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West Virginia House passes bill allowing prosecution of librarians
  • The day I stop trying is the day I just give up and move. If I were less stubborn of a person, that would have been years ago; now it's "why should I leave when they're the ones who suck?"

    Not that we were ever great, but we didn't used to be this bad. So sick of this goddamned culture war bullshit.

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    West Virginia House passes bill allowing prosecution of librarians
  • Just for the record, I voted against every one of those dipshits I could.

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    Alabama Supreme Court Cites the Bible in Terrifying Embryo Ruling
  • (Cartman voice): This is going to be so easy you guys. All we have to do to make Christian laws is take regular old authoritarian theocratic laws and cross out words like "Allah" and "Quran" and replace them with "Jesus".

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    These are trying times
  • That's better than the Bundy joke I made on another post about this. 😆

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    What are the stereotypical or super common names for your generation?
  • That line is funny by itself, but how he delivered the "hopefully no relation" part so casually made it 10x funnier.

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    Trump hawks $399 branded shoes at 'Sneaker Con,' a day after a $355 million ruling against him
  • Like with the ghostwritten books where the RNC buys them up to give out as gifts?

    No, never /s

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    Trump hawks $399 branded shoes at 'Sneaker Con,' a day after a $355 million ruling against him
  • Gonna paraphrase another shoe salesmen with this one:

    "The shoe has a pliant heel with a cork filling whereas [Trump] is a giant seal with a pork filling"

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    What are the stereotypical or super common names for your generation?
  • I personally know a lot of millennials named Megan (Meagan, Meghan, Megyn, et al)

    There's too many Megans, right?

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    Trump is suddenly in need of a lot of cash. That’s everyone’s problem.
  • If you're not a US citizen, then I guess it's not your direct (financial) problem.

    Otherwise, I think the point of the article is that, if re-elected, he's going to grift even harder than the first time by funneling even more taxpayer money into his businesses.

    Throughout his presidency, he refused to divest from his businesses, which made millions of dollars in revenue from taxpayers and continued to do work with other countries while he was in office — a practice he indicated he would repeat in a second term

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    If a machine is never 100% efficient transforming energy into work because part of the energy is converted into heat, does it mean an electric heater is 100% efficient? [](h
  • I'm honestly not clear if the visible portion eventually turns to heat or not (in a reasonable timeframe anyway), but the bulk of those emissions are in the infrared spectrum which you will feel as heat or will be absorbed by other objects which will radiate the heat through convection.

    That's why I said "technically" and "roughly" in regards to 100% efficiency. I'm answering a shower thought in an ELI5 kind of way, not writing a thesis.

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    That's not intentional... right?
  • I'd also bet you're like me and can absolutely tell your own squiggle from someone trying to forge it. lol Which is the purpose of a signature, so it still counts.

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    If a machine is never 100% efficient transforming energy into work because part of the energy is converted into heat, does it mean an electric heater is 100% efficient? [](h
  • True, and also the transmission losses between the power plant and your outlets are also factors. I just treated the question like a high school physics one where you're allowed to disregard air resistance. lol

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    That's not intentional... right?
  • I'm trying not to judge on that. lol. I know cursive, but I'm lazy, so my signature is just a legible first letter of my first name, squiggle, a legible first letter of my last name, and a squiggle.

    Having to sign for debit purchases on those little screens before PINs became standard kind of burnt me out on signing my name legibly.

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    That's not intentional... right?
  • Ok, there are two things I can't unsee now:

    1. Exactly what you pointed out
    2. His signature looks like "Danny Mmmmmp" or possibly "Ommmy Mmmmmp"
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    Missouri Republican candidate torches LGBTQ-inclusive books in viral video
  • If anyone sane had any sense (and the money to do it, I guess), they'd do a montage of all the fascists of history burning books and end with the one of her - that, or play the historical montage side by side with her video. Do the same for any other candidates elsewhere with similar stances.

    Play that on every channel until the money dries up.

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    If a machine is never 100% efficient transforming energy into work because part of the energy is converted into heat, does it mean an electric heater is 100% efficient? [](h
  • Technically, yes. Even the internal resistances outside of the heating elements eventually radiate into the space. Since the purpose is space heating, it's not a waste product and they can be roughly considered 100% efficient.

    The reason heat pumps are more efficient (i.e. around 300% or more) is not that they create more heat from the same amount of energy but because they concentrate and move existing heat from one source to another.

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    Played and beat A Link to the Past for the first time!
  • If you liked it and have access to a 3DS, you should play "A Link Between Worlds".

    It uses a very similar overworld / "dark" world but a different story/time period. It's not quite a remake, has some cool mechanics, and is a spiritual successor. Definitely recommend it if you like LttP.

  • Shaggy - Boombastic [1995]


    Got suckered into helping a non-profit with their web presence, and of course, it was a Wordpress site (at least it wasn't a Facebook page).

    Everything about WP is mildly infuriating at best, just regular infuriating at worst. Everything. If you know, you know. It's like they tried so hard to make it "easy" to use that it went full circle into a fuster-cluck of unintuitive and clunky everything.

    With every facet of the experience being an upsell, is there a tier where it's just not horrible to use?

    Specific examples:

    • WYSIWYG editor doesn't match the preview
    • Chasing the scroll point in the outline when moving elements
    • Can't edit block properties after they're added
    • Everything is a damn upsell
      • Want to remove the Wordpress footer? Upgrade to a paid plan (does not specify tier)
      • Okay, I've updated to a paid plan that meets our needs. Please remove the footer please.
      • "Oh, you have to have a plan two tiers up to do that"
    • General clunkyness
    • Only supports Apple map embeds which cannot find any of the addresses I need to enter
      • Cannot embed a Google map properly (doesn't support percentage widths for the iframe element so I can't make it responsive)
    • Changing the column widths on a layout grid block never releases the slider, so you have to mash keys until something else selects that locks it roughly where you want it.

    The short version of the Unix philosophy is basically, "Do one thing, and do it well".

    Michelle Rodriguez basically plays the same basic character in every movie: tough girl / tomboy who doesn't take crap from anyone, usually wears a tank top, and dies about as often as Sean Bean.

    And it's not a bad thing.

    While I haven't seen every film she's done, I have seen a lot of them, and she gives a stellar performance every time.

    So she may play the "same character" over and over, but she does it very well.


    cross-posted from:

    Two Peruvian women accused of drug trafficking got more than they bargained for on Wednesday when a romantic gesture turned out to be a police raid leading to their arrests.

    Police footage of the raid showed a giant teddy bear holding up gifts outside the women's home, while another officer held a heart-covered sign reading "You are my reason to smile".

    One of the women rushed down the stairs to receive her offering.

    But love can be deceiving, and the cuddly bear quickly sprang into action, tackling her to the ground. The second woman was arrested inside.


    Thanks to for replying with this video to a 30 Rock gag I used as an example in another community. I didn't realize Dan Harmon (Community / Rick and Morty) loved this triple punchline as much as I do.


    Social Media's Longest Running Game Show

    Welcome back to the game that never ends. Forgive me if I'm not looking forward to the lightning round.

    Forgot to include "useful idiots". I guess they're the hidden "daily doubles"


    The Superbowl is nothing more than watching rich people fight over a ball while companies spend obscene amounts of money to blast advertisements at you.

    No offense or judgement meant to anyone if that's your thing (to each their own). That's just how I see pretty much all professional sports - the super bowl is just the poster child for it.


    Boo bees.

    (This may be a borderline uncle joke, though).

    Edit: Credit for the joke goes to Alan Davies


    I always believed that there were none, but on a rewatch of QI, I learned there are actually two:

    • Hurple / hirple: To limp (verb) or a limping gait (noun)
    • Curple: A strap under the girth of a horse's saddle to stop the saddle from kicking forward.

    YouTube: QI | What Rhymes With Purple?


    I've been wanting to get some humorous quotes embroidered on my throw pillows, and I've only got a short list so far. It's easiest and cheapest to get them all done at once, so I'm trying to come up with a list of about 10-15 to select from before I send them off. Ideally, they'd be vaguely "life advice" but that's not a hard requirement. If you remember the Demotivational Posters from years ago, think "Demotivational Throw Pillows" to get an idea of what I have in mind.

    Current list / examples:

    • "The truth is usually just an excuse for a lack of imagination" - Garak, DS9
    • "There are no bad ideas; just great ideas that go horribly wrong" - Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock
    • "Never go with a hippie to a second location" - Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock

    Obviously, they should be fairly short to be able to fit in the available space and shouldn't be vulgar.

    Let's hear your suggestions, and hopefully they make the cut and provide for some fun ice breakers/conversation pieces.


    As suggested by a commenter, here's the original joke pillow that inspired me: > "Ambition is the willingness to kill the things you love and eat them in order to stay alive"

    Haven't you ever read my throw pillow?!



    Of all the random Wikipedia articles I stumble upon, this one definitely had me saying, "wait, what?" more than once.


    > The game that would eventually become Super 3D Noah's Ark was originally conceived as a licensed game based on the film Hellraiser, a movie that Wisdom Tree founder Dan Lawton was a great fan of. Wisdom Tree acquired the game rights to Hellraiser for $50,000, along with a license to use the Wolfenstein 3D game engine from id Software, believing that the fast, violent action of Wolfenstein would be a good match for the mood of the film.

    > Eventually the Hellraiser game concept was abandoned due to several issues: the hardware of the NES was found unsuitable because of its low color palette and the addition of a co-processor would have made the cartridge far too expensive for consumers. ... In addition, the management at Wisdom Tree decided that developing and publishing a horror-themed game would clash with their religious, family-friendly image.


    Juvenile - Back That Azz Up [1999]


    Blackstreet - No Diggity [1996]


    Joe Diffie - Third Rock From the Sun [1994]

    Yeah, it's country, but I like songs that tell a story.

    6 YouTube, Discord, and ‘Lord of the Rings’ Led Police to a Teen Accused of a US Swatting Spree

    For nearly two years, police have been tracking down the culprit behind a wave of hoax threats. A digital trail took them to the door of a 17-year-old in California.

    > For nearly two years, police have been tracking down the culprit behind a wave of hoax threats. A digital trail took them to the door of a 17-year-old in California.

    There was a story posted a day or so ago about a teen getting arrested for multiple Swatting attacks. This story from Wired explains how the authorities tracked him down and pieced everything together.


    If you've noticed a large number of bulk post removals performed by me in the modlog recently and are wondering if I've gone full authoritarian: no, I haven't gone mad with power. Those were posts that were already removed by other community mods or posts that were self-deleted by their creators. Some were legitimate spam or otherwise violated server rules, but the bulk of them were just cleanup.

    "If they're already removed/self-deleted, why remove them again?", you might ask.

    Well, Lemmy treats Pictrs (the media subsystem, basically) like a black hole - images go in but it never removes them. When posts are modded or self-deleted, any media attached to them lives forever in pictrs with no clean way to remove them later*. That wastes a huge amount of disk space on my hosting stack for media that will never see the light of day again.

    I'm not okay with that for so many reasons. Yeah, object storage is cheap, but why be wasteful?

    The Lemmy + Pictrs integration...well, let's just say it leaves much to be desired. "Suggest a feature enhancement" or "ping the Lemmy devs about it" you may be thinking. Haha, right.

    I'm building a new API to interact with Lemmy, and the admin/mod components were the first parts that I developed. I've deployed parts of the prototype API to periodically clean up removed/deleted posts along with the media that was attached to them. I could do this silently on the backend and you'd never know, but in the interest of transparency (and also testing that the API works as expected), I've let it log its activities in the modlog as it would when it moves to production.

    So, in closing, no, I have not gone mad with power. I'm just trying to keep my disk usage sane and not clutter up storage with abandoned media.

    *They can be removed later, but it's a clunky external process that doesn't offer any guarantees.


    I'm pretty sure this is OC but I can't guarantee I didn't see this meme elsewhere, forget that I saw it, and recreate it accidentally.

    3 Massive taxidermy polar bear stolen in bizarre Canadian heist

    The 12ft (3.6m) taxidermy bear was snatched from a Canadian resort during an opportune cold snap.

    cross-posted from:

    Police in Canada are investigating the bizarre theft of a taxidermy polar bear weighing some 500lb (225kg) from a resort near Edmonton.

    The bear, standing some 12ft (3.6m) tall, is believed to have been snatched during the cold snap in early January with temperatures near -30C (-22F).


    Sorry if this is a dumb question. I currently drive a hybrid and am looking to upgrade in the next 1- 2 years to either PHEV or full EV. In either scenario, I envision most of my charging will be done at home. However, if I go full EV, I will eventually need to charge in public.

    I've read it varies from charging network to charging network, so I figure I'd ask EV owners what their experiences are like. I really don't like the idea of relying on an app or monthly subscription or anything like that.

    So, is a debit card more or less guaranteed to be accepted, and if so, are the rates significantly higher than some kind of membership option?

    Edit: In the US if it matters.