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  • I used to spend like $30 a month for a newspaper subscription that was hand delivered to my door. It was normal. But in that time we didn't have many options. TV and magazines were about it.

    Quality journalism just hasn't really figured out how to thrive like they used to. It's too easy for any random person to "become a journalist" and post about events far away.

    Too easy for me to find multiple free sources online about anything I care about.

    There are also way too many interesting events for one media outlet to adequately cover, so my interest level in whatever the headline is for the day at some high profile media company isn't that high.

    It's a tricky landscape now. The journalists of old could hit hard because of their reputation, either in getting interviews or exposing crazy things. And they had a reputation that, once lost, cost them their career.

    Now almost nobody in the news has a reputation.

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    Giuliani loses bid to dismiss $148 million defamation judgment
  • I think he's still in bankruptcy. From my understanding the bankruptcy trustee takes control over these kinds of things and it's probably stayed right now anyway. Ultimately it will go on the pile with all the other liabilities where most or all will probably be discharged.

    Good or bad, bankruptcy law doesn't allow the trustee to touch income and expenses that are considered reasonable given your location. There is some standard calculator for all of that but I think the bankrupt can also lobby to keep control of various things, especially if it's directly related to their earning capabilities.

    Bankruptcy is designed to get people who are otherwise fucked back to a workable position. Even scumbags find themselves fucked and need some help sometimes, lol.

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    Strange, isn't it?
  • No, no, no, you misunderstood. Essential doesn't mean highly paid. They are the suckers who are left doing the dirty work that keeps high society moving but of course they'll get the lowest possible wage if they can be replaced easily.

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    Zelenskyy straight-up said Ukraine is going to lose if Congress doesn't send more aid
  • It's Zelenskyy's job to say that. But if he doesn't get it he'll be in a tough situation with his troops assuming he tries to backpedal that and encourage them to keep fighting.

    I don't understand why Europe isn't more involved in shutting this situation down. It's your goddamn borders at risk if this smoldering fire isn't put out.

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    Fake Photos, Real Harm: AOC and the Fight Against AI Porn
  • The article surmises:

    What will happen when voters can’t separate truth from lies? And what are the stakes?

    Regrettably this has been true since the beginning of time about many issues and is not something that legislation can ever hope to change.

    I think we've all seen that the abuse of deepfakes is coming at society like a tidal wave. But I don't think legislating away the technology that makes it possible is even remotely going the right direction. That cat is already out of the bag, so to speak.

    What needs to be be legislated, however, is personal responsibility for creating (with some limitations) or distributing sexual content that is designed to harm. As a society we already believe this when it comes to revenge porn. But I don't think it's as simple.

    Creation is not necessarily a crime, but the intent or positioning during distribution may make something that's innocent become a crime. Perhaps we cover that with libel laws already. If a picture is true and serves the public interest, it probably doesn't qualify as libel even if it could harm the target. Obviously, an appropriate venue is necessary, because seeing graphic adult content can also be harmful in its own right, which is why we put porn on porn dedicated websites.

    I guess to sum up my ideas... There's not much we can do to prevent somebody from generating AI pictures depicting AOC - or your high school crush - in some sort of abusive sexualized graphic state. But we can, and should, impose a high penalty for distributing that material as truth. And there should also be a social penalty for distributing that material even if it's labeled as fake or imaginary from the beginning.

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    For people who've taken philosophy classes, was there something you learned that you now use everyday?
  • Studying this topic in early university added a lot of value to my thinking process. Also software developers can relate intuitively. And yet, somehow surprisingly few people know how to break down their arguments in this way.

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    Forest Gump thought "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get" because he was illiterate and couldn't read the little card.
  • There was always a risky box of chocolates on grandma's kitchen table.

    Each bite was a gamble: might be a delicious milk chocolate with a peanut inside, or it might be a bitter chocolate with some medicine-like cherry filling.

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    Trump’s $175m fraud bond thrown into doubt as attorney general questions insurer
  • Geez. Imagine New York state has to sue Knight to get them to pay up on behalf of Trump after he looses this boneheaded appeal and owes the now 1 billion (plus or minus, whatever) that will have accumulated on top of his judgement.

    That's another 5m in legal expenses for NY and probably 3 years out the door.

    That's enough time for Trump to age out of this planet and for his family to have somehow moved most or all of the income producing assets to a new business.

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    Homeowner baffled after washing machine uses 3.6GB of internet data a day
  • Yeah, I was reaching for really extreme cases. Maybe an IOT wash machine with a smooth app is easier to program than a machine with a control panel itself.

    Who knows, the tech could hypothetically be useful.

    Any why don't we have reservoirs with measured doses of detergent anyways? That would be kinda rad.

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    Homeowner baffled after washing machine uses 3.6GB of internet data a day
  • Solution in search of a problem.

    I guess a mobile alert that lets you know the cycle is finished could be handy? Ability to schedule a load to start later? Maybe a maintenance or problem alert? Depleted detergent and fabric softener reservoir?

    Possibly an energy usage chart for the nerds out there who like that kind of thing?

    But damn, all of that shouldn't need more than a few kb a day max.

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    Earthquake showed Taiwan was well prepared for a big one — more so than parts of U.S.
  • Really impressive progress. It seems like developed countries got the message in the 90s and implemented proper building codes that have potentially saved thousands of lives. Just in time as well, because there has been a massive migration to denser living in cities in these decades.

    Unfortunately there are many places left where the building codes are nonexistent or easily bypassed by cheap developers who don't value human life.

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    Dead Internet Theory is Correct in More Ways Than One
  • Normally it ends the conversation at this point and refuses to answer any thing else, disabling the text box. At least it let you try again!

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    How to Get Started: Investigating Payment Gateways Online - bellingcat
  • TLDR: browser developer consoles let you see the code that runs a website. Also some sellers redirect to other sites for payments.

    Bit of a warning though: Stripe JS loads when the plugin is installed whether the site is configured to use it for checkout or not. Also redirecting to other sites for checkout is not in itself nefarious just that it does happen to be a technique to hide the sellers product from the payment gateway.

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    Offline alternatives to Roku / Streaming boxes
  • My solution is a bit old school: A raspberry pi connected to my network and running miniDLNA. It has an externally powered USB hard drive. My TV runs Android and I have VLC installed. Any DLNA client works including Xbox and mobile phone apps too.

    I don't think mini DLNA is even updated anymore so eventually my solution might stop working but it's been running solid for 10 years

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    United States v. Apple is pure nerd rage
  • Imagine you're a government lawyer working on the US case and you show up to a deposition and pull your iPhone out set it on the table.

    What are the chances that your Apple ID and iCloud are mysteriously banned for violations of the terms of service for which Apple can't share the specific reason because of "policy related security reasons" before the week is out?

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    Italy prime minister Giorgia Meloni seeks €100,000 damages over deepfake porn videos
  • The risk of a Streisand effect here is pretty high. Hope she's thought it through.

    Regrettably, were going to see more and more apps and websites that just automate this kind of abuse.

    It'll be sold as a new way to watch porn. Just upload a few pics of your crush and check the boxes for which acts you want to see, and boom, you're downloading it.

    It's gonna be a wild ride for a while, no pun intended.

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    Hong Kong’s new national security laws pose threat to Western businesses
  • Hong Kong used to be the place that Western businesses would go to transact with mainland.

    Because of the British style common law court system, western businesses felt they could rely on the contracts and deals they signed with Hong Kong and mainland suppliers.

    Now, it's not so clear. Setting up a business in Hong Kong no longer has the advantages it used to have. It has become incredibly difficult to open a bank account as a non resident due to extraneous scrutiny, for example.

    It also seems like now, more than ever, your business and your employees better not voice the wrong opinion about the wrong topic or else risk everything invested in Hong Kong.

  • Putin gifts car to Kim Jong Un in sign of ‘special personal relations,’ North Korean state media reports | CNN

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has presented a car to his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong Un, North Korean state media said Tuesday, in another sign of warming ties between the two countries that have raised concerns in the United States.


    Pretty sure I'm having heat creep up the Bowden tube, as it's getting jammed a few cm back from the hot end and then can't push the filament any more. When I get it out there's a little molten bulb at the filament.

    In this fail, I think it jammed as usual and the extruder found a way to keep going.

    I tried turning down the hot end from 215 to 200 and it's still failing. My cooling fan is running at 100%.

    This is the third time I've had this print fail at about this layer, around 1 hour into what will be a 26 hour print.

    Any ideas?


    I'm in the process of hiring for a position and I have two candidates. It's a tough call because both are very proficient but each has some unique attributes. I thought I might ask ChatGPT's assistance with thinking it through.

    I recorded myself talking through my thoughts on each one as I read through their resume and the Q&As that I've done with each. Then uploaded the audio file to the whisper-1 api for transcription (for this I'm using the OpenAI API).

    Then I pasted the transcribed text into GPT4 and then prompted it with: "Above is my transcribed notes comparing two candidates for a position together. Help me think through this decision by asking me questions, one at a time."

    ChatGPT proceeded to ask me really good questions, one after the other. After a while I felt like it had got me to think about many new factors and ideas. After about 22 questions I'd had enough, so I asked it to wrap up and summarize our next steps, to which it spit out a bullet-point list of what we'd concluded and, what steps we should take next.

    I don't know if everyone is using ChatGPT this way, but this is a really useful feedback system.


    Washington state senator arrested in Hong Kong for carrying a gun through airport Washington state senator arrested in Hong Kong for carrying a gun through airport | CNN

    An American politician has been arrested in Hong Kong for carrying a gun into the city, according to a charge sheet seen by CNN, in what he has called an “honest mistake.”


    This bike has a 10ah battery in the seat post and a 7 gear derailleur. Top speed is limited to 25km but I think it can be reprogrammed to remove the limit.

    3 Power supply whine

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like presandceo.

    My project is a "breathing" white 12v LED strip controlled by an esp32 on a dev board, and switched with an IFLZ44N mosfet.

    In my video you can see it working but also hear the power supply complaining.

    I'm using the LEDC Arduino library which allows me to select the frequency and resolution for PWM.

    If I set the frequency too low the whine is extreme, but at this setting it's the best I've been able to achieve, which is about 9000Hz. Unfortunately you can still hear the sound from across the room!

    It is a cheapo solid state power supply that claims it can output 12v up to 25A. I tried my desktop supply and it emits some whine too, so I don't think replacing the power will totally fix this.

    Is there a technique for tuning the frequency or even just masking it somehow?


    Why do you or why don't you use an ebike for your commute?

    I live in a city where public transportation is overcrowded, there's constant vehicle traffic, and you can't depend on any commute time for a given day or hour. The average temperature is very high, so walking is a sweaty affair.

    The only way I've found to make this city more usable is with an ebike and scooter. It's like the perfect vehicle for these conditions.

    However, many people reject the technology and either choose their car or other forms of getting around.

    Is it because it's not well understood, or seems too expensive?

    I'm curious what sold you on the technology or what is the reason you're not making the leap. How my day started vs how it's going

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like presandceo.

    Saw this come through from Octoprint remotely. It was an 8 hour print and died about at about the 7:15 mark.


    Old habit, I opened rif and it loads current posts! What's going on?

    5 Why E-Bikes Catch Fire

    The dangerous chemistry of cheaply made lithium batteries.

    Are you doing anything to protect yourself or your home from the risk of a fire?

    0 E-scooter at highway speeds? ZonDoo’s 8kW RoadHitter lives up to its name

    The fastest electric scooter in the Zondoo lineup is the RoadHitter, which claims 68 mph with 70-80 miles of range.

    This scooter features dual 4000 watt motors and can achieve 60+ mph speeds straight and level. But why?

    This speed is surely deadly in the event of a crash and it's hard to image it would even be fun to ride at such a speed.


    Has micromobility already changed your commuting habits? What about your selection of place to live?

    I live in a huge city with gridlocked traffic, and an e-scooter enables selecting (much) cheaper condos further away from the public transportation.

    0 This slick-looking solar-powered electric scooter never needs to be recharged

    Guys, guys, guys. I was strolling through the never-ending booths full of micromobility companies at the Eurobike 2023 trade show...

    A new generation of e-scooters with solar panels means never needing to plug in. Is the trade off in weight and size worth the added flexibility?

    0 Stromer Teases the 'Holy Grail' of Batteries with Solid State Ceramic eBike Battery

    It doesn’t take long walking around the Eurobike show halls to realize that eBikes are already here in a big way. All of those eBikes…

    Solid state ceramic batteries may greatly advance the future of micro-mobility. They promise higher energy density and less susceptibility to thermal runaway and can be used in a wider temperature range.

    0 E-bike injuries: ‘We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg,' trauma experts warn

    'I can't imagine a 13-year-old being able to drive something that can go 25 to 30 miles an hour in the middle of a road. It just doesn’t seem safe.'

    >E-bikes are not bicycles

    The article makes a strong assertion that e-bikes are something entirely different than regular bikes and should be regulated separately.

    Do you think e-bikes should always be allowed to follow the same paths and rules as regular person-powered bicycles? Or should communities treat them as something different?


    This creative way to increase the adoption of micro-mobility is similar to the tax credits offered by the US federal government around electric cars.

    Is it likely to draw more interest from the community? Would you be more encouraged to purchase an e-bike if you could get a voucher?

    0 Following fatal battery fires, NYC needs more rules for e-bikes

    The problem is not hard to solve — but it’s impossible to solve any problem when City Hall has become a hand wringing talking shop.

    The era of more regulation may be upon us - if New York enacts more rules, it's likely that other cities will follow and insurers may even begin to exclude liabilities from Lithium battery fires.

    What can the industry do now to regulate itself? Is there some reasonable amount of safety regulation that can save lives without dramatically increasing costs?