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Dual boot Fedora Kinoite and Windows 10
  • Most stable for me was 2 OS drives 1 storage, sorry it'll have to be Windows file system.

    I'd recommend getting into your bios and disabling features that push windows as it won't give you the choice to also take the Windows OS drive out of primary.

    Install windows first on one OS drive, then Linux on the other.

    rEFInd used to be the bootloader I used and stopped windows messing about with the boot.

    What's the need for Windows? Is it something you can virtualise?

  • Utinni!
  • I'll be honest it does bug me I didn't blur them overall to match better :)

  • EA execs earned $60 million in 2024 despite layoffs and office closures
  • Good for them, they worked hard making all...those..hmm, hey execs what happens when no ones left generating assets?

  • BBQ advice recommendations?
  • Awesome stuff, I'm glad it helped.

    I'm a veggie, so I can be a bit more up to date with my references, love the attitude of good food btw. BBQ is pretty meat focused thing and veg/veg isn't cool :D

    Biggest thing, don't cross contaminate, esp when cooking for vegans. Us veggies obviously eat things like cheese and for me personally I wouldn't be bothered about same tools surface etc, but someone who is avoiding all animal products this needs to be cared for. That being said, most of the vegans I know also wouldn't really care if accidents happen, so don't fret it too much.

    My Brother in law cooks all the veggie stuff first then meat, but you could also do separate cook surfaces he has a little green egg and a big one, so our stuff goes on the little guy as veggie stuff doesn't require a lot of cook time.

    Remember the fat thing, there's a weird psychology that veggie/vegan has to be healthy this is nonsense as cookies exist. Coconut oil is a great fat for BBQ as it's got a really high flashpoint, and you can use it a bit more like bacon grease unless you live in a hot place.

    Vegan ALT meats are really good now be sure to either buy more or hide some for the people that need them as non veggie and vegans will eat most of them as a curiosity and leave no options for them. Super awesome people want to try new things and I wouldn't care in a social gathering, but sometimes it's your main meal of the day that you save for. This happened at my Mums wedding they just put all the veggie sausages and burgers out together and there wasn't much to start with so we had dry bread rolls with coleslaw wooo :)

    There are so many cool recipes out there, maybe find a veg/veg guinea pig to test on before a big event what wouldn't pass for a meat eater could be amazing for a veggie.

    Halloumi is peak for everyone no wait not vegans,

    Marinades plants are all about transporting stuff about stick em in something nice for day before even watermelon?

    If you want to really wow people check out SauceStache he likes to do all sorts of weird and wonderful things and even just one of these will have people requesting them :D

  • BBQ advice recommendations?
  • Book: Meathead: The Science of Barbecue used to be the goto

    Transfer any dish you know well inside that requires an oven as a starter. With the oven mentioned, there's no shame in doing a chicken in the oven and finishing it off in the BBQ and this works in reverse wrap what you've cooked in foil and hold it in the oven don't just crowd the grill esp don't mix raw and cooked.

    Food safety is the biggest contender you'll have, cooking outside will create so many more variables and the nature of BBQ esp when starting out can really mess things up if you just assume, even upper end stuff like Green eggs and Blackstone need adjustments on a windy day. Get decent thermometers (not one) and run through some good food safety tutorials.

    With that in mind, have a raw to cooked flow with separate tools I go left to right using colour coded tools red = raw, yellow =cooked do what works.

    Low and slow is the way to go

    Remember it's the rendering of the fat hitting the heat source that does the BBQ flavours this is (fun as a veggie), so if you're doing steaks and such start heavy and work down to lean.

    Fire triangle: Air Fuel heat: once your going Air becomes the dominating force, don't forget your airflow.

    Find a good source for meat if your local butcher is good, becoming a regular is basically BBQ school with deals.

    Keep doing it, prob we have here in the UK is there's a mentality only to do BBQ when it's a special occasion and the weather is perfectly sunny. Just fire that thing up for any reason, I don't get why we wait until 20 relatives are round Uncle Jim's already pissed halfway down the kids slide, and the FIL is starting you down to try and one shot it :D

  • Tactical voting could make Tories lose once safe seats, according to guide
  • I think the title has been an obvious one since Truss's term. The real story is how engaged people are now and the rise in the tactical vote over the spoiled ballot that could see them lose more.

  • What do you think of this prediction?
  • The ship has sailed about 4 times now, gog galaxy on Linux has constantly been at the top of requests but we made a stinky about the Witcher 2 so gog and epic will forever hold the community as not worth it. Now the community has done the leg work they have no reason to mess about with translating all those .net calls

  • Guidance
  • The answer is either poop slinging or non stop sex

  • Does anyone still drink tea in the UK?
  • Got into the snooty world of loose leaf at uni.Tea is fun and no one questions you really a pack of chocolate hob nobs in one sitting if your tea has flowers floating in it

  • Silverblue vs uBlue
  • I'm using Aurora-DX and it has such great tooling for what I wanted from Silverblue for my day-to-day work. Never had any issues, and having easy VM's and Distroboxes has been great for different projects. As primarily python dev, it's awesome not having to faff with dependencies.

  • Labour Party launch manifesto

    Embrace Tradition
  • What kinda lame ass treb is that? Go feudal or go home

  • [Fedora Silverblue] Why are these updates still shown to me?
  • flatpaks would be my first goto

  • Guess how my day started
  • Simple soda bottle and a turn of the heads all you need...

  • Blahaj Rule
  • There should be an Allen key somewhere in the packaging

  • Just finished Spiderman Miles Morales

    Just finished it on the pc having everything on high it looked so pretty. It was the perfect two weekend game about half as big as the first one introducing some more mechanics and leaning into stealth which became the most fun way for me to dispatch most the combat encounters.

    It really only started falling apart at the end


    As usual with these games I'd done all the side missions with the aim of doing a ending run in one session. Map looked complete but no got to do one more for uncle Aaron.

    The whole ending section of the game was just needlessly padded out from the museum section nice cameo though, to the final battle with the Tinkerer outstaying it's welcome after about the fifth time she yonks Miles into the air to the very end watching him crawl to the reactor for something that should have just been a cut scene.

    Found Phins arc kinda meh all rushed at the end. Thought it would have been a lot better if she just trusted Miles and died trying to stop the reactor.

    The game was a great noodle game I really like Miles as a character well worth it if you want a big game feel in a small package

    1 Hackney shooting: Girl, 9, critical after four shot in Dalston

    The "innocent victim" was among four people hurt in a shooting outside an east London restaurant.

    Hackney shooting: Girl, 9, critical after four shot in Dalston

    UK petition of "Require videogame publishers to keep games they have sold in a working state" just got thrown back to the Government

    I just received this email saying that the response "did not respond directly to the request of the petition"

    You recently signed the petition “Require videogame publishers to keep games they have sold in a working state”:

    The Petitions Committee (the group of MPs who oversee the petitions system) has considered the Government’s response to this petition. They felt the response did not respond directly to the request of the petition. They have therefore asked the Government to provide a revised response.

    When the Committee receives a revised response from the Government, we will publish this and share it with you.

    Thanks, The Petitions team UK Government and Parliament

    Dads Destide

    I just wanted some insights from other fathers...

    We're currently looking to start a family, so I thought I'd hit up YT for some advice as a male and the priority skew is mental. The most important thing is having a boy, apparently. Not tips for being supportive, how to help your partner, how to deal with anxieties about money and time.

    Bonus feed


    Dad's of Lemmy could you share some good advice for someone just starting a family please :D


    Why is the /s necessary here as well?

    One of my most hated things in the dying days of Reddit is people having to put the /s because of all the mass down voting from users that didn't get a post was a joke.

    When I came here it seemed that wasn't the case but I've noticed over the last month a lot of users using it or having -28 points for an off the cuff comment.

    I might be just be a bit too bothered by the need to use it.

    sirico Destide

    I'm a computer janitor that sometimes streams trying to learn dev

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