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ditch discord!
  • Discord is a good service to engage with communities but what I hate most is when services, platforms and whatnot use Discord as their primary means of official communication like for announcements.

    Having to be in a lot of servers purely to get announcements results in an already limited total sever count that one can join to be even more limited.

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    What do you choose?
  • I'm too young to have experienced RadioShack and Blockbuster Video. Also Toys R Us still exists in my country (Still exists in Canada.) To make a close equivalent I'd say maybe Sears or Target, both whom no longer have a presence in Canada.

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    The new system to replace Reddit coins and awards is here. You got out at the right time.
  • Reddit is talking about decentralization and stuff like that like they aren't a centralized platform themselves. Giving control to the community, but remember if we don't like what you're doing with your communities we'll threaten your moderation team!!!

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    It's not just Adobe. Now Logitech wants me to go to a random website in order to add peripherals to my computer, and I'm met with this when I go to the page they tell me to
  • I know Opera is Chromium based but according to statcounter Opera accounts for nearly the same % (actually slightly higher) overall desktop browser market share (Opera 4.48% : Firefox 5.96%)

    Yet support for Opera but not Firefox 🗿

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    Meta Threads engagement has dropped 50% in a week
  • Threads just needs to add more features. It's pretty bare bones right now and has a lot of room for improvements especially comparing it to Twitter. Once they do that I think it will be easier for them to retain users.

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    Official reddit app is #1 news app in the Danish iOS app store
  • It's sitting at 2.8 here in Canada!

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    What android client do you use?
  • I'm using Connect for Lemmy though I am waiting for Sync to release as a Lemmy client. Once that releases I'll probably switch to that.