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Fatherly hazing
  • My father (who was in the armed forces) once got asked to fetch "the keys to the indoor mortar range"

  • Chinese numbers

    To be fair, zero is a complicated number

    Finally beat cancer
  • A common “reason” for why student loans shouldn’t be paid off by the government is that it would be unfair to everyone who has already paid off their student loans.

  • Driving direction in Europe, 1922
  • Italy, Spain and Austria are in purple. “Mixed” means that there was a mix of left and right in various regions of the country.

  • Why did they move the comments to the right
  • SponsorBlock automatically skips the entire sponsorship as soon as it starts, so a lot of the time you wouldn’t even know it was there if you didn’t see the green section of the playback bar.

    It’s not just for sponsorships, either. You can set it to skip intro animations, reminders to subscribe, self promotion, etc.

  • Quite a talent
  • “Bulum” means “instrument”, so it literally means “bum instrument”

  • Next on the hydraulic press channel!
  • Well, the button says “pull to start” and the sign says “do not push” so we’re good to start it, right?

  • Dr 4Chan's Medical Advice
  • Step 2 is optional

  • What is the most beautiful song you've ever heard?
  • The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice is a favourite of mine.

  • Removed
    “You can’t be serious?”
  • It’s a Hamilton reference.

  • Male to female suicide ratio by country
  • I didn’t know about that community, but I also don’t see why I shouldn’t post here? The beauty of the Fediverse is that there can be many places that serve the same purpose.

  • Miss Piggy's boy toy
  • TL;DR RuPaul and his husband lease the mineral rights of their 60,000-acre ranch in Wyoming to oil companies, and allow those companies to frack there. News Article, Wikipedia

  • Male to female suicide ratio by country
  • Yeah, data could be skewed for countries with very low populations. That could be why Greenland is left out, despite data being available from the wikipedia page that the data is taken from.

  • Male to female suicide ratio by country
  • That would be correct. There are clearer ways that the data could have been displayed

  • Love this
  • It bothers me that they put 3 ‘L’s in “stroll”

  • Daily updates
  • Check the page tomorrow. Maybe different?

  • Omar going crazy
  • Fortunately this is fake, it was made by Alan Wagner on Instagram who goes around sticking up posters like this. If it was real that last sentence would be seriously concerning, obviously.

  • US sues Apple for illegal monopoly over smartphones
  • OC isn't claiming that the shift in the industry is solely Apple's fault:

    I don’t hate Apple but I do hate their influence

    The reality is that what OC said is exactly what happened. Apple removed the headphone jack to coerce people into buying AirPods. Everyone else released their own wireless earbuds to compete, and also removes their headphone jacks for the same reason.

  • Caesar
  • He has a wife, you know

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