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meme lord rule
  • I remember we'd tape shows on the VCR when gone and it was so nice to fast forward through the ads.

    Going back to live shows I found myself reaching for the VCR remote until I remembered.

  • Canadian-made Roshel Senator MRAP that hit an anti-tank mine. All Ukrainian soldiers on board survived without injuries.
  • Honestly doesn't look all that bad for a fucking anti tank mine.

    This incident marks the first documented instance where a commercial-based armored vehicle has successfully withstood such an attack, highlighting its robust protective capabilities

    For those that don't know it's built on a Ford 550 frame.

  • [History] The Great Whale Robbery of Labrador

    I found this fascinating, and interesting history.

    Sad, but rule
  • New to Lemmy? There are hordes of users (no exaggeration) that say they won't vote because the Dems aren't left enough and bothsidessame.

  • squander rule
  • We have some serious income problems but yeah a lot of people waste a lot of money. Big ass trucks and SUVs, eating out, shopping sprees, all the newest bells and whistles, gotta keep up with the Jones.

  • Sad, but rule
  • but that should pave the way for a candidate on the left that people actually want

    Candidates don't emerge for voters that don't vote. Because in the analysis they don't even exist, because they don't vote. It's a null data set. No politician is going to gamble on it possibly maybe existing but don't vote. No donors are going to donate to causes which the voters maybe possibly exist but don't vote. It simply doesn't happen.

  • Evolution of the alphabet
  • Personally I always thought it was easier to have the line on the left side and then the different stuff on the right side. Probably from being right handed.

    Eg: B D E H K L M N P R

    Those all have a line on the left and the right side differs

  • Is there a way to search your Lemmy comments?

    Or to load a whole bunch at once so you can Ctrl+F? I used to use RES on the other site to do that.

    Trump-appointed judge halts Biden administration credit card late fee cap
  • So you didn't read anything huh? Or did you get too embarrassed at your own mistakes and how they bordered on lies? Why am I bothering with someone that denies reality. Ciao. (But if I find more rail wins from Biden I'll let you know.)

  • Trump-appointed judge halts Biden administration credit card late fee cap
  • Yeah it's not many people because most convictions are from the states, which he does not have jurisdiction over. Ok? Got it? The president can not do anything about state convictions or sentences. So he did what he could with federal charges, because federal is what he has jurisdiction over.

    Part of an attractive deal is pleading down more serious stuff down to simple possession.

    Red herring:

    Something that draws attention away from the matter being discussed or dealt with.

    It's not a red herring. What you are trying to do is closer (still not quite) to a red herring because you are trying to draw attention away from what he could do and trying to minimize it with the repeated "not many". The number doesn't matter, he did what he had jurisdiction over, You are the one much closer to a red herring. Ciao.

  • TIL China now has a 3 child policy.

    Maximum, that is.

    1 child policy from 1979 to 2015.

    2 child policy from 2015 to 2021.

    3 child policy since 2021.

    >The announcement came after the release of the results of the Seventh National Population Census, which showed that the number of births in mainland China in 2020 was only 12 million, the lowest number of births since 1960, and the further aging of the population, against which the policy was born.[5] This was the slowest population growth rate China experienced.[6]

    >Although the CCP government had high expectations for the new policy,[16] in a 2021 online poll conducted by the state media Xinhua on its Weibo account, using the hashtag #AreYouReady for the new three-child policy, about 29,000 out of 31,000 respondents stated they would "never consider it."[15]

    Do people vape in cars?

    Or is it avoided like smoking in cars?

    How This Pen Changed The World

    [I don't think it was responsible for literacy rates like it suggests, but still very good vid.

    How many years do modern laptop batteries last?

    And can they easily be replaced?

    I'm not looking, just pondering and wondering about Framework.

    The first barge went through the Baltimore passage. How much of the traffic is barges and smaller ships, vs the large ships?

    I think there's a fair bit of traffic up and down the east coast and in the Chesapeake Bay, which doesn't necessarily need the huge ships. But I have no idea the size of ships they usually use. Anyone know?

    To save on chocolate prices: If you crave chocolate, you might be magnesium deficient. Take a magnesium supplement.

    48% of Americans are magnesium deficient. From googling, the hard to absorb inorganic ones are magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride. The easy to absorb organic salts include magnesium citrate, lactate, aspartate, and glycinate.

    I also found when I eat eggs, I crave chocolate less. I think it's the fat content.

    (But I expect many just like the sugar.)

    Did TOS set the precedent for the medical doctor to play such a big role?

    I can imagine a show without a doctor. But in all the shows the doctor plays a big role.

    I'm trying to think this back and McKoy was such a brilliant character I can see that starting the entire trend. I'm unsure if there was a trend in TV before that for a medical doctor. Anyone know?

    UK people who were adults when the Chunnel opened, what was it like?

    What was life like before and after? Was there a noticeable change? Was it more of a mental change? Anything else?

    [Poland PM] Tusk: Time of peace in EU is over, we live in pre-war times Tusk: Time of peace in EU is over, we live in pre-war times

    The time of peace in Europe is over, now everyone lives in pre-war times, and some friends of the EU live in the period of full-scale war. — Ukrinform.

    Tusk: Time of peace in EU is over, we live in pre-war times

    >"The times of peace are over, the post-war era is over. We live in new times - in the pre-war era; for some of our brothers, this is no longer even the pre-war era, but the period of full-scale war in its most cruel version," Tusk said.

    WTF is this guy listening to at 0:40? [Vid is of road rage]

    Like WTF are people making up just to attack now?

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