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Don't put you know what in the title
  • with full love and support to the mods, some of the rules and regulations for the lemmy version of this sub r dumb

    “moldy mondays?” come on. fortunately it’s not a huge infringement on the spirit of 195/6 but it’s a tad annoying

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    Discussion rule
  • /gen what clients/apps are y’all using to tag users? i have been wanting this feature organically for a hot sec but have seen a few discussions recently that imply it exists?

  • if it's posted here, it's propaganda

    even this one.

    political memes serve as a potent form of propaganda, irrespective of the viewpoint they espouse or the degree of nuance they convey. the term "propaganda" itself is morally neutral*; it's the adherence to facts, level of honesty, and underlying goals of either empowering or oppressing that determine the moral value of political propaganda. thus, the essence lies not in the mere act of influencing opinions but in the integrity and intentions behind the message conveyed.

    this principle also applies to other terms including “shill” “bot” and others. for example, calling someone spreading pro-maga sentiment a “russian bot” achieves little rhetorically and is essentially an ad hominem. more effective approaches might highlight how such behavior is rooted in protecting the status quo of violence against vulnerable communities.

    **\***or at least the morally neutral definition can and will be used against you if you make the error of not engaging with the actual wicked of wicked propaganda. this is a post about semantics, see the faq below.

    tldr call them out for their shit, not just for how they are doing it.

    caveat, of course, do not feed the trolls. calling out trolls for their behavior is effective because it encourages dismissal of their behavior altogether in the form of moderator reports and blocking.

    FAQ: Isn’t this just semantics?

    yes, and intentionally so. semantics exist and are useful to engage with when it comes to countering the malicious propaganda of bad actors.

    calling out the propaganda itself rather than its malicious intent or falsehoods only scratches the surface of the issue. to effectively counter propaganda, one must expose the underlying agenda driving it. focusing solely on the term "propaganda" risks missing the broader context and allowing the harmful narrative to persist unchecked.

    Did anyone know that Domino's Pizza patented their order tracking system?
  • It’s all marketing. You likely only know that Dominos had the system patented because it slaps a big patent number right on the tracker. The fact that you're discussing it is essentially free advertising and increases brand awareness. So, this post suggests that the investment in patent lawyers was likely worthwhile for the company.

    Largely, consumers seem to derive the below listed perceptions when they recognize that a product is protected by a patent:

    1. When a message about a product being protected by a patent is conveyed, the company as a whole is perceived to be innovative
    1. The patented product is perceived to be superior
    1. The patented product is perceived to be unique, as no one else can copy the patented product


    (this is not a defense of any of these practices; simply indicating what is going on here)

  • [i am spreading misinformation online] this was a software glitch.

    Pardon me for not finding “vulnerable people need to die for my ideology” very convincing.
  • obviously i have no proof, but if presented with further evidence of conspiracy i wouldn’t doubt it. probably not even the author’s fault, but more of an “unwitting pawn” situation.

    end point, the material consequences of this article being pervasive is an advantage to conservative power, moreso than it is to indigenous people.

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    Pardon me for not finding “vulnerable people need to die for my ideology” very convincing.
  • the “Voting is Not Harm Reduction” article is possibly the most covert insidious thing that’s happened to online political discourse since 2019.

    somehow, it’s managed to SEO weasel its way on top of every other article since the dawn of the internet for the search terms “voting harm reduction” and similar. and not just once, but reposted to every corner of the internet imaginable. literally try it now, if you set your google search to find articles before February 5, 2020, you will see inumerable articles with diversity of positions on the topic. after that? literally just the same article reposted and crosslisted, with the occasional reddit/twitter/tumblr comment thread.

    it’s not even a bad article per se, it’s just indecently self-contradictory as OOP says, admitting at the beginning that small rights can be preserved by engaging in voting, and then pulling a 180 and accusing those who vote of perpetuating white supremacy.

    like i get it, harm reduction has a specific meaning originating in addiction treatment. but for heavens sake, this flub of language doesn’t mean you should throw away one of the only miniscule rights the oppressor class has granted you to help your neighbors.

    editing to add this comment thread and article which i think give helpful insight.

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    Pardon me for not finding “vulnerable people need to die for my ideology” very convincing.
  • not twitter (tumblr)

    no evidence that any of these people are white? advocates a position that protects the interests of POC?

    why is this posted here? this is such a useful and well formed post but i have this community blocked and only found this thru some modlog drama. whatever lol. saving this for later reposting somewhere more relavant. thanks for sharing OP. :)

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    Ouroboros Rule
  • it’s more heinous to do it to the residential tenant, because residents lack the legal protections afforded to commercial tenants.

    if it were equal we wouldn’t be having this conversation but as it stands housing is still treated as though it were a luxury commodity rather than a human necessity.

  • you may be living but are you laughing and loving?


    edit i figured out the mystery click here for an explanation so you don’t make the same mistake i did 🤧🤧🤧 if NCD mods see this maybe put some parallel explanation in the sidebar? could help cuz i woulda acted differently if i had known

    edit 2 thanks to the commenters and the mods who helped me figure out my fuckup. really appreciated.

    /genuinely if anyone here has fun over there, tell me what i did wrong lmao? i read all the rules (before commenting too!) and no clue how i broke four of them in two comments

    i was like “yo is this satire ? because it looks like non satire just checking”

    and someone was like “yo this is satire but its also about weapons so it’s probably not for everyone”

    and i was like “thanks for the answer, ur right probably not for me but thank u”

    and bOOM banned


    and if ur the mod who banned me i apologize (for real) can u tell me what i did wrong i want to do better 😭

    this is all very casual, i actually dont care, but i guess now they went scorched earth im curious about what is going on



    unless there is an intentional reason for this, would love to see this working as i value the conversations going on over there :)


    forced migration is not a solution to political failures

    Floridians, more than other Americans, believe climate change is actually happening, according to a new study by Florida Atlantic University. They also want the government to do something about it.

    alternative meme (replaced due to poor reception)


    Thesis summary by

    > The difference I think between the right and left is that the right would take joy from the suffering of the left.

    > Most people on the left would be sad if we lost Florida (or anywhere else really) as a result of climate change.


    some of you were not aware of this i guess

    (definitely not satire )