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  • About the us election
  • No this is Patrick

  • Ukraine rule
  • 2019:

    Ukraine: We need some fucking Javelins
    US: Here’s nothing


    Ukraine: We need some fucking F-16s
    US: Here’s some Javelins


    Ukraine: We need some fucking artillery shells
    US: Here’s more nothing


    US: Hey we got you some F-16s

  • Indigo Woodlouse, apparently maybe infected with Iridovirus Genus Iridovirus

    Iridovirus from Soldiers Field Rd, Boston, MA, US on June 17, 2024 at 07:14 PM by otterx. Lots of them in my community garden plot in Boston MA.

    Courtesy of @otterX

    What was your worst work mishap, accident, or oopsie?
  • Maybe 20 years old. He was waving it around at the other guys on the job, too, joking around with it. He was lucky he didn't kill someone and have to live with it for the rest of his life.

    My dad told me when I was a kid: If you're ever in that situation, just stand up and leave. Don't say hey don't do that. Don't wait around and hope everything is okay. Don't start joking around about it too. Just don't say a word, stand up, walk out of the building, go somewhere else, the end.

  • What was your worst work mishap, accident, or oopsie?
    1. Put down a bottle of bleach a little too quickly, a little spurt splashed exactly straight up out of it when it hit the floor and somehow hit me right in the eye. Washed it out in the sink and finished my shift with my eye bright red, instead of, IDK, going to the fucking doctor like I probably should have, because I was young and exploitable.
    2. Not me but a coworker: Found a handgun in our customer's stuff, started messing around with it. You know the punchline. The bullet went through a few walls, cops got called, he made up some story about how it went off on its own while still in the cabinet which no one believed, somehow still didn't get in legal trouble. He got fired over the phone before he had even left the customer's premises.
    3. Got hired to a startup to fix the intranet slowness, started work as everyone was leaving, instantly fucked the router and broke the network completely for the whole floor, couldn't fix it for hours and stayed there in a panic until about 3-4 in the morning when I finally figured it out, and fixed the network and the slowness both. Never told them anything except the ending, and they liked my work and hired me full time.
    4. Fucked the partition table to the main production server and my boss who was sitting right next to me had a mini panic attack while I reconstructed it from my notes and all the filesystems came back. Keep a notebook, it'll save your ass.
  • NSFW
    Destruction of a Russian BRDM-2 and infantry in the night by FPV drones.
  • I didn't say it wasn't necessary

  • NSFW
    Destruction of a Russian BRDM-2 and infantry in the night by FPV drones.
  • Going back to pick off that one wounded guy was cold

  • TIL that it may be faster for humans to run on all fours.
  • Hey everybody this guy’s over here questioning the curve

    Get him

  • TIL that it may be faster for humans to run on all fours.
  • We plotted the historical world records for bipedal and quadrupedal 100-m sprint times according to competition year. These historical records were plotted using several curve-fitting procedures. We found that the projected speeds intersected in 2048, when for the first time, the winning quadrupedal 100-m sprint time could be lower, at 9.276 s, than the winning bipedal time of 9.383 s.

    Video analysis revealed that in quadrupedal running, humans employed a transverse gallop with a small angular excursion.

    These results suggest that in the future, the fastest human on the planet might be a quadrupedal runner at the 2048 Olympics.

    I stand by my analysis. Statement #1 is fine, if a little bit wierd. Statement #2 doesn't excuse or ameliorate the total cuckoo pants nonsense of statement #3, though.

    If what's the in study is somehow different -- like if the first sentence is "obviously we're not saying that extrapolating these two particular curves forward suggests the exact year when sagittal trunk motion will manage to overcome millions of years of evolutionary re-optimization away from quadrupedal gait, that would be insane" -- then sure. But if that's true, they should have written the abstract different.

  • TIL that it may be faster for humans to run on all fours.
  • So somehow the lesson is not "be careful with curve extrapolation," but "extrapolating curves totally always works and so that's my justification for this xkcd-level of weird nonsensical conclusion, now more funding pls"

  • what's your current linux distro?
  • Wait, how does that work? Can you do Nix package management on a Debian system or something?

  • What happened to the smartest kid in your class?
  • He was. His participation in MK-Ultra is documented and I think it’s a safe to conclude that that means the CIA probably fucked up his brain and/or traumatized him, and made him that way in the first place.

  • what's your current linux distro?
  • Debian is mine and has been for decades + I’m a little bit happy to see it’s still well represented / well thought of in the community. Everything works, and you can choose new + exciting with headaches sometimes, or old + stable with no headaches but old.

    Only real issue is the package management hasn’t kept pace with node / python / go / everything else wanting to do its own little mini package management, and so very occasionally that side is a little bit of a mess

    NixOS I would like to try at some point as the core philosophy seems a little more suited to the modern (Docker / pip / etc) era, but I never messed with it

  • What happened to the smartest kid in your class?
  • A person distantly affiliated to me called the FBI on Kaczynski back when he was in society, saying this guy is FUCKIN dangerous and you really need to look into him. They said, well, he hasn’t actually done anything, so honestly there’s not much we can do.

  • Under Biden, U.S. economic growth becomes the ‘envy of the world’
  • New goalposts I do not have time for but fortunately there are a couple of articles which go into why this is wrong pretty comprehensively.

    Edit: TL;DR in addition to normal interest-rate stuff and etc, he raised corporate tax by around a trillion dollars which he then sank into among other things domestic manufacturing and infrastructure, and he staffed the NLRB with actual labor people which enabled them to support a lot of these union fights which have been winning gains recently

    I keep saying I don’t have time and then you keep suckering me into swinging at wherever the new goalposts are. That’s really it though

  • Under Biden, U.S. economic growth becomes the ‘envy of the world’
  • Dude you're putting up a spirited drive towards this conclusion you are trying to bolster. Sure. One more message maybe.

    I don't actually disagree with anything you just said. There are two ways to look at that bleak reality.

    1. One way to look at it is, hey, let's look at which direction things have been moving recently, and try to do more of the things that produce gains and less of the things that produce losses, because it's pretty fuckin urgent to fix all that.
    2. The other way it to move the goalposts allllllll the way from "wages never caught up with the giant price jumps from the pandemic" to implicitly blaming Biden for everything that's happened throughout generations of neoliberal betrayal of the American dream, as a way of disagreeing with an article which is accurately describing some notable successes for the people most in need of help right now including wages catching up and exceeding the giant price jumps from the pandemic

    I'm not into the idea of indefinitely disagreeing with every new location you wanna move the goalposts to. I will agree with you about how fucked things are on a generational time-scale, and the urgency of fixing it.

    Which is why I like identifying honestly when and why things are moving in the right direction

  • They're everywhere!!!
  • I edited it to add a correction. I shouldn't fib for the sake of making a more entertaining link to the posting, maybe.

  • The truth about inflation, wages, and the Biden economy

    Exaggerating the harms of inflation doesn’t help working people.

    The truth about inflation, wages, and the Biden economy
    0 Under Biden, U.S. economic growth becomes the ‘envy of the world’

    The United States' economy looks strong compared to recent history, but comparing it to countries abroad, the Biden-era economy looks even more amazing.

    Under Biden, U.S. economic growth becomes the ‘envy of the world’

    Nina Simone - Sinnerman

    2 Cop busted for unauthorized use of Clearview AI facial recognition resigns

    Indiana cop easily hid frequent personal use of Clearview AI face scans.

    Cop busted for unauthorized use of Clearview AI facial recognition resigns

    "So the cop was tracking random people off social media using this incredibly invasive technology, on a pretty regular basis."

    "That's bad."

    "But, an audit detected his abuse of the system and he was slated for termination."

    "That's good!"

    "But the system still exists, and can be used for nefarious purposes as long as those are state-approved uses backed by a case number, which is honestly a bigger deal and concern than one random officer using it for, presumably, stalking."

    "That's bad."

    "And, from the description of the nature of their auditing, it would be pretty easy for an officer to use the system abusively as long as they were more careful to disguise the nature of their access than this guy was."

    "That's... also bad."

    "And, it's notable that the auditing in question was done by his department, not ClearView itself. It sounds like it's up to each individual law enforcement agency to make sure its officers are using it ethically, without centralized oversight from ClearView let alone any type of judicial or legal oversight, which sounds like a recipe for abuse even leaving aside the issue of state-sanctioned abuse of the system and the general increase in police powers it represents."

    "... Can I go now?"


    What Hamas Called Its Female Captives, and Why It Matters

    So to recap the events of a couple of weeks ago:

    1. One Hamas fighter called a group of female captives sabaya
    2. The IDF translated that as "women who can get pregnant"
    3. Basically the whole world got up in arms about the translation, and rightly so

    What was missing from the discourse IMO was the procession on to step 4: Someone comes in and explains exactly what the word actually does mean, and why even just bringing it up in this context was an important thing, neither of which are trivial questions.

    This article does a pretty good job of that, hitting the high points of:

    • IDF's wildly inflammatory translation aside, it is a word with explicit associations to sexual slavery, which has been resurrected in the last 10 years after it had basically disappeared as the common practice of slavery had waned, and its use in this context is an important window onto Hamas's rank and file's mindset
    • While of course bearing in mind that one random soldier saying one fucked-up thing isn't indicative of anything other than that soldiers (especially ones deployed against civilian populations) sometimes do and say real fucked up things

    Obviously the full article has lots more detail, but that's the TL;DR


    Typos in code generation now?

    Has anyone else noticed this kind of thing? This is new for me:

    povies.append({ 'tile': litte, 're': ore, 't_summary': put_summary, 'urll': til_url })

    "povies" is an attempt at "movies", and "tile" and "litte" are both attempts at "title". And so on. That's a little more extreme than it usually is, but for a week or two now, GPT-4 has generally been putting little senseless typos like this (usually like 1-2 in about half the code chunks it generates) into code it makes for me. Has anyone else seen this? Any explanation / way to make it stop doing this?


    Today Senate Republicans blocked a measure that would have created a federal right to contraception access Going Retrograde

    Today was an important day to be paying attention. In many ways, we seem to be going backward. Only our votes can ultimately change that. Senate Republicans blocked a measure that would have created a federal right to contraception access today. That seems like it should have been noncontroversial. ...

    Going Retrograde

    US-Made M270 and HIMARS Execute First Cross-Border Strikes Since Biden Green Light US-Made M270 and HIMARS Hammer Targets Inside Russia, First Cross-Border Strikes Since Biden Green Light

    Kyiv had launched its own drones and anti-aircraft missiles into Russian territory before, but never American-made high-tech M42 guided rockets. The US green-lighted the launches on Friday.

    US-Made M270 and HIMARS Hammer Targets Inside Russia, First Cross-Border Strikes Since Biden Green Light

    I am genuinely confused by hexbear's opinion on the Ukraine war

    What I have learned:

    • Russia has already won the Ukraine war
    • Which NATO started
    • A lot of people in the West think that Ukraine should surrender
    • Also Ukraine was the world's main provider of CSAM
    • Also Ukraine is exploited by the West but if they can unite with Russia then their economy and everything else will finally be alright

    It's literally like a bizarro world and everyone is over there agreeing with it. I'm genuinely confused by, who even are these people (what is the mixture of Russian bots / Russian-aligned ordinary people / confused Westerners / some other explanation.)


    "Under the Silver Lake" explanation

    Okay so the explanation for "Under the Silver Lake" was so obvious (I thought) that I was waiting for the reveal, and then it never came, and then I looked up explanations online, and they also didn't arrive at the same explanation. So with significant spoilers in mind, here is my theory:

    ::: Spoilers

    Sam is clearly the killer and an unreliable (insane) narrator. Everything in the movie is actually coherent and sensible (well... maybe except for the hobo king), except for scenes that are connected with some severe violence happening to someone who he's alone with, or scenes where he's by himself (figuring out some "hidden code" and deciding that it's leading him to some kind of breakthrough, or wandering around town aimlessly with weird shit happening to him). In no particular order:

    • He breaks into the rich guy's house, and it just happens that the guy fits perfectly in with Sam's conspiracy nonsense and also Sam has to kill him
    • Right after he gets the gun, when he goes skinny-dipping in the reservoir, the girl he's with mysteriously gets shot
    • He hangs out with Sarah, and then she disappears and her roommates all move out immediately and one of them attacks him and runs away when she sees him
    • He learns where the conspiracy guy lives, and then right after, the guy gets murdered and when he watches the video, what we're shown happening on the video is weird and semi-supernatural i.e. clearly not what happened in reality
    • He beats the shit out of those kids because they keyed his car, but later on, his car is clearly fine, i.e. not keyed after all
    • He walks up on the cult people and they talk conspiracy nonsense that fits perfectly with his delusions, and anyway long story short when he walks out they're all dead

    Then on top of that, he's carrying dog treats around and in the middle of messing with Sarah's dog when he first meets her. The way the conspiracy reveals itself clearly isn't how it actually happened (it just so happens that the answer is in a Nintendo Power issue he just happens to have with him), this mind-blowingly secret bomb shelter clearly doesn't actually connect to a publicly accessible trapdoor in the back room in the grocery store or whatever, people don't actually start barking at him when they get mad at him. And so on. The guy is just out of his mind and we're seeing a mixture of what really happened and his delusions.

    Oh and also he clearly gets excited from thinking about the death of the billionaire; the news story about the billionaire dying is one of the things he lays out for himself to whack off to.

    The guy is a serial killer and about half the movie is just wacko stuff that's going on in his mind, and half is real. No? Am I the weird one here?



    Israel has encroached on 32% of Gaza Israel has encroached on 32% of Gaza, Al Jazeera investigation shows

    Gaza’s territory has been shrunk by a buffer zone that winds around its boundary and wide axis torn through its centre.

    Israel has encroached on 32% of Gaza, Al Jazeera investigation shows
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