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Windows 11 is now an ad platform--this is why we're here Microsoft is testing Game Pass ads on the Settings homepage - gHacks Tech News

Microsoft launched a new build to the Windows 11 Insider Dev channel on Friday and with it comes a Game Pass ad in Settings.

Microsoft is testing Game Pass ads on the Settings homepage - gHacks Tech News

The writing is on the wall--I suspect the next Windows OS will be a subscription service. Gather your ISOs while ye may.


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  • I love ads. I love what Microsoft and the likes are doing.

    Said no one ever

    • I gotta admit you had me in the first half . . .

    • I have friends that dont mind that bs, they say yeah sure its convenient to have ads that are interesting to me, how else am i gonna discover cool new things.

      I dont know Frank, if you didnt think of it you probably dont need it.

      How i hate capitalism

      • I honestly find this incredible, but yeah... I know people who enjoy being advertised to... and who like "shopping" even though they start out with nothing in mind. Advertising works on them and probably those spam emails I can't believe people click, which only perpetuates the problem. And apparently it's worth billions to keep up the commercialization.

        • I hate shopping i hate it more than anything. I dont need shit. Just leave me alone, if my shirts get worn out i buy new ones. And only then. I dont throw them out cause i bought new ones and i dont need 200 of them. I buy shirts when i need them.

          Guess most people aren't like me and thats why these companies exist in the first place.

      • I don't disagree, but discoverability is important. On the flipside there are so many times in FOSS world where I've actively looked for a tool for months, only to give up and then months later have someone randomly mention it in a thread where I discover it has existed for years.