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ESA says members won’t support any plan for libraries to preserve games online
  • Sadly emulation is seemingly non-existent for newer consoles like PS4 and Xbox one (PS3 is pretty emulatable but fairly demanding, Xbox 360 emulation is last I checked still pretty poor) Luckily most of the games on newer consoles are released on PC.

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    How do you handle your passwords?
  • You entire system could be compromised quite quickly if someone figures out the pattern. It's also susceptible to hybrid attacks.

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    Ask: How do you handle your résumés?
  • Luckily I don't need to think too much about that anyways.

    In my country lots of personal information is public information. If anyone knows my name they could very easily find my exact address and the names of everyone that lives at my address and their phone numbers, what me and they earn, and so on.

    I'm only referring to information I consider to be "private" like phone numbers, names, addresses. Job history and such is not that private.

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    why do you use xmpp instead of matrix?
  • I have never used matrix but why would anyone design something that won't scale by design?

    I understand scalability not being a priority but designing something to be poorly scalable by design seems odd.

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    Firefox 125 Released: Here's What's New and Improved
  • No, I don't think so. You can drag out windows but they don't for example snap to the corners immediately, so you have to release them first and then pick them up again.