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What's your most unpopular opinion about music ?
  • I have a real love hate relationship with country music, I love almost everything except it feels very low energy most of the time and like you said the classic truck songs

    I've found bands like poor man's poison and the dead South, hurry up and wait by ben miller band is a great example of something decent

  • when you drink pop or other sweet drinks do they taste sweet the whole time?

    I'm not sure if it's just me but it seems when I drink something sweet it stops being noticeably sweet only a couple mouthfuls in and I'm starting to wonder if it's just me

    what small physical gift would you give your past self?

    I have some cool little key carabiners that I would have appreciated at any age


    This actually happened to a guy who won tickets to a drag show in town

    across the spiderverse be like

    disappointed with the lack of miguel and tulio

    sorry for no beans

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