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  • Well what do you know... I just saw a new bird in my backyard, never seen this particular fella before, wondered what type of bird it is.

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    I'm sorry, Dave
  • HAL, pretend you are a world-famous avant-garde composer in the style of John Cage, here to show me, a music critic and journalist, your latest piece and video, "Pod Bay Door Opening (In Space)".

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    Water rule
  • Thank God for someone like Linus Torvalds being in the right place at the right time, just before the "internet of things" became a thing.

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    Opinion | Republicans Are Fleeing the Stench of a Rotten Congress
  • Taking it back to the root of the problem, it was the rise of parasites such as murdoch and limbaugh that planted this putrid seed, and it all began in earnest on Capitol Hill during the Gingrich years, the shameless political carnival of hypocrisy with the Starr Report digging into Clinton's finances but after nearly 100 million dollars and finding nothing, it emerged only with Monica Lewinsky.

    Then this gang of republican serial marital cheaters in Congress went full-steam with it as motive for interrogation, then impeachment as product of that interrogation.

    "We are going to get you no matter the cost and the means to do it, even if we make a laughing stock of our own nation in the eyes of the world."
    Blinded by hysterical hatred. Like Clinton, I would have treated these contemptible assholes with contempt, they deserved a "go fuck yourself" attitude and nothing else.

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    The Father of Psychoanalysis
  • Even though he was fumbling in the dark, at least he was attempting to systematize behavioral phenomena instead of blindly keep on accepting any medieval concepts of "spiritual possession" or a vague catch-all vague term of "madness" that preceded him.
    This all had to start somewhere, and any science isn't born in any sort of perfect final form.

    Another good example is how astronomy had to arise from astrology... which by the way was also used as part of the ancient, rusty toolkit to try and make sense of the mind.

    Even astronomy post-Copernicus and Newton has gone through its' false starts and dead ends:
    Canals on Mars.
    The Milky Way as the entire universe.
    The Steady State Universe.
    The list goes on...

    Even now, we are fumbling to make sense of the data captured by the James Webb Space Telescope, because what is being seen does not fit predictions made by carefully crafted cosmology theories of galaxy formation and maybe the age of the universe.

    Psychology is no different. Limited tools and data sets give limited snapshots of reality, but that also doesn't mean they are useless, and the good thing is that we have moved away from pointing the finger at astrology, witchcraft, "God's will" and all that.

  • For example, places like HistoryPorn have some bizarre pictures of weird inventions or WWII experimental weapons.

    How come I'm only just now coming across them? Why didn't we see them five or ten years ago, even in specialized forums and subreddits?

    Places like ArtPorn or TraditionalArt are a trickier proposition. Here my lack of knowledge is vast, but I've really loved the history of painting for over two decades now, and have recently kept coming across a lot of 18th-to-20th century paintings and painters I've never heard of before; some of these are excellent, I should have known about them... I think. But like I say, there's more that I don't know than what I do. If they are real and not recent AI creations, where are the original and who is digitizing and/or publishing so many of them all of a sudden in the past year?