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the future seems bleak
  • My eyes auto-correct "crony capitalism" to "capitalism"

    Capitalism and the state have been intertwined since the birth of capitalism, overtly and forcefully.

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    LJ, what do you think of this warning on
  • It's honest. You can trust Ljdawson with your lemmy data, I do, but that's the nature of closed source.

    I don't think the warning needs to be that big though heh.

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    Behind the scenes, Biden has grown angry and anxious about re-election effort
  • He believed he had been doing what was right, despite the political fallout, he told the group, according to the lawmaker.

    He didn't care about losing ground in swing states? He believes in genocide so much that he's willing to lose to Trump?

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    Boeing whistleblower found dead in US
  • I wonder if the third largest weapons manufacturer in the world, responsible for an unfathomable amount of death and misery, has access to an assassin?

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    Let's discuss: DOOM
  • Same here. My folks caved and bought a second phone line for computing, however it didn't help. My friend & I would use the first phone line for voice communication :)

    The phone pressed to my ear with my shoulder, yelling to my buddy while fighting off cacademons, such good times.

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    Let's discuss: DOOM
  • I enjoy the flow of the new Doom Eternal, once you get the hang of it you can keep an infinite supply of health and ammo that only runs out when everything's dead - and you end up taking on much more than you thought possible.

    However the jaw-dropping, frightening game that Doom was in 1993 will never be recaptured. Yes, scary games existed. Yes, 3D FPS existed. But nothing came close to Doom, it was a graphical marvel. I'd show it to friends, grandparents, anyone who'd look and they'd all either be amazed or reach for the bible. Their idea of video games was mario, Doom broke brains.

    Doom 2 is what I played most. At the time, playing over a local BBS with my 28k modem (the fastest available!), I could see that network play was the future of gaming.

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    Mozilla downsizes as it refocuses on Firefox and AI
  • Specifically, Mozilla plans to scale back its investment in a number of products, including its VPN, Relay and, somewhat remarkably, its Online Footprint Scrubber, which launched only a week ago.

    I just purchased an annual plan for Monitor, partially to help Mozilla. I guess this is my thanks

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    Choices and Consequences
  • Sure. And to the meme's credit, at least it prefaces the alt-history with "maybe", like even lisa simpson doubts a third-way politician was going to change the logic of capital.

  • I'm not sure how lemmy handles bots, but I do miss leaving tips


    Every time you hear the Reddit CEO talking about how they need to become profitable, remember they raised $250m and then spent the last couple years building this

    https:// /

    Federated and local forums on the same homepage?

    I'd like to restart an old community with fedibb. The throwback phpbb UI is irresistible!😳 In addition to our own local forums, is it possible to include a couple forums from such as "Music" and "Video Games" on the homepage and have my users interact?