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It is apparently controversial
  • Pepe easily, fucking love frogs

  • NSFW
    Cum Rule?
  • Absolute banger of an image. Can't believe this is the first I've seen it

  • playboi rule
  • I like that the last part is not a question

  • Can You Use Linux Without the Terminal? (How to Geek article)
  • It has always just felt a lot faster than navigating through a GUI. I suppose at the end of the day this is entirely dependant on how well designed the GUI is. Should I type in one command I have memorized or navigate through multiple sub pages?

    It is also just what I am used to maybe

  • Can You Use Linux Without the Terminal? (How to Geek article)
  • I'm sure you could but why? Terminal is so useful. Am I out of touch?

  • Where do we stand on sex work?
  • No one should have to sell their labor to survive and sex work is labor

  • Investing strategy
  • The businesses can fail if it means I can lay in the sun on a tuesday afternoon

  • China is burning all its bridges with Israel
  • Love how this is portrayed as a bad thing lmao

  • Dorset osprey breeding project finds fourth egg
  • 🥺🥺🥺

    So happy for them

  • What are the most private social media platforms?
  • You're right, it isn't entirely true. A perfectly private social media service could be constructed but it likely won't because there is no profit motive. Even if it were, how many people would truly use it.

    We had things like this in the beginning of the internet. Anonymous chat rooms and message boards were incredibly popular but I doubt they will ever reach that level of popularity again.

  • Get your daily D.O.S.E
  • I should really exercise huh

  • Rulenld McDnoladf
  • Ronald Mcdonald? More like Weevil Mcdonald

  • What are the most private social media platforms?
  • Social media is not private. Never will be

  • Steam is now banned in Vietnam
  • Good for them. Interested in what vietnamese indie devs produce in the coming years

  • Steam is now banned in Vietnam
  • Wrong type of red unfortunately 😔

  • How much coffee do y'all typically drink in a sitting?

    I am worried that I drink too much at once. I don't drink coffee daily but typically when I do drink coffee I will have 4-6 shots of espresso. I am not asking if this is healthy per se, I'm more searching for confirmation that it isn't too uncommon lol.

    If anyone does want to let me know how bad for me this is then it should be noted that I also take a medium dose of vyvanse daily 💀

    why are most animals single ended

    This is more of an evolutionary biology question but I thought I'd ask bc I couldn't fibd anything on it

    Specifically what I'm wondering is why the majority of animals seem to have their brain or central nervous system located at a specific end of their body rather than near the center of mass where you think it'd be safest? I thought of this as I watched a centipede have its tail end attacked and noticed that its head and tail end look quite similar, assumedly for the purpose of fooling would be predators, and wondered why it didn't just put its brain in the middle so it wouldn't be vulnerable at the ends.

    Moreover, why do we even need heads? Why did almost every animal evolve to have all their sensory organs in one spot instead of spreading them out. Why is my face where my face is basically. Are our bodies really built to be the most durable and efficient for the terrain they evolved in and why are they all so similar?

    bright white dot during solar eclipse

    I travelled to dallas to see the solar eclipse monday and noticed something strange that I've not seen anyone talk about. At the bottom right of the eclipse during totality after the diamond ring effect there was a persistant bright white dot that looked almost like it was on the surface of the moon rather than the edge. I'm assuming this was some atmospheric distortion but I really have no idea. Thoughts?

    hardware mimicry

    i would really like to use hardware similar to the original devices the games im emulating were played on. like i'd love an open source gameboy that i could load my favorite emulator and games onto. does this sort of thing exist or would i have to build my own

    Lemmy Support ComradeSharkfucker
    can i add an integrated auto translator for lemmy?

    No idea if this is possible but i would like to make it so that i receive posts in as many languages as possible but have them automatically translated in the jerboa app.

    Could i write a script (or is one already available) that would do this for me locally? Would it be easier to self host an instance that does this instead? How would i go about that etc etc.

    Sorry if this isn't really the place for this sort of question but i wasn't sure what community would be more appropriate.

    alarm app

    I need an alarm app that lets me scan QR codes. I find that it helps me get out of bed and take my meds in a timely manner. I have QRalarm but it's a onetime use alarm and I can't schedule times for certain days which I find to be really important. I normally use alarmy but it requires the Google Play store and I'd prefer to not have that yk.

    Anyone know a foss option?


    ! u/chazcurtis on Reddit seems to be the artist

    wallpaper couldn't imbed this for some reason

    ! From greater work found here

    does anyone know of a way to find obscure YA novels you only vaguely remember

    I've had this reoccurring thing every year or so where I remember this book I read in like 5th - 6th grade that was really fucking good every year or so. I need to find it, I try every time but no amount of Googling thin recollections of its plot has got me anywhere.

    Unixporn ComradeSharkfucker

    Someone direct me to a guide for this shit because I have no idea how y'all do it

    making an Alexa copy (sorta)

    So my girlfriend has an Alexa and really likes it but I'm not comfortable living in a house with one. How much technical knowledge would I need to make a speaker that connects to a music player app and is voice activated because that is all she uses it for.

    I figure I could hook up a raspberry pi to a speaker and add a mic and voice command software that I find somewhere but I've never actually done anything like this before.

    How feasible is this

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