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what's your current linux distro?
  • Mint on a couple of old laptops. Debian command line on a hobby server. Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi.

    Didn’t love Arch (too complicated for my skills at the time). Fedora was okay and would do in a pinch. I remember liking OpenSUSE, but went back to Mint for some reason that I don’t remember (probably driver- or repo-related).

    I’ll likely never try it myself, but I’ve known new users who did ok with Zorin.

  • Single-line Intel Meteor Lake Linux patch boosts performance by 72%
  • Tomshardware is a blog, not journalism. It seems to be a generally credible blog (passes the CRAAP test), but it’s still just a blog.

    That said, sadly, I have to agree about the general state of almost all US-based “journalism” these days. About 90% of headlines today would have gotten the editor fired on the spot in my newsroom. That was a point of strong disagreement between me and the station manager, and It’s one of the major reasons that I left the field.

  • Under pressure from Russian censors, Mozilla removes anti-censorship extensions – OSnews
  • That is one possible interpretation of the language. Without knowing something about the author, the blog itself could be a disinformation campaign.

    Assuming it’s genuine, we agree that they have the right to say whatever they want so long as it doesn’t present a clear and present danger. And readers have the right to decide they’re wrong or uninformed.

  • Under pressure from Russian censors, Mozilla removes anti-censorship extensions – OSnews
  • Exactly. Non-count nouns can’t take indefinite articles (because indefinite articles are a version of the number “one”).

    Together with the other ungrammatical elements, this article has little credibility. It can probably be safely dismissed.

  • Is still actively managed and moderated?
  • What’s the point of ghost subscribers? If they’re no more active than the mods or admins, they may as well not exist.

    If you really want to migrate, just post that your community is moving and do it.

  • Student Mental Health Webinars Mental Health Awareness Month

    This May, we're proud to offer a free webinar series and additional curated resources to empower educators and support student wellness in higher education.

    Mental Health Awareness Month

    Is anyone else genuinely not interested in knowing what should be private details of another adult's health? I'm happy to point students to helpful resources that I know about, but treating them is not my job, nor am I interested in the liability of being seen as some sort of first responder. This is well and truly out of my wheelhouse, and I work to keep it that way.


    Dell Data Breach

    Has anyone else received an email from Dell about a data breach? I’ve gotten three messages just today. What’s going on?

    > Dell Technologies takes the privacy and confidentiality of your information seriously. We are currently investigating an incident involving a Dell portal, which contains a database with limited types of customer information related to purchases from Dell. We believe there is not a significant risk to our customers given the type of information involved. \ \ What data was accessed?\ At this time, our investigation indicates limited types of customer information was accessed, including:


    • Name
    • Physical address
    • Dell hardware and order information, including service tag, item description, date of order and related warranty information


    \ The information involved does not include financial or payment information, email address, telephone number or any highly sensitive customer information. \ \ **What is Dell doing? **\ Upon identifying the incident, we promptly implemented our incident response procedures, began investigating, took steps to contain the incident and notified law enforcement. We have also engaged a third-party forensics firm to investigate this incident. We will continue to monitor the situation. \ \ **What can I do? **\ Our investigation indicates your information was accessed during this incident, but we do not believe there is significant risk given the limited information impacted. However, you should always keep in mind these tips to help avoid tech support phone scams. If you notice any suspicious activity related to your Dell accounts or purchases, please immediately report concerns to

    9 ‘My hoo haa is gonna be out’: US Olympians slam Nike for skimpy women’s track kit

    Team USA track and field kit for women is needlessly revealing and sexist, women athletes have said after Nike unveiled its outfits for the Paris Olympics

    ‘My hoo haa is gonna be out’: US Olympians slam Nike for skimpy women’s track kit

    What is it with Nike and sexualized athletic uniforms these days (see MBA see-through pants)? Did PornHub invest without anyone noticing?

    Europe CaptObvious

    Apple Planning to Kill PWAs Immediate Action Needed! - Open Web Advocacy

    Apple has officially announced that they attempting to kill web apps in the EU, which will have ramifications worldwide

    Immediate Action Needed! - Open Web Advocacy

    Google's anti-adblocker campaign

    Have they given up already? I haven’t seen the popup in a couple of days (touch wood). For a few weeks, it showed up every time I used a logged in account and made the service unusable.

    Maybe I’ve just stopped trying to watch monetized videos.

    13 Why Is the College Board Pushing to Expand Advanced Placement?

    This year, taxpayers paid the nonprofit at least $90 million for A.P. tests that many students failed.

    Why Is the College Board Pushing to Expand Advanced Placement?

    What do you all think of the College Board’s AP program?


    Lessons in Developing AI Prompts

    In another thread, made a post leading to the question "How long until we need to include a lesson on crafting appropriate AI prompts in order to help students use them as tools and not as unpaid ghost writers?" Are we already doing this?

    I definitely discuss acceptable use and try to keep the guidelines brief and familiar (Treat it like a not-too-bright friend who's a patient sounding board). But how far do you all think we'll eventually have to wade into the weeds on this?


    Cheating with AI

    I know that we're all still feeling our way around this issue, but how are other profs handling it? What is good evidence of unauthorized AI use? How do you handle a student who refuses to engage in attempts to get their side of the story?

    For my classes, we talk once a month or so about acceptable use (treat it like a not-very-bright friend who's overconfident and prone to hallucinations). It's okay to brainstorm, bounce ideas, and generally use AI to spark creative problem solving. It's not okay to have it do your assignments.


    Student BO

    This fall, I have a student who seems unfamiliar with showering and deodorant. I haven't said anything, hoping that the issue is just a one-off and that it will resolve itself. However, we're quickly approaching the end of my patience, and I'm not sure how to proceed.

    Everyone has a deodorant malfunction from time to time. Obviously, no one is going to be personally identified, even in a private email. My best idea so far is a general class announcement via the LMS that it's been brought to my attention that we may have a problem and for everyone to please double check their hygiene before coming to class.

    Have any of you all ever had to deal with this? Any suggestions?


    Portable Keyboard?

    If this isn't the right place for user questions, please just let me know.

    My laptop's keyboard has begun having issues in the last few months. I think one of the keys has a broken spring and it's interfering with a half dozen others. Replacing the keyboard on this particular model involves stripping it to the chassis, which I prefer not to do.

    Since the computer lives in my backpack and goes to class while teaching (I prefer my own device rather than the uni-issued 10-year-old laptop), I'm thinking of picking up a small portable keyboard to use when the builtin acts up. Do any of you guys have suggestions for a good model?


    Found a good former student's papers on Studocu

    I admit to being a little bummed out. It was relatively good work. While I strongly believe that students retain copyright to their own work and can post it wherever they want, I'm still sad.

    It's worth noting that I'd never heard of this particular cheating site before today. One more to the list, I guess.

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