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NSFW Removed
how I reply to scam numbers NSFW
  • you're the GOAT, see?

  • Blåhaj Lemmy is now running lemmy 0.19.3
  • sweet!! i assume mlmym will be added later on, no?

  • Deleted
  • why cant i be the girl with the two toned hair

  • sharp rule
  • oh man how sharp is it- YEEEEEEEEEEEOWCH!

  • what if we tried on the rule
  • this is a testament to how broken my humor is

  • Removed
  • mane you forgot to switch to your alt

  • Deleted
  • man, doomguy hasn't been the same ever since (TAG2 spoilers)


    he killed Davoth and got sealed into the sarcophagus

  • Deleted
  • same. i wish i was a girl

    OH WAIT SHIT THE QUESTION IN THE POST uhhhhh memmy it does its job so i'm fine with it

  • Rule
  • Yo Bro Why Are You Doing That ‼️

  • OnlyFans Rule
  • tbh i'm a big fan of this

  • Removed
    The virgin linux loser vs the CHAD Windows Winner
  • not sure if unironic, bait, or well done satire

  • Deleted
    make up your fucking mind rule
  • @paxiti on Twitter

  • hi from winrule xp
  • yo is that linux

  • The early version of Doom that id Software abandoned is now fully restored and available to play
  • The headline is misleading; It covers Doom Delta, a gameplay mod that takes ideas from the alphas and turns the game into an alternate timeline version of Doom.

    Something to go with it however is that people are currently restoring the cut levels on Doomworld:

    Tom's Halls: A Doom Alpha Community Project

  • Cocoa weather [Rule]
  • ngl i thought that was a bloxy cola mug

    still goes as hard

  • inhaling rules
  • Didn't listen. Now I got high off Steam Deck fumes.

  • 🥣 rule
  • but you gotta eat the bowl first!

  • Frog ashtray?
  • Interesting. Mods please ban this hoodlum

  • Potato Rule
  • I am so fucking hungry

    We need more hungryposts on this sublemmy


    DID system of 32 girlfailures

    our collective pronouns are it/its

    (host is it/pup/doll!)

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    Comments 19