmonton/castledowns-pointe-edmonton-condo-evacuation-1.7177727

    The corporations behind the construction of an Edmonton condo building that was evacuated last year due to the risk of collapse no longer exist, which poses a legal hurdle for owners who were forced from their homes seven months ago.

    All residents of Castledowns Pointe at 12618 152nd Ave. were ordered out last September after engineers investigating damage caused by a March 2023 fire uncovered dangerous structural flaws.

    Investigators determined the 83-unit building, constructed in 1999, does not match the architectural designs on record and that construction did not comply with the building code.

    Owners have decided to sell the condemned building and the land it sits on, rather than attempting to rebuild.

    Ottawa wants to find how much plastic producers are making, and where it ends up
  • Here's an idea ... how about we make a law that states all plastics either made in, or imported into, Canada be 100% recyclable.

    And fines for breaking this law will start at $4 billion per piece of plastic that contravenes the rule.

  • https:// /news/climate/plastics-canada-registry-1.7181037

    Plastic producers will be required to detail the quantity and type of plastic they put into the Canadian market under new rules announced Monday.

    The categories covered by the federal government's new registry are wide-ranging, including packaging for single-use and disposable products, construction, electronics and transportation.

    Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault said the registry "will require plastic producers to take more responsibility for the plastic they put on the market."

    "Twenty five per cent (of plastics) are known to be harmful," said Tony Walker, professor of resource and environmental studies at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. "We don't have data on the other 75 per cent."

    Spike in international student asylum claims an abuse of study permits, experts warn
  • The Woodbridge Company is a private holdings firm, owned and used by the Thompson family (the richest family in Canada).

    They also own Thompsom-Reuters, an multinational mass news conglomerate.

  • https:// /world/europe/italy-arrests-13-prison-guards-over-suspected-torture-juvenile-detainees-2024-04-22/

    Italian police arrested 13 prison guards on suspicion of torture and ill-treatment of juvenile detainees, Milan prosecutors said on Monday.

    In addition to the 13 guards, 12 of whom work at the Cesare Beccaria juvenile detention centre in Milan, eight other officers have been suspended, prosecutors said in a statement.

    The juvenile prison is staffed by 50 guards, but has not had a director for 20 years. The prison made no immediate comment on the arrests, while the main guards' union issued a statement saying it was "dismayed" by news of the investigation.

    https:// /world/us/trump-hush-money-trial-live-opening-statements-stormy-daniels-case-set-begin-2024-04-22/

    The key takeaways in the trial on Monday

    Publisher David Pecker was the first witness in the trial of the former U.S. president.

    Pecker talked about “checkbook journalism” and will retake the stand on Tuesday.

    “There’s nothing wrong with trying to influence an election,” Trump's lawyer said.

    The prosecutor said the case “Is about a conspiracy and a cover-up”.

    A meeting in August 2015 is where the scheme began, the prosecutor added.

    Trump has pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of falsifying business records.

    https:// /news/canada/british-columbia/human-caused-wildfires-bc-1.7180317

    Wildfire crews are battling an out-of-control wildfire in central British Columbia — one of seven human-caused blazes reported in the Cariboo region on Saturday afternoon.

    The Burgess Creek fire has ballooned overnight, growing from 0.5 square kilometres to 16 square kilometres in size on Sunday. It is burning about 50 kilometres south of Quesnel, a city about 415 kilometres northeast of Vancouver.

    The other six fires reported in the Cariboo fire centre on Saturday are all either out, under control or being held, according to BCWS. The human activities suspected of causing the fires are unknown and will be investigated, Dahl added.

    "That's in large part thanks to the efforts of volunteer fire departments both in Quesnel and Williams Lake," said Dahl.

    But Dahl said it is still "a lot of wildfires to respond to" in one day, let alone so early in the spring.

    1 A crush of lawsuits over voting in multiple states is creating a shadow war for the 2024 election

    As President Joe Biden and Donald Trump step up their campaigning in swing states, a quieter battle is taking place in the shadows of their White House rematch.

    The Republican National Committee, newly reconstituted under Trump, has filed election-related lawsuits in nearly half the states. Recent lawsuits over voter roll maintenance in Michigan and Nevada are part of a larger strategy targeting various aspects of voting and election administration.

    It’s not a new strategy. But with recent internal changes at the RNC and added pressure from the former president, the legal maneuvering is expected to play an increasingly significant role for the party as Election Day in November approaches. The lawsuits are useful for campaign messaging, fundraising and raising doubts about the validity of the election.

    Danielle Alvarez, a senior adviser to the RNC and the Trump campaign, said the lawsuits were one of the organization’s main priorities this year.

    Democrats and legal experts are warning about how the lawsuits might overwhelm election officials and undermine voter confidence in the the results of the balloting.

    0 West Bank: Israel investigates after volunteer paramedic killed

    The Palestinian Red Crescent says Mohammed Awad Allan, 50, was shot while trying to treat injured people.

    The Palestinian Red Crescent (PRCS) said Mohammed Awad Allan, 50, was shot while treating people who had been injured by Israeli settlers.

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said forces were sent to the village of As-Sawiya to break up clashes.

    It confirmed an ambulance driver was killed, and that it was investigating.

    The PRCS said Mr Allan tried to treat people injured "by gunshots fired by Israeli settlers".

    Some Hebrew-language media reports said Mr Allan was killed by firing from the Israeli armed forces - others reported he was shot by armed settlers.

    0 Tory MP from slave-owning family set to gain £3m from sale of former plantation

    Caribbean historians want Richard Drax to pay reparations – but now Barbados plans to buy his land for homes

    The Conservative MP under fire for his ancestors’ role in Caribbean slavery is in line for a multimillion-pound payout from the Barbados government.

    Despite threats to make Richard Drax pay reparations and seize his family’s plantation – described by one historian as a “killing field” of enslaved Africans – the government is now planning to pay market value for 21 hectares (about 15 football pitches) of his land for housing.

    The move has angered many Barbadians, especially those who say the Drax family played a pivotal role in the development of slavery-based sugar production and the Barbados slave code in the 17th century. This denied Black Africans basic human rights, including the right to life.

    Critics have called the planned deal an “atrocity” and said this is “one plantation that the government should not be paying a cent for”.

    Saskatoon police turning to landfill in search for woman missing since 2020
  • Seems that they don't want to release all the info on how they know, likely because they don't want to show all their cards to the killer.

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    Does 'zombie deer disease' pose risks for humans?
  • I read that it may have a longer asymptomatic period than mad cow does in humans.

    Yes. Remember that dementia can also be caused by prion disease as well.

    As for testing the University of Minnesota developed an accurate test that's conducted in a lab. Check with your local state/province for more info, ie: Manitoba currently has online instructions on how to harvest lymph nodes for testing.

    edit to add ... the Minnesota test uses venison/elk muscle tissue so doesn't take weeks to get results (like testing lymph nodes does).

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    Do wealthy Canadians pay enough taxes? That depends how we define 'fair share'
  • Yup. They should be paying at least 2/3 of the taxes on the total net wealth they currently hoard.

    Nocos referred to a recent Statistics Canada report showing that the wealthiest 20 per cent of Canadians account for more than two-thirds of the total net wealth.

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    ‘Guerrilla policy by a populist government’: Koch Industries still wants payback for Ontario axing cap-and-trade | The Narwhal
  • You may be right. Problem is Koch Industries has such a scummy rep that many of us - myself included - automatically dismiss everything they whine about.

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    Canada Targets 12 Foreign Grocers to Lure to Food-Retailing Market — Update
  • Yeah, well, if the gov't hadn't allowed Loblaws to buy Shoppers, etc we might not be in this bad of shape.

    No different than the CRTC allowing Rogers to buy Shaw, etc etc and now the top 3 telecoms control the whole gd market.

    When gov'ts forgot their primary purpose is to serve all of the people - not just the corps or rich people - is the day we started sinking into the current quagmire.

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    Toronto the Good? Seems more like Toronto the Hostile now
  • This is an issue even in the smallest of cities ... like Dryden, ON - population about 7000 - and exactly zero services for the homeless who live there.

    And in a surprising/not surprising turn of events not one of the 12 religious worship locations fund a shelter either.